Marsha Ambrosius - Take Care Lyrics

Uh, get here
I... (get here, get here)
Oh, I... (get here, get here)

[Verse 1:]
Get here, baby, right away
I got you a place to stay
And you won't ever wanna leave
Once you're here with me, yeah
And you can tell just how I feel
I been wanting you for real
And it don't take a lot to tell
That, boy, for you I fell so deep
(Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep)
Oh, so
(Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep)
Boy, I can't control that you got a hold on me, yeah

I (oh I) I wanna love you I need ya right now
Could you get here so you can take care of me
I (oh I) I wanna love you, so be on your way
Oh, baby, so you can take care of me
Of me, of me

[Verse 2:]
Oh, we don't gotta rush into
What we are about to do
Of you I can't get enough
I'm gonna make you fall in love
So good that I been seein' stars
All the way there so far
And it don't take a lot to see
That, boy, you're the one for me
(Me, me, me, me, me, me)
You're the one for me
(Me, me, me, me, me, me)
And, boy, I can't control that you got a hold on me

[Chorus: (x2)]
I (oh I) I wanna love you I need ya right now
Could you get here so you can take care of me
I (oh I) I wanna love you, so be on your way
Oh, baby, so you can take care of me
Of me, of me

I want to give all my love to you
Oh, I wanna stay to go
All the way

[Chorus: (to fade out)]
I (oh I) I wanna love you I need ya right now
Could you get here so you can take care of me
I (oh I) I wanna love you, so be on your way
Oh, baby, so you can take care of me
Of me, of me

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Marsha Ambrosius Take Care Comments
  1. Myriam Sido

    I need this on iTunes

  2. Veroneka Staton

    2019 ❤️❤️

  3. Louriel S

    2:38 That breakdown 😍😭 Gets me emotional

  4. Josie Bradley

    Where can i get this song ? Why am i just now hearing this i feel like im not a true fan this song is heaven 💕

  5. Maderian Johnson

    Our People are "FIERCE" in Every Aspect!!

  6. Maderian Johnson

    This 👣 track right here is, the absolute "BOMB"!! (Get it "Marsha")!!!

    Josie Bradley

    FACTS ❤❤❤

  7. the Desda hip hop desda

    Monster music vocal

  8. Hezekiah Prestige

    This song has been slept on. 💯🔥

    Josie Bradley


  9. Kimberly Carter

    2018 or is it just me


    Kimberly Carter nope

  10. Andy King

    On a Sunday morning this track just sets me up for the day. amazing track love it !!!

  11. Mr. Bay Area

    Don't get me moist but does make me rocky balboa 🍆

  12. Consentida Bradford

    This is a Dope Jam ❤

  13. Mike

    this is honestly the best song she ever made. the 2:49 mark she kills it.


    2:38 Marsha dipped into the 'Jodeci' format right there...    iLL track..

  15. Tonya Smith

    Loving this song right now.

    Maderian Johnson

    Me too!

  16. patrick Washington

    Speaking for my self as a grown ass man..this track rite here..gets me all moist. .LoL

    Tirann Laws

    +Rodrick Belton lol frfr

    Jessica Daniels

    +patrick Washington men don't usually do that but ok lol

    Maderian Johnson



    Dude 🤨

  17. Jc Dunn

    Love this song

  18. Bryan_kidzone

    Marsha.... I better start hearing this music on all radio stations I am sick of hearing Ole music and all this NEW music out!!!!! Let's get it out there forget It I gotcha I'm on my way to talk them so they can hear it from a true fan

    Heavenly Revis

    Sadly you won't, she is a great artist

  19. Cyclops0321

    This is so smooth.

  20. Antwann Davis

    Correction it is Yours Sincerely

  21. Antwann Davis

    This song is AMAZING!!! True meaning of a Songtress... There is another version on her other mixtape Sincerely Yours.

  22. xfullxclippx

    So underrated

  23. Kenno Junior

    I like Marsha :DD

  24. Silky Sigears

    I absolutely love this song!:)

  25. loveablecutie617

    Wish this was in ITunes.. I need this song on my phone!!

    Ashlie Palmer

    loveablecutie617 DatPiff should have it still

  26. shorrty bop

    love this song wow this woman can sing and when she sings its like so personal

  27. ebby berry

    still in love with this song! Baby makin music at its best. n its a slap

  28. martinez scott

    Well, Shit if you like this so much then you need to try that USHER song called......... Seduction. That will really make you WET !

  29. kialharris

    I so want it for my IPOD! This joint is not on Itunes



  31. Curt Composure

    Natalie stewart "come over" very similar. Both banging R&B. Good spot Scott 326......

  32. Ashlie Davis

    I think I totally violated the repeat button lol

  33. Ashlie Davis

    Umm This woman does something to me lol.

  34. prettycat306

    Love this song :-)

  35. Vanessa Freeman

    Love her

  36. LetMeJam47


  37. Jandree Guillory

    i love this song with a passion

  38. Mical Roy


  39. Jennifer Nabors

    @scott32661yea come over is good but I like "let me" even more...both these girls are bad!

  40. Queen J

    heart this song !!!!!

  41. Keisha Bradley

    This puts me in the Zone!!

