Marsha Ambrosius - Old Times Lyrics

Just like old times
Just wanna love you right
Love you with all my might
Love you for life
Just like old times
Just wanna hold you tight
Love you with all my might
Love you for life

Mmh, I just want you home for dinner
But you just done hustling for a living
You gotta do what you gotta do to feed the children

And I'll be here waiting for you to come home
Those red and blue lights flashing and I pray
Oh, please, please, please come home

Just like old times
Just wanna love you right
Just love you with all my might
Love you for life, oh
Just like old times
'Cause right now we're afraid to see the news
Another name it could be you
If they say it to be true
Then we'll stay right here forever

Hashtag RIP, somebody else
Don't wanna be somebody else
Just like old times

Just like old times
Just wanna love you right
Love you with all my might
Love you for life
Just wanna hold you tight
Love you with all my might
Love you for life baby
Oh, just like the old times
Just wanna love you right
Wanna love you right, oh baby

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Marsha Ambrosius Old Times Comments
  1. Anthony Randall

    Still loving this song she made my heart hurt with this video, a black man cant never be great when so many folks wann tear him down.

  2. IG: Sexybuttasteful

    This songs brings so many memories 😭🙏🏼 R.I.P

  3. No Name

    😢😢omg this song put tears in my eyes

  4. Pam Renee'


  5. s.r. talens

    Are they Marsha's hubby and their daughter? Aww so sweet 💕

  6. Feli Matt

    Just love the message in This song. So proud of her

  7. peachpassionflower

    I love this song!!!!The video is so powerful.I love she has her daughter and husband in the video. My daughter and I went to Marsha and it was great.Marsha you have a beautiful family.God Bless you guys.

  8. Lydia Santana

    This song and video needs more views


    The most beautiful woman!

  10. choripan81

    Wow, a true work of art. I can't relate, but man she made me feel it

  11. Alex J. Murphy

    That subtle fill/chord substitution at 3:56

  12. Shalesa McAllister

    All this woman knows how to do is sing about men in jail...sis! want more for yourself 💀

  13. Teaka Ledet

    This song has so much meaning ♥️🙌🏾Love her

  14. Naimah Thomas

    Marsha baby girl & husband are gorgeous 😌❤ both blessings she ABSOLUTELY deserves 🙏😇💯 this joint is everything 🎤👑❤😐✊✌.

  15. Stonyisland Chitown

    I absolutely unequivocally love this joint yall. Seriously I aint fucking around when I say I love this joint.

  16. Thomas Allen


  17. calvin kaseke

    Am here 2019 listening to this voice

  18. Rashonda Oliver

    I just want that old thing back 💙💙💙

  19. Rashonda Oliver

    Just like old times 🥰💙💙💙

  20. Mrs E

    Made me think of Nipsey.

  21. chika akabusi

    marshal you made my day 2019

  22. Jane Bakari


  23. james jones

    Mf RAW!

  24. mera malik

    Who is here bc of michaeljackson's butterflies 🙂🙂

  25. Kyama .

    waiting new album !🎇

  26. Love Love

    To you alwalys and forever


    Come back #NipseyHussle WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Marsha Ambrosius for such powerful songs with meaning. R.I.P. #NipseyHussle and all of the brothers and sisters that we keep losing senselessly to killings in the streets.

  28. Reshun J

    I need one of those "Not Guilty" shirt❤️💯💯

  29. NaturalDivineGoddess


  30. CarribeanAmerican Queen

    A deeper meaning to the video, for my friends and family we know what it feels like to not have your brother, husband, father not make it home at the end of the day.
    With her voice and this video she have me in love

  31. Mr. White

    "Afraid to see the news. Another name, it could be you. If they say this to be true, then we'll stay right here forever" ✊🏿 #ripsomebodyelse

  32. Contessa Smith

    4 life. All or nothing

  33. bmccray10

    Love it!

  34. bmccray10

    Music is very similar to Jill Scott “Come to Light”

  35. Terry Thomas

    Gotta love this woman? She is really serving this song? Dam.

  36. dewayne stubbs

    Her show last night in Chicago was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. WT Actual. . .

    The cop was another sell out Latino. We gotta do better than being so racist that Latinos think it's okay like they're not racial minorities on the chopping block. They're not so embedded in the fabric of American society as Blacks and Native Americans.

  38. GIR 93

    I like the meaning of the video but the words don't match..hustling drugs & coming home.

  39. Beauty by Crisha

    Her music is so slept on what a voice shes Amazing.

  40. Bútt3r-P3çãñ Tãñ

    I love this song...this almost made me cry..I know the feeling

  41. gladitsnotme

    Wack song, good video. We gotta quit admiring weak women who let thugs walk all over them. "Please come home, you gotta hustle to feed the babies but I'm worried you'll die" Well why did you lay up and have a baby with a bum who lives dangerously??? He got money for ear pods but was riding the bus back home? Nah fam.

  42. Victoria Wilson

    I just love this song..

  43. TrayTray Leach

    Yeah that was my gurl, an I say was, to I found out she sold her soul had me fool. Cold world
    Look at the couch an the killer is she crosses her hands. Letting them know she down with the rest of the devil worshipers. Damn Marshall. I be praying for her though

  44. Dr. Doom

    Damn this video's deep, like so many of her songs. She's turning into one of my favorite artists PERIOD. Thank you Queen for spreading your consciousness everywhere.

  45. Joey FL

    All these real singers being ignored. I hate this new generation. Meanwhile Cardi B is everywhere. Sad..

