Marsha Ambrosius - Kiss & Fuck (Interlude) Lyrics

I think I'm in love
Just tell me I am, yeah
One taste of your lips, and I can't pretend
You got me so gone
You're making me wet
I'm one step away from letting you in
Listen, I know we just met but I feel like
I feel like it's been a long, long time
And I'm curious to see what I've, on my mind

Just to past the time...

We kiss and we fuck
And it was everything
You're all that I want
I put that on everything
Just give me your love
Baby just give me your love

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Marsha Ambrosius Kiss & Fuck (Interlude) Comments
  1. Kristshel Dunn

    👌Okay👌.... Say That Shit, "Yes"

  2. trifari dixon

    Best project ever I have a four year old because of this album!



  4. HiddenTruth Journey

    Wow!! ❤️❤️

  5. LITLUSTIT CustoMade

    Oh this it rt here bo good damn!!!!🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  6. David Nery


  7. Arna Weaver

    Oh my love it!!!

  8. Wait What

    I love my black sista😍this Queen is a legend✋💯😍😍to all my black Brother's and Sista's I love you all💪💯good music for the soul.

  9. ASMR Tingz

    Even 2018 🙌🏾 This is Still Everything to me 🤤🤸🏾‍♂️ #thisisliberation

  10. Donna Weible

    Get it marsha

  11. Jasper Hester

    Very good 🎶!! Need more

  12. Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    Can't believe I'm just hearing this in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!! Such beautiful music!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kimberly johnson

    I straight wanna do my man right now just ride all the skin off his shhhh....😯 Help me ...... Oh help me in finna 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦drip drip drip drop💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

  14. The Solution!4Kickz

    When your Marsha has ruined your pull out game and you really don't care anymore after this EP

  15. A List Alert 4 NetworkTV

    Women are speaking their minds more..#liberation

  16. Jametta Bailey

    This is a bad time to go celibate!! Girl!!!!

  17. The Moore Family

    Damn we just made a 👶

  18. James R

    2017 crew where you at

  19. Darrien Shelton

    I had to play this song on my patio so all my neighbor's cld hear!!!😂but Be along together ft Daley is still my fav!!!

  20. Marcus Byers

    Still go hard in the paint!💣🔥🙌✌

  21. G King


  22. Donah Hunter

    Why ❤️

  23. Cherell Belton


  24. Frielender Matooniz

    Red sent me this. Thank u red

  25. daphnee doss


    daphnee doss

    My Sweet Bird

  26. Twilia Bryant

    This is the shit.

  27. My Appletree


  28. My Appletree

    sure is James Wilson lol

  29. Chi Dimma

    Listen to this song high

  30. Lolita Fiamma

    her voice melts me

  31. MsJordan311

    😍😍😍😍😍 love her voice and her music

  32. Natreka Culbreth

    Absolutely sensual, grown and sexy music!!!

  33. Winners Circle


  34. Tamika Richardson

    Love this EP. Lawd!!!Bout to get myself pregnant!!!! Lo! Love her!!!!

  35. Jamila A. West

    so good...

    Rich Berry

    you're gorgeous!

  36. James Wilson

    This is hey somebody pregnant music!


    Yes working on making a Baby Girl now LOL!!!

  37. Maria Rodriguez

    oh my!!!

  38. shereese schaeffer

    Loving This Song

  39. Boss Catering Cooking Cooking

    This is romantic CD I've heard in a long time...

  40. Porscha L

    Ooooooo Marsha Got A Lil Freak In Her...

    Eve L

    A LOT!!

    Jametta Bailey

    Lil is an understatement girl!! Especially her song “fuck and get it over with” 😩

  41. Vanessa Jackson

    I really wanna find this EP but couldn't

    Randy H.

    Here you go! When you arrive at the page for her EP, click on the part that shows "Download This Mixtape".


    Spotify has the whole album...the album is called Friends & Lovers

    Randy H.

