Marsha Ambrosius - Let Me Go Lyrics

Tell me if you're sure
this is what you want
once you get it baby
you will never need another
I can't control emotions
they've taken over me more
than you will ever know
I gotta make you see
let me taste your lips
kissin me like this
it can only get better from here
babe been too sad to say
so I'd rather show
don't you say a word boy

Just let me go go go go go go go go
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

I'm not gonna stop
till you're satisfied
you don't gotta go easy
I can take it alright
the neighbors will complain
as you blow my brain
everything you do to me
got me goin' insane
I let you taste my lips
kissin you like this
it can only get better from here
babe I've been too sad to say
so I'd rather show
don't you say a word boy

Just let me go go go go go go go go
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Just let me go go go go go go go go
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

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Marsha Ambrosius Let Me Go Comments
  1. Blake Phillips

    My baby mm😤😌

  2. Eric Taylor

    I love Marsha,she the straight truth.But if you've taken up a vow of celebacy,dont listen these songs.You wont last.Anyway,Marshian for life.

  3. Jessica Bush

    Marsha Marsha marsha now who told you to sing all sensual and sultry on this on this track like this missy pooh lol. This right here is hot hands down.

  4. Coda Cain

    Her songs be on point no matter whats going on around you grab your love or whatever and embrace them with a kiss and warmomg hugs with soft rubbing strokes against one another backs

  5. Taylor John

    Yes girl. Beautiful.

  6. Davis Starsha


  7. Teresa Counts

    👑Salute,to her voice😍🎶👍💘

    Teresa Counts

    Such a flow!!!!🎶

  8. Ki Martin

    dam she makes me Wana make love RIGHT NOW

  9. Ki Martin

    dam she makes me Wana make love RIGHT NOW

  10. K. M.

    Just wish I could get this on disc or uploaded to my music devices..

  11. Guerlyne Bel

    just let me go go go.. yes Marsha ambrosius. . 2am 3 in the morning deep action with my baby Koolkev💏

  12. J. Flair

    Her and Janelle Monae should do a song together.

  13. Latasha Robinson


  14. K. M.

    I love this song!!!! Go Marsha

  15. Dewey Warren

    This is why I have a one month old now

  16. Roachfat The Nostalgist

    This songs is very sexy.

  17. AGMP Live

    Multi-Grammy® nominated musician & former Floetry member Marsha Ambrosius headlines The Clapham Grand, London, next month! Tickets available from but be quick before they're all gone! 

  18. Men Maturity

    GIRL U R A SINGING HEFFA LIKE M-JACKSON said ur voice is so amazing i love i am really love listen to ur voice Marsha and she does not get the credit that she deserve at all there IS NO WOMEN OR ANYBODY IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS THAT CAN COMPARE OR EVEN MATCH HER VOICE IN SINGING NOT BEYONCEE or Keys, Taylor Swift, Ashanit, Jordan sparks, jennfier hudson etc no body at all/ hope u get a grammy one day and truly be respected for what u do and write produce and ur VOICE every since 03 and now i was like DAMN SHE FINE THICK HEAVY AND WILL GET IT ASAP HER VOICE alone makes u feel a type of away towards her and she looks nice but the HER VOICE WITH personaility and character makes her a DIAMOND IN THE OPEN AND RUFF FOR PEOPLE WHO DOES NOT KNOW HER AT ALL  / girl u bad hope to meet and see and ur voice one day - I NEED TO BE ON UR TEAM PG i want the BALL IN MY HAND AND HOME COURT!!!!

    J. Flair

    @Men Maturity Real cool words

    Men Maturity

    Thank s man I really mean it she awesome

  19. Beth Smith

    yaaassssss just let me goooooohhhhhhh.....

  20. Sharonda Lavette

    This song here! This is my all time favorite song by her. Not too many people know about this...It can only get betta from here babe...just let me go.

  21. trey harris

    I like this song. It would be good in a sex scene.

  22. Empress Rah

    Love her

  23. Queen of R&B

    Love this woman.<3

  24. Jason Holden

    Demarcos69 took the words right outta my mouth! Marsha & Jill are HANDS DOWN my favs!!!!! Keep rocking on ladies!!! 333

  25. Dewey Warren

    She is a beast

  26. Miss Queen

    I love marsha ambrosis she's got so much talent

  27. foxhey1

    Girl got more bang for the buck

  28. luquita taylor

    WoW Love LOve It...

  29. jetpaq

    Marsha, if this is really "your" channel...? PLease understand.. You freaking ROCK..!LOL

  30. Shay Smith

    this song make me go dead in on my girl....

  31. Tonya Sullivan

    Love this so much...

  32. nik campbell

    REAL TALENT xoxxo

  33. shorrty bop

    I love this song to the fullest but i love marsha ambrosius anyway........

  34. FideTheProducer

    She went silly from 2:40 to the end with those freestyle melodies

  35. teamsocom

    who's gonna stop the rain by Anastacia is hot too.

  36. Namaji2011

    I love her!!! She can sing about a can of soda and it's going to be hot in my book!! Every song she does is a hit. I have everything she has ever done, the biggest fan!!

    chaka alicea


  37. Sister Hajar

    love it always fan Marsha keep going on your journey

  38. Sensimilla Star

    i love her, she is on my top 3, for favorite artist!!!1

  39. Fallon Ruiz

    STILL LOVE THIS SONG!!! That's my girl!

  40. Starr Sinches

    Very sexy

  41. yasha dabeast

    this song just makes me wanna make everything 2 times better with my girl

  42. 74Deebo

    Bloody hell woman, you've done it again - pure, undiluted soulful class!