  42. martinez scott

    If you Fuck with this one. Then you need too listin to "Natalie Stewart" her girl friend! The is song called "Come Over".

  43. Poeticwoman1

    "Get here baby, right away!"...I love her! Such seductive and sensuous music...

  44. martinez scott

    Sometimes she do; somtimes she don't; but this time" SHE " do ! ! ! LoVe... this song. So bump & grind !

  45. Ashlie Davis

    Whoever disliked it is on crack this woman is sexy in every way possible her voice her looks, personality! Get it together this is sexy. Thank you for posting I love this song!

  46. jadiejade92

    Oooooooooooh, she should put this version on the CD!!!!!! DAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Nickel Pack

    @ScholarVisual par example Rihanna ..she's getting attention for showing TOO much skin

  48. Nickel Pack

    @KlackSpades so right ...i think in the furute music is going to be emotionless

  49. kim030204

    Boy I can't control it u gotta hold on me...she knows how to express love and feelings of two ppl so elaborately...Love you Marsha ur writing and vocal combo is Bananas!!!

  50. rehnbowz

    maybe its cuz i heard it first but this version pulls my heart out ... the otha not so much

  51. gary curley

    One. More thing. If she Eva get free again I want in so hi fan base drill ova that

  52. gary curley

    I luv this song that women turns my hells into heavens when u get a chance
    to tell marsha that I luv her make sure u do that for me
    G Curley thanks anybody

  53. Ayrkah

    @KlackSpades I totally agree.

  54. Ayrkah

    This woman is AMAZING! LOVE HER!!!

  55. MrKoolRideR

    i wanna love u so be on ur way i need u to take care of me

  56. genalewis

    @neishamoni89 Not on the internet, but I know I've listened to this damn song so much since this mixtape came out. I can message them to you if you want!

  57. FideTheProducer

    @ScholarVisual I see where you're coming from

  58. Alvin Elmore

    @FideTheProducer It really wasnt a diss on Beyonce. She is extremely talented. But she would not be as big as she is if she didnt have such a sexual image. In order to be a successful female artist on the level of a Beyonce, you have to have an almost unrealistic image of what a woman is supposed to look like. And if your not showing any skin you can forget about it. My point is that because Marsha looks like the average woman and dosnt show off her body, she wont be as big as Beyonce.

  59. FideTheProducer

    @ScholarVisual But that ain't right, cuz it sounds like your discrediting Beyonce's success and popularity for the fact that she can dance well...Beyonce is a spectacular singer and performer...thats part of being an entertainer, which is what they ultimately are.

  60. DefineAfroSoul

    @KlackSpades Agreed!



  62. gapeachez80

    Keep puttin it down girl!!!!!!!!!!! You're so underated but the best in my book

  63. Erika Michelle

    @SoulnSensual so many of floetry's songs are rare versions. I found alot on limewire befor the shut downn.

  64. Jontee Johnson Pronounced: John-tee

    All these haters on facebook not one dislike =D ayee there is a statement

  65. doreen brown

    this is sooooo album worth it

  66. SSyvonne9

    @LiLoBoi28 Here you go: soundcloudcom/msambrosius/take-care
    This was on her mixtape yours truly

  67. genalewis

    @MzOohWee This is an OLD post I'm responding Anyway the lyrics are, "that, boy, for you I fell so deep." You may have figured that out by now, though. :P

  68. Chris Araiza

    @ ScholarVisual -Because there is people like us who will always make sure music like this never goes unnoticed. I'm glad to know there is people out there who really APPRECIATE this full heart and put there all into great music. I am glad to know there are others out there who love good, real music.

    I started this love affair when she was Floetry. Still love that duo, always will.
    Now two questions, one - where do I find this track? Will it be on her upcoming album? Some one HELPPP?

  69. Mical Roy

    So terribly epic it's a shame!

  70. artsymae

    i absolutely love this song

  71. Nanenarave2005

    she is coming so HARD in 2011..i cant fucking wait to get a piece of some real r&b music... :)

  72. PoeticJustice727

    I want to get this song so bad.

  73. Shaun Anthony

    I did a remix to this joint..I called it "Sex Marathon".....this beat is dope

  74. Stephanie Parker

    Thanks for posting a cleaner copy. I've keep hitting replay..replay..replay. First time I've heard this song. Love it! Will most definitely support her and Natalie when their albums drop. Love Floetry ....together and separately.

  75. Rita

    Somebody please let me know where i can get this song..... dag on i hate that i am so late but i am just now hearing this song!!!

  76. Jordan Davies

    just listen this song is powerful feel the energy!!!!!

  77. leevum1

    @ScholarVisual I agree 100%

  78. MzOohWee

    @baddtwin did anyone get u the lyrics yet I want to know what she is saying at 0:46-48?

  79. Alvin Elmore

    The most underrated voices in the game. Its unfortunate that she will never be big as beyonce cuz she aint shakin her ass everywhere. When will we finally support people with true musical artistry. People that love real music we need to make a stand!!!

  80. superc2k

    This is the best R&B song of the year by the best new R&B vocalist of our generation!!!! her skill amazing cant nobody f*ck wit her!!