Marsha Ambrosius - Some Type Of Way Lyrics

Feel some type of way
Feel some type of way yeah yeah
Oh oh oh
Feels some type of way
She isn't the way

[Verse 1]
It's getting to me now
The tensions getting worse
We're unable to face the consequences we deserve
Cause you made up your mind
You left the club with her
And I told you it was cool for you to see some other girls
But now my eyes are green
They been that way since birth
But jealousy and envy that I feel just makes them worse
And I promise myself to always keep it cool
But I woke up this morning and I wasn't laying here next to you

I feel some type of way yeah
(Way about it)
I feel some type of way about it
You only love me when you wanna get some
(Wanna get some)
I feel some type of way about it
We've been playing these same games for too long
(Games for too long)
I feel some type of way about it
I'm getting tired of sharing you with her
(Sharing you with her)
This whole share is in the way
I feel some type of way

[Verse 2]
You got to do your thing
I knew it from the start
I gave you your space
You went away
And now we're apart
Cause you don't wanna commit
You said you wasn't with it
But got mad when I ain't got back
Cause I was fucking one of your friends
And now your going crazy
Hollering and getting breaking shit
Including my heart
I thought I was getting ready to make it
And I promise myself to always keep it cool
But I woke up this morning and I wasn't laying here next to you

I feel some type of way yeah
(About it)
I feel some type of way about it (babe)
You only love me when you wanna get some
(Wanna get some)
I feel some type of way about it
We've been playing these same games for too long
(Games too long)
I feel some type of way about it
I'm getting tired of sharing you with her
(You with her)
This whole share is in the way
I feel some type of way

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Marsha Ambrosius Some Type Of Way Comments
  1. Needy Visions Production

    Bruh bruh exactly what I'm going thru I played this do much now it's true gotta lose myself now

  2. The Great Miles Ali

    Da best

  3. Trevor Patton

    This chick man!

  4. Big Mark

    So soulful

  5. Alexis

    Ouuuuu love this song.

  6. Soul Wired Cafe

    I feel some type of way about it...

  7. Tanisha Tyson


  8. Courtney Himbrick

    I was feeling some type of way when I was deleting emails from a relationship that ended 2 years ago. I could feel all of my pain at the time and now I feel some type of way again...

  9. Mindful Thinker

    I m in love with how this song sounds! What? Thats how im feeling..

  10. Ashley Downs

    this song helps me get past my first true luv luv u always shay



  12. willie jordan

    I love everything that she has done!!! her concerts are amazing.

  13. Jhose Roman

    I feel some type of way



  15. Cherell Belton

    I love Marsha Ambrosius!!!!!! I'm shock her rating is too low!!!!!!!!! Curious?

    Charles Singleton

    Cherell Belton ....i love her too from day one. she has this special something i can't FIGURE but . wow

    Cris Tuttie

    She is a composer too...she should be recognizable as Mariah is...Michael worked with her, he knew...

  16. HappiNess 84

    I'm totally understanding these words

  17. Alexis

    I feel some type of way...

  18. Vonshell S

    Definitely in my feelings

  19. Vina S.

    I Damn understand SANG IT. SANG IT

  20. Dickson Gabriel

    I truly understand what she's saying and i too am feeling in some type of way...i'm just needing that special one and have when i do have them....sigh...this for the lovers<3<3<3<3<3

  21. Rell Bro.

    I done felled in this crack really hard. Damn how I am feeling!!!

  22. Abad Santana

    I deserve this. My situation.

  23. Crystal Fry she know my current

    TNM Lady Rayne

    OK So TRUE FOR ME AS WELL!!!! :) #TNM #MusicFAM

  24. Sherri Anderson


  25. Sherri Anderson

    Wow that's is. Me all the. Way!

  26. Mary Wilson

    I love this she sings how I feel!!!

    TNM Lady Rayne

    ME Too :) XoXO  we gone all be ok girl!!! #TNM   #MusicFAM  

  27. Que TheSoul

    Feel some type of way!!

  28. debra

    Damn! Love this Song!

  29. Ant Agurz

    rich home quan

  30. GrumpyBlack

    oooh, that effin ur friend line hurt just thinkin bout it

  31. Eric Johnson

    Where can I find this song

  32. russllor09

    I've been on a Marsha marathon this evening...

  33. Diamond Wilson

    marsha got everybody feelin sum type a way!!!! love this song

  34. D Berry

    Love this joint!!!

  35. WestCraven

    dope shit

  36. Quotemywords

    She speak the truth da how female be feeling the power of music she put life in music

  37. Nadia Darkazalli

    god i love marsha

  38. Kathryn Seals

    Tears come to my eyes every time I hear this song!!!! Love her!!!

  39. Sharon bolden


  40. chicaloha

    Love her!!

  41. Dj Quan

    I only want what you offer me.