  43. incognito_in_D.C.20020


  44. Ashley P

    I just bought both mix-tapes on Ebay and cannot wait to for delivery!:-D

  45. MsSexyDiva4Lyfe

    Your music is doing nothing for my celibacy vow Marsha!!! I may need to go listen to some Fred Hammond after this! lol

  46. mieey79

    I really feeling this song. What album is this song on??????

  47. Ashley P

    killer right here

  48. Kai EL'Zabar

    The music industry selects to push, promote, market and sell. When the artists realize that they've been bamboozled and refuse to do their bubblegum thing the record companies attempt to destroy them by destroying their reputations and character or sensibilities. They do it through drugs, sex scandals, or mental instability rumors etc. They tried to get PRINCE but the genius beat them at their own game. At least he didn't bend over and met them on his own terms.

  49. Devipeach

    Brittany Spears was an idol in the 90's, her music back then was the shit and it made her career, that's why she's a solid singer in today's modern time. But now everything is trashy to appeal to the mainstream... so I get what you're saying.

  50. Ladiiflicka

    they hav a faster version on her mixtape . .late night earlier mornings . .but i like this one better

  51. Ms K

    OMG... how have I only just discovered this bomb..???
    Album ORDERED..!!!!

  52. imSoRecklesss

    i have her album and mixtapes!!! I cant get enough of her. I love me some Marsha!!!!!! The R&B Soul, grown up music at its best!!!!

  53. Kai EL'Zabar

    Wow she's transformed physically. She could always sing and still sounds good, though I miss her partnership as Floetry. They were the joint!

  54. Lerato Tsotetsi

    damn strait...

  55. Edna Mode

    LOVE !

  56. leroi441

    I'm absolutely in love with this woman. iam new to marsha and first saw "far away" video on BET and went crazy. Got her album LNEM's and its brilliant. The best female vocalist of our time. watched her live and she is effortless

  57. msblossomgrow

    dam marsha.. u did it on 'em with this one......

  58. angelbabylove83

    Seriously!!! Why didn't it make it to the album???

  59. Asia Parker

    Under rated....

  60. D.L.G

    Marsha Ambrosius and Jill Scott hands down..

  61. georgina wynter

    how can i get this obsessed

  62. drogbo

    We live in sad times when people will now go to jail pirating albums online and such, yet how can that be such a great crime when we have talent like this so unrecognised... We have a bunch of talentless wasters in front of us everyday, who only get sales off image. Sad world.


    i think...sorry, lemme rephrase that i believe this woman is the overall best female vocalist in the game right now....HANDS DOWN!

  64. 24Ornella

    why wont marsha come to canada?? :(

  65. alisha jones

    @Millanee1 i want to see her sooo bad

  66. alisha jones

    this a great song......loveit

  67. Jacquelyn Wooden


  68. MegaOlympia1


  69. T. Moreno

    i ♥ this song so MUCH ! :)

  70. Angela McCray


  71. babykekey

    marsha is so beautiful outside and inside. beautiful voice... one of the best out there. i hope she makes music forever

  72. Shimi Sekoko

    sweet voice,sweet sound luv it....

  73. Divine Being

    im sooooooooooooooo in love with her voice

  74. B. Smith

    this is not on Late Night Early Mornings. This is from her mixtape "Yours Sincerely" that came out last year



  76. MrsDenise83

    wow!! Because of this song I'm goin to get her CD. I saw her when she came to Dallas both times and fell in love wit her!! Thx for posting!

  77. kOns25th

    everything about this song is right, sexy, soulful... I'm addicted. Truly one of a kind

  78. misslady1023

    amazing song truly luv it.....

  79. ronzieandme

    Yeah I bought it specifically for this song and was a little upset it wasn't on the album. I love her though.

  80. Pammy Mercado

    Damn Ms. Marsha brings back that good lovin'mood... That making love allova kinda music... Uhhh! Hottttt!!! Miss that good ole fashioned "REALNESS"...

  81. The Truth

    1 dislike? really... dont even listen to such a beautiful woman like this. You cant handle it. Im in Luuuuuuuv!!!

  82. rubydee21


  83. Bri Sims

    this is tht freaky baby makin music.... hee hee! makes u wanna jump on it..... lolz!

  84. MChambersutube

    Just wondering why this song is not on "Late Nights, Early Mornings"? ok, that almost slightly deep bongo/trickling like sound...needs just a little help...otherwise the song is awesome! It made me chuckle...and recall fond memories.

  85. Jessica Roberts

    oh... a lovely kinda nasty.......:)

  86. Blair Devereaux

    @marsaya you should be able to google it and you should come across a free download link...i dont think she charged for the mixtape : )

  87. cc cole

    Big fan since day in love with this song ! This rite here will definitely end someones drought lol

  88. Imperfect Bree

    I lovvvvvveeeeee this song...I love her period

  89. Rahab Mc

    UGH i love this WOMEN she's amazing !!

  90. Marsha Ambrosius

    This song is one of my faves :)

  91. Gemtrendsetter

    Nah Marsha, why wasn't this on the album???:'( Like all the rest, this one would have been a perfect fit :)

  92. Rahab Mc

    @georgiafornication and so damn UNDERRATED its a shame !

  93. t dee mitch

    This song aint even on the album....sad! I want all her shit!
    She is too damn live!

  94. Ayrkah

    Totally love this woman. She is amazing!

  95. FideTheProducer

    Omg the scats at the end