  46. Sonja Long

    I have to agree that the song sends a very strong message I'm was with my nephew the other day and he had on a hoodie covered over his head and the women who were there was afraid to come to the door until I walked up is very much stereotype because they think they see someone in a hoodie that they come in to Rob them I was very offended and very annoyed by their reaction and I let them know exactly how I felt and ask my nephew to make sure that when he goes somewhere to pull his hoodie off of his head I do not want this to happen to him because of other people ignorance,

  47. leung May

    Only under 300k views should be way more

  48. Barbara Ancrum

    I love this song

  49. Ranona Cirino

    Okay love it

  50. Angela Ross

    This my favorite favorite favorite song!!!!😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❤❤❤⚘⚘

  51. Sade oliver

    I have no hope in love no more 😪💔

  52. Stonyisland Chitown

    This sister has a direct line to my audible appendages

  53. songtress66

    Awww Marsha, I absolutely love this depiction of what so many of us face with our loved ones. May God continue to bless you, your work, and your family. This is a powerful song. I can't stop playing it; perhaps because I am the Mother of two sons.

  54. Patrick Heidelberg

    Why does some white people hate the Black Male so much all we want is the same opportunity and respect that you all have good job's and good education we need more school less jail's because they are building more prisons then schools so what are you trying to say America

  55. Anthony Simpson

    Stop it Marsha!!! Whew!!!! This woman can SANG!!!!

  56. sandra merriweather


  57. Braiding Nation

    Love it so much

  58. Danny Grijalva

    I never seen this video

  59. Weathered Strength

    Great video! I just woke up from a nightmare, well strange dream
    #California wildfire photographs

  60. GBody Rob

    Dam marsha thats deep

  61. Mekaila Carter

    when you gonna make more I love your voice

  62. Bronxrain Gee

    Dayum...that was really deep. Good job Marsha. As usual. U had my heart in my throat...

  63. Jermaine Hernández

    💗Marsha, Gurl. U Betta Sang. Yassssss Just Like #OldTImes💗

    This Song Is Beautifully-Sad, I Love It (I Cried To It So Many Times)
    We All Want The Ones We Love To Always Come Back Home Safe & Sound

  64. Thomas Allen

    Oh, this one seriously HARMONIZES!!

  65. Paper St. Club

    Out in Sacramento...those phones will get you shot. These are scary times. Man alive. Love to this posting. So sweet

  66. Paper St. Club

    Am i gonna cry....

    Paper St. Club

    Yep. Sure did.

  67. Paper St. Club

    Found this by accident...looking for things abt that Ambrosia chick... I think I needed this more

  68. NaturalDivineGoddess

    I'll be
    To Come Home.."

  69. Being TYMARA

    I love how she has her husband and baby in this video which makes it seem even more realistic. You can tell this subject hits close to home for her just like it does for other people.

  70. freedomhester

    Love it. Sounds like something I would write. Even the video concept is my style. Family is everything. Keep going

  71. Organic Goddess

    Life in America...sad but true! We need more Peace, Love, & Harmony for All People!

  72. Cocoa Latte

    1: 05 - 1: 23 She meant EVERY WORD and I felt it!!

  73. Nikki O


  74. Tynicia Ingram

    Simply beautiful

  75. NaturalDivineGoddess

    Just like
    Old times
    Just want to
    Love you right
    Love you with
    All my might
    Love you 4 life..

  76. NaturalDivineGoddess

    Just like
    Old times
    Just want to
    Hold you tight
    Love you with
    All my might
    Love you 4 life..

  77. Jeramia Basilio

    Dez you're a nerdy fine man. That's a turn on. Marsha you're lucky. I bet a lot of females wants Dez. Who wouldn't he's so fine.

  78. april moore

    ((( INCREDIBLE ))) 💦💙💦💙💦💙💦

  79. YOUnique Chique

    I looooooobe this!!! 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤❤❤

  80. Chada Chamberlain


  81. kevin buggage

    A real nigga anthem💯❤️

  82. Nature Boy Rick Hair/ Hair Jordan

    The dreadful reality of dating a black man

  83. Queen positive vibes

    I luv this song

  84. Lashundria Williams

    This song puts me in a warming mood!!!!!!

  85. Marcus

    I love me some Marsha but her videos tend to have nothing to do with the song. I get what she is trying to always pull off but this song could've benefitted from a better visual.

  86. Make Life Your Day Job

    Real life tragedies in the U.S. make "Old Times" by Marsha Ambrosius, that much more poignant. Great voice, great lyrics, true to life.

  87. Cocoa Latte

    This is one of those songs that have you all in your feelings.. *And the video* Yesssss girl give us more

  88. Chef Tré Joyner

    So deep

  89. Yvonne Haggins

    Goooo girl she sooo deep

  90. Lorria Moses


  91. Blake Phillips

    Marsha hits hard very powerful.

  92. Blake Phillips


  93. Shiobvon Ellis

    I'm sooo in love with this song! Her voice is breath taking!!

  94. Jeramia Basilio

    We need more songs like this. Sammie's "Dear America" kind of reminds me of this because he talks about how cops & racist people is affecting the world. Just because an African American man walks down the street with big backpack on & the cops quick to assume his doing something bad, that doesn't mean they're up to no good. Can a brother just walk free. I know how it feels like to see your man being profiled as a no good person because I'm with an African American man for 8 years. He been profiled as a bad person & up to no good. One more thing, Marsha, your husband so fine & your daughter so pretty just like his daddy & you of course..

  95. Stephanie Chappelle

    Loved her since Floetry...She will always be one of the most talented singers to me.. PERIOD This video though is woo wee..😤😢

  96. Ddd D

    I used someone else phone