    @HoNeyNu86​ Yeah that's Marsha Ambrosius' latest album. I love it. There's four tracks on "Fvck & Love" that do not appear on "Friends & Lovers", so any fan of hers should get them both.

  42. Brittany Jessie

    oweeee the nasty freaky sexually things im going and show my man oh yea it's about to go down loving all these tracks

  43. Cristal Miller

    she pretty

  44. nightmareaug99

    My bae killz it every time str8 fuqqin musik

  45. Walter Austin

    I love everything about Marsha Ambrosius she is what is known as a #YAQ for sure.....

  46. Cynthia P

    I could tell that thing was gonna be gawoood!!!Yasssss!!

  47. JeNaya R.

    Chile'....this is everything.

  48. Tasha Jones

    love this song

  49. Korey Sylver

    Damn, I did't know that Marsha Ambrosius had this in her! Floertry had some sexy songs but this is on another level!

  50. Cherell Belton

    The Queen of music! Marsha Ambrosius

  51. Angelique Green Stamps

    She just a God giving Angel.

  52. liv tobeblessed

    Sing that fuckin song biiiaatch!! You betta work it! Giiiuurlll!!! Yyyeess!! This is my new jam! Dayumn!!

  53. Lesley Dixon

    love your music so much like it is so good to everybody in the world.

  54. Lesley Dixon

    love your music so much like it is so good to everybody in the world by zainay.

  55. Lesley Dixon

    love your music so much like it is so good to everybody in the world by zainay.

  56. Lesley Dixon

    love your music so much like it is so good to everybody in the world by zainay

  57. Asia Sinclair

    I love her! I love this album.

  58. MizzKoko Gibson

    I wish "Your Hands" N "Freakin Me" was on this EP thou :-(....that would have been the #ultimatebabymakingCD

  59. Planet Beat Mobb

    straight pregnancy action!!!!

  60. Mike Adams


  61. Takesha Green

    marsha a. is such an incredible artist.. please keep the music coming

    Kaylonni Banks

    For REAL Marsha Ambrosius it's only my first time listening to your New EP fuck and love I'm not going to lie but this is really hot like fire and I'm speechless magnificent job on all your CDs just beautiful #yasssss Girl!

  62. Melissa G

    these songs is going to get me in trouble omg......

    Donna Weible


  63. Tracy Arrington

    love classic songs like this an they sound the same in person live as well.

  64. Roxanne Thames

    Marsha's album is 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Tekora Pericles

    Hawt Shit 🔥 can't believe I'm just hearing this smh

    Felicia Adams

    +Tekora Pericles RIGHT!! I just stumbled across this tonight!  This is divine!

    Tekora Pericles


    Jeffrey Martin

    how you doing

    Jeffrey Martin

    how you doing

    Karmaletha Hatcher

    Tekora Pericles me too Im a music freak dnt know how I missed this

  66. Chaka Smith

    Damn this album is for the grown and sexy only....Every song is so sensual and sexy...Love it!

  67. Barbara Truly

    Love it....👍👍🌟💛

  68. J.F. Croce

    keep on trucking like eddie kendrix sang back in the day!
     u are so amazing and
     yes sam smith is way overrated: he ain't no smokey robinson ,that 's for sure and love is complex, appropriate title , away with the pain through music is my medicine

  69. chevy_johnson Demont3985

    Baby making music

    Juliaetta Jordan

    BEAUTIFUL MUSIC🎵🎶♩🎼🎷🎹🎺🎻🎤

  70. Damn Right,I said BOOMCLAP!!! Whoop-

    Thanks Chefshep, Flexchef, Supafly guy...this is our ish... NOICE!!!

  71. Terela Jiles

    Naw marsha music is awesome so is sam smith they have plenty of hits

  72. TreigusPereira

    Wow this is GOLD songwriting ability! I hear Drake, TheWeeknd, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and more all mixed up and to songwriting PERFECTION! I wish the production was done by super american pros like Illangelo, 40, Timbaland, Doc McKinney, and The Neptunes - that would have been ridiculous and made this a grammy-award winning album!

