Marsha Ambrosius - Spend All My Time Lyrics

I'm a material girl, living this material live
I been around this whole world
All alone, a couple times
It can get kinda lonely, baby
You're too busy to notice sometimes
I been without you, my love
Without you by my side

All the happiness this money can't buy
Oh, I wanna spend all my time with you
All the lovin' I've been missin' in my life
Oh, I, wanna spend it all with you, babe

I feel this void in my heart
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Broken in pieces my heart
Far too many times I've been hurt
Give it up on what I deserve
What I deserve is real love
All that I haven't deserved
No, I give everything to this love
Now, because I spend way too much

All the happiness this money can't buy
Oh, I wanna spend all my time with you
All the lovin' I've been missin' in my life
Oh, I, wanna spend it all with you, babe

Spending all of my time on other wrong things
Means nothing without you baby
I guess I was wrong, baby
Longing for you now
Baby, I can end the finer things, all the diamond rings
But they ain't worth what is you and I

All the happiness this money can't buy
Oh, I wanna spend all my time with you
All the lovin' I've been missin' in my life
Oh, I, wanna spend it all with you, babe

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Marsha Ambrosius Spend All My Time Comments
  1. Melina Johnson

    2019 folks where are yall?


    Now this is Music 🎶

  3. Wanda Washington

    Marsha and Charlie = Pure🔥🔥🔥For Me This Is A Feel Good And Kissing Song😙❤❤❤

  4. Magg Survival


  5. Vanetia Fennell

    All she produce is love making music...her albums be having you falling in love and outta love and feeling sexy all at the same time.. ugg all these emotions at once... Marsha...

  6. April T

    Still Fire in 2018!

  7. SoulSir

    Their voices go hand n hand like meat n potatoes. Great song.

  8. David Green

    CD is crackin!!!

  9. Shawn Wells

    Who's still listening to this in 2017....

    Jay Mack

    Almost the end of 2018..and still here...

    House Of Virgo Entertainment, LLC

    Shawn Wells in 2019!

  10. Frederick Bradley

    This song is absolutely perfect. Just extraordinary

  11. Rose Pitts

    This song will have you thinking things...

  12. Karen B

    Beautiful track!!

  13. Sherri Lewis

    love this song..puts me in a deep thought

  14. Anthony Moody

    One of the best CDs ever....

  15. Shay Paige

    ❤️ this song REAL 🎼🎼🔥

  16. t' Willa

    Now this is the Real SHYT!! :)

  17. dafugative

    I been feeling this song since I first heard it... And everytime I come back k and listen to it. I'm feeling it just a little bit deeper....

  18. Ramona Cash Jenkins

    My Boo Bear turned me on to this song. This song is our song...our current situation. 😍😍❤❤

  19. Chris Johnson

    Hearing this reminds me of Ray Charles on piano for some reason. Seeing him backing up Marsha and Uncle Charlie. Maybe because I saw RAY last night with Jamie Foxx.

  20. darrin hughley

    makes you wanna have that someone to spend your time with!!!

  21. A. Sabrina


  22. Tonette Wilks

    Simply cute, or gorgeous.

  23. Belinda Barrett

    Love this arrangement. Oh Charlie

  24. Trenishia Donson

    one of my favorites.

  25. Syieda Passe

    First time I heard this and I really like it.....thumbs up!!!

  26. Znay1

    Great Duo when they blend their,voices together

  27. Juanita Curry

    this real music... Love it!!!

  28. Flack Tyler

    They Need To Make More Music Like This....I Luv This Song To Death...Great Collaboration... What Happen To Real Music Where U Can Sit Back And Think...

  29. Aliquippawill #2

    Marsha Ambrosius: 1 of the absolute finest, most talented female vocalists on the entertainment scene today.....without debate. "Uncle" Charlie Wilson: A R&B "LEGEND" every sense of the word. Marsha & Charlie together are absolutely volcanic! This collaboration was a complete stroke of brilliance.

  30. sharrod scott

    Amazing song

  31. Treecy Rucker

    I love this freaking song!

  32. Ikea Washington

    THIS is what r&b and soul is suppose to sound like! Not like a lot of the rubbish I hear on the radio.

  33. christina buckley

    Beautiful song

  34. Torri Langhorne

    Taken me

  35. DeAnnA Knowles

    This song takes me back so so long ago my boyfriends been gone from 1987 he used to say I wanta spend all my time with you now that he's gone all the happiness money can't buy !!! Please enjoy love ones in the present
    You damm sure miss them when they're gone

    Rose Pitts

    Sorry for your loss and you never lied.

  36. rikkihumes1

    I love the whole album omg it's like she puts her whole heart into a song.. very talented

  37. MaLLy



    That piano break...Crazy!!!👊


    +MaLLy Yes!

    Katrina B

    MaLLy 9

  38. SugaMouth56

    Marsha. one of a kind and singing with legendary Charlie Wilson. Hell of a combination.

  39. Jane Doe

    YES!!  This is the jam, Marsha and Charlie blew this song to another level...spend all of your time with me "BABY"!!! This is the song for 2015!

  40. Wendell Mitchell

    Love the song some times we cannot have all. Some would be nice..wrong is wrong ..k

  41. TammyTea Love

    So the ex sends me this in a text! Interesting

  42. Shelley Ivory

    I have fallen in love with this cd do the thang marsha

  43. Shelley Ivory

    I have fallen in love with this cd do the thang marsha

  44. L Dwayne

    These song is my favorite cut out of her cd ya heard me,it goes down off of this here

  45. Nasty Ass Noble

    I'm loving the collaboration with Charlie Wilson!!!!

  46. big53webb

    Imma have to go buy this shit!!!!

  47. big53webb

    She and Uncle Charlie KILLING IT on this track.

  48. Alicia Mcneal

    Yassss! She's an amazing underrated artist just enough sensuality & class!

  49. Leonte

    I can listen to this track over & over again. Close your eyes & just use your imagination!

    Rose Pitts


    Belinda James

    @Rose Pitts carina

  50. jeri williams


  51. Brandi Bossick

    Beautiful ballad!!!

  52. barneyhouse68

    LOVE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍😉

  53. invenTIFF Joi


  54. iamforevernyc

    YESSSS SING YALL!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Imeshsheryag

    Love this damn song man

  56. Savannah Morris

    Charlie Wilson don't play

  57. Savannah Morris

    Charlie Wilson don't play

  58. Keysean Martin

    Love it


    Yes I love it and too add C. Wilson Yessssssss

  60. Jeanette

    Another hot CD

    J. Flair

    Yes!!! Solid!!!