  42. Raenyse Foster

    Repeat everyday all ^.^

  43. 74Deebo

    A truly talented artist.....beautifully interpreted lyrics with a killer voice .

  44. Tanisha Byrd

    yea muthafucka me too

  45. jasmine Green

    Man, I can relate to this song.

  46. Tenisha Holt

    I love her!!!

  47. Brandan Patton

    This woman is gifted with her style of writing... The song with Daley, classic!

  48. Chuck Taylor

    Hands Down, My Girl.

  49. paula fortson

    I declare that I will not share DNA. This is a cool song.

  50. 74Deebo

    The only word that springs to mind is "Class"

  51. Nelisha NaNa

    beautiful......can relate to the situation !!!!

  52. Honey Hill

    wowwwww......the truth

  53. Rudi Cube

    that's coz they dnt know whats up.....2 thumbs and 2 big toes up

  54. Ladiiflicka

    because they know she's talking about them !

  55. Denishea Williams

    This song is so real, so why do we keep doing this to ourselves. Not even thinking.

  56. jds33380

    I'm single. I just listen to this song when I'm mad at myself.

  57. Darlene Lewis

    Please tell me where I can down load this's too real for me at the moment. This song says exactly what I'm going through.

    Ison Iyatolla

    go to you can download anything off YouTube for free

  58. E Lamar

    Whoever posted this...I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!! Please let me know where to download or get this song ASAP!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  59. martinique hart

    I feel some type away about my relationship!

  60. Urdreamgurlle

    I do 2.

  61. victoria hamilton

    Love this song!!! So powerful!!!

  62. africanbella28

    Love this song! marsha always keep it real

  63. lil newbs

    love love love this song.! she's real.. always speaking the truth

  64. Michael Paone

    I'm feeling some type of way about this song.

  65. Cyrus cotton

    A latetist gift from our cousins across the pound. Beautiful voice..

  66. robyn glasco

    I love dis song

  67. Marla Smith


  68. xosaralove72

    I Love her voice it's def a gift!!! -3

  69. Ria johnson

    Marsha voice gives me goose pimples her vocals are like no other she has her own unique vocals and what she writes is out of this world things that everyone can relate to things thatwe want to say and just don't know how to put into the words that she writes .she is one deep women I lovethe way she sings.

  70. nishabee100

    ii love it.!!!

  71. rissa206

    I think I listen to this 10 times a day lol

  72. Yolireals1

    Even tho dat was jus a lil interlude...she killed it i wish it was longer!!

  73. styles on wheelz SOW

    love you marsha! the truth!!

  74. styles on wheelz SOW

    love you marsha! the truth!!

  75. MrsCconversation Piece

    she gives me the chills and i cant think of another artist that has come out since Kelly Price that does that. wow! this girl is a beast!!!! love her!

  76. Rose Pitts

    Goosebumps...only good talent does that to this!

  77. Tremekia Bell

    Love this song it very DEEP

  78. getfitash

    you only love me when you wanna get some ugh he is like that but i am celibate now so F YOU!!! =(

  79. Beautiful melanin goddess

    You only love me when you want to get some.

  80. Yolireals1

    I kno how it is to feel sum type of way...I'm definitely feelin dis song

  81. 14lishazz

    Damn... song is hot.Her voice goes straight to my soul.We really need more artist like this in the industry.

  82. 380baby88

    Its getting to me know

  83. Mae Lee

    @bellsfaith yeah wat they said me in luv wit her

  84. qm924

    @gingerlashay the other one has a cd as well

  85. Nina Wiles


  86. ShebadKim

    I have so been there dun that! I love Marsha!

  87. sarah concepion

    im speechless.! this song is...A M A Z I N G.. as well as the person singing it

  88. Pat Porter


  89. Ria johnson

    Wow this so deep L been thier before and the way she this just get deep down in my soul.She sings the hell out of this song you can feel the pain I lovr]e the way she sings,

  90. mssoflylala

    love this chick and her songs

  91. lasheena jackson

    She is one of the best loved her since floetry

  92. grizyeldablanco

    @God1Choosen You and me both! I'm going through this, feeling some type of way....

  93. Joso C

    There's always gonna be that one SUCKA thats going to hit the "Thumb Down"....

  94. jj th

    i just don't understand why people like her aren't supported as much as the others. MJ was right. Negativity does sell.

  95. VintageAfro91

    i'm feelin some type of way about the fact that i love this song and yet IT'S NOT ON ITUNES GRRR LOL

  96. Bella Star

    Hmm one person never had to go through real shit lol

  97. Tray

    Amazing!!,real music and real vocalist, emotion...good story telling......cant ask for more!

  98. thatsmrdouglas2u

    Mainstream music had my spirit broken and cynical for several years. This lady gives me hope that real, heartfelt music with a message can still be made.

  99. Saiyah Smalls

    Diggn dha whole album she got it