  73. Abby H.

    daaaaaayuuuuuuuum! "Go ahead and go harder". this is a total masterpiece!

  74. DJ OwTkaSs

    Her words and voice is like a beautiful painting in itself. Every song on this album is strait pressure..>>!!!

  75. Suzann Allen

    love love it...

  76. Junga J'adore

    Yes Marsha! Hit that note!! 🙌

  77. HEAT1996

    Fellas, make sure yo' money right before you put this album on...Child support is a muthafucka. 

    Damien Landers

    Thanks! bro i sure will give her a call first thing in the morning cause this is getting out hand how much im paying a month an my son lives with me ...SMH.


    +Damien Landers WHAT!??? You serious? That just about says it all. Child support is design to break dudes. These assholes don' t care about the kids, the courts OR most of the Mothers. Women who have a guy on child support who actually takes care of his kids = A fucked up bitch who needs to get a job, a sidegig or both!

    Damien Landers

    Yes sir im very serious but im in the process of getting this shit cleared up now


    +Damien Landers go back to court,  child support is for the parent with custody

  78. kevwin1

    Loving This!!


    Really feeling it.


    I'm really really feeling this.. Yes your love is so good


    😱 Now you want to thank me...but remember you didn't want to listen to it...😒

  80. Deheleoisdontae

    they dont make them like marsha, ever since floetry ive been down..i can remember like it was yesterday when my uncle was producing for her

  81. Remyndmeofapoet86 J

    Love her music but not as a person I've met her in person amazing how different ppl can be

    Fitness Gems

    @Remyndmeofapoet86 J Aww... I'm sorry!

    Let me see if I can say something here though to put a positive spin on this:

    It's better to have loved, and lost though
    than never to have loved at all...

    Remyndmeofapoet86 J

    Again you words are very true


    Hopefully you just caught her on a bad day. I'd hate to think she's actually a fucked up person. Although I've heard about fame bringing out who people really are. Oh well... I know this album will bring out who you really are if you know what I mean lol. 

    Abby H.

    @Remyndmeofapoet86 J Girl I do believe you but it can happens. She might had a bad day, we all did once. I get you though :)

  82. CANDIDVOICE 4Humanity

    this shit sounds like a healthcare crisis lard !

  83. Tristan Wiliams

    Love it.. Fell in love with her music all over again

  84. Ashley Tisdale

    Great music

  85. Elizabeth Williams

    Her voice is a killa!!!

  86. Latoia Jones

    Love her

  87. LaTonya Mahogani Images Baker


    LaTonya Mahogani Images Baker

    Hi How are you!

  88. Sabrinna Anderson

    I love this album

  89. Kat Marshall

    Love that shit nigga head b like oooopen

  90. Percy Sherrod

    i wonder how many girls gn get pregnant this year off this album?/

  91. MaNeysa Erby

    This is a song that will make you make love to yourself.

    Tara Minyard

    +MaNeysa Erby Make you make a phone call and take a nigga back..LOL

    Percy Sherrod

    @Tara Minyard DONT DO IT!!...PLEASE DONT DO IT!!!...............he is your EX for a reason !!

    Tara Minyard

    +Percy Sherrod I won't do it...LOL

    Percy Sherrod

    @Tara Minyard thank you............i can love you better

    Kimberly Davidson

    Ikr.... no birth control included or needed

  92. Jamila Grimes

    My my my.....

  93. Redbaby Zimmerman

    Wat she turns u all the way on oooh!

  94. Bridgette Stephens


  95. L Boggie

    True Quiet storm.

  96. Darren Hopkins

    OMG I got the chills all over from this woman's voice.  A true songbird indeed.  

  97. Chemist2Society

    SEXUAL MUSIC . yes^^^^^  "the way u  fvk is how I like to fvk"..

  98. Constance Fowler

    Just saw her in concert in Austin, Texas. This bitch is