Mars Volta, The - With Twilight As My Guide Lyrics

I'm bolted from within
from long conniving heights
The hale, it makes a special sound
that always stays into the night

She tells me I'm not capable
of what they accuse me
With no remorse I stand and say
that guilt is what I plead

My devil makes me dream
like no other mortal dreams
With a blank eye corner

The only way to see him
in the tunnel where he slept
By the longest tusk of corridors
numb below the neck

In my heart

Where he keeps them in
a vault of devil daughters

When I bend and kick in form
with twilight as my guide
In every home the ghost pays gossip
you can hear them if you try

When my quill begins to squirm
from the ashes in your urn
Your deviance is anything but faithful

My devil makes me dream
like no other mortal dreams
With a blank eye corner

The only way to see him
in the tunnel where he slept
By the longest tusk of corridors
numb below the neck

In my heart

Where he keeps them in
a vault of devil daughters

in my dead leaves
Don't you hide these
branches waiting

I've been watching
you four, two me
Don't resign me
I'm not waiting

My devil makes me dream
like no other mortal dreams
With a blank eye corner

The only way to see him
in the tunnel where he slept
By the longest tusk of corridors
numb below the neck

In my heart

Where he keeps them in
a vault of devil daughters

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Mars Volta, The With Twilight As My Guide Comments
  1. Helena Persson

    Lovely ❤

  2. Tiempo Negro

    This song made me cry

  3. Reversed

    I dunno this is my favorite Mars Volta song. I love all their crazy jams, but this one stays with me. Beautiful guitar playing and singing.

  4. Jimmy Harmony-Eleven

    Cedric, why do they fear the number 13...? Omar?

  5. Shteviz Hippogriff

    He keeps them in a vault of devil doters.

  6. Srkaustiko

    Pffffff santa rolototota, que mala onda que se separaron

  7. ivan garza

    love it

  8. Virginia Mott

    I am so addicted to this song. Totally addicted. Perfection.

  9. Jeremy Casimir

    these guys are awesome live

    Vanessa Montoya

    Jeremy Casimir D best! Better than n d CD's!!! 👑🌠⭐😎😚✌

  10. Leah Watkins

    song meaning

    I'm bolted from within
    From long conniving heights
    The hale, it makes a special sound
    That always stays into the night

    ( ☀️he is saying that he is prisoned by his mind , and his thoughts are so deep and go on and on , and they hit him like a ton of bricks, like hail, and his bad thoughts follow him everywhere he goes even at night when he sleeps they haunt his dreams and in the morning when he is awake they haunt his life☀️

    She tells me I'm not capable
    Of what they accuse me
    With no remorse I stand and say
    That guilt is what I plead

    ☀️his mom being in denial of his ilness, and the things she has seen happen because of his ilness, and he wants her to know it is real, and he isnt sorry for the things he has done because he didnt know how to control it, and she judges him without understanding him ☀️

    My devil makes me dream
    Like no other mortal dreams
    ☀️he is referring to his illness as the devil , and saying he thinks ,feels, sees and hears things that no other human could understand or imagine☀️

    With a blank eye corner

    ☀️he is saying he does not cry , the corners of his eyes are blank not red, meaning he doesn't cry☀️

    The only way to see him
    In the tunnel where he slept
    By the longest tusk of corridors

    ☀️he is talking about being prisoned by his ilness and not wanting to come out of his room, so the only way you can see him is if you go to him, also could refer to as a mental hospital☀️

    Numb below the neck
    ☀️he has no emotions☀️

    In my heart

    Where he keeps them in
    A vault of devil daughters
    ☀️he is sayig that normal people see mentally ill people as bad or evil , but he keeps them in his heart and feels for them, also could refer to as a broken heart☀️

    When I bend and kick in form
    With twilight as my guide
    ☀️he is trying to beat his ilness , but at the end of the day his ilness controls his life, and it's all he knows.. twilight= ilnesses bc of how dark it is☀️

    In every home the ghost pays gossip
    You can hear them if you try
    ☀️his loved ones try to whisper and be unseen and unheard as they talk badly about him and his ilnesses, and he tries to block it out... also could refer to as the voices in his head☀️

    When my quill begins to squirm
    From the ashes in your urn
    Your deviance is anything but faithful
    ☀️his mind is pondering death, and paranoia but he knows his negative paranoid thoughts arnt real and his mind is playing tricks on him or it could mean that he is suicidal, but he knows he wont actually do it ...his mind is deceiving him ☀️

    In my dead leaves
    ☀️everybody leaves him like he is nothing and then he is dead to them. they forget him☀️

    Don't you hide these
    Branches waiting
    ☀️his family trying to avoid his ilness as they wait for him to get better, branches = , family tree, family☀️

    I've been watching
    You four, two me
    ☀️he sees and understand people from all angles, but they only see two sides of him the good and the bad☀️

    Don't resign me
    I'm not waiting
    ☀️he is saying dont leave me ,even tho i push you away , but the only reason i do it is because im afraid you will leave and im not gonna stick around just for u to leave☀️

    ☀️☀️☀️☀️this song is about living with mental illnesses, and being a sociopath and how it makes you do things you wouldn't normally do, and think things no one can understand, but while you do these things you feel no remorse , or sadness for what you have done because of your mental illness, and how everyone leaves him because they only see 2 sides of him the good and the bad, and he wants people to give him a chance☀️☀️☀️

    💗💗Leah W

    Virginia Mott

    Leah Watkins Did you read this in an interview with them somewhere, or is it purely your opinion/interpretation? Doesn't jive with comments from Cedric that I've read in which he said the song is about the Salem witch trial events and the attitudes toward the women involved.

    Leah Watkins

    Virginia Mott
    this is how i see it. All my own opinion
    i think every song has a deeper meaning than what they say

    Virginia Mott

    Thanks for clarification.


    This isn't highschool dude

  11. johnnyscifi

    The tremulants look like the morph creature from Magic the Gathering. The classic Dominaria morph creature type, not the Tarkir Morph/Mega Morph creature...

  12. ledose

    If I meet Cedric one day and he tells me this isn't about addiction in any way I will die willingly.

  13. sewagedump

    anal rape

  14. nate channing

    goddammit. . what a record.

  15. Rafaelico esp

    She tells me I'm not capable
    of what they accuse me

  16. C. Solís

    Pffffffffffffftttt... <3

  17. Carlos Olivares

    i love dicks

    Daisuke Jigen Laughing

    Cool, me too

  18. Death At A Rave!

    They started tapping into something else.. as said by them in interviews, they started fearing for their lives by an unexplained presence.. Roadies from their band started dying. Songs about demon possessions, dark shit, and the unnatural, The Mars Volta is a trip if you really know their history..

    jj Ss

    Your comment is TOTALEEE GAAAAAYY!!

    Paul Anstey

    WTF I wanna hear more about this story


    Nah, they probably just did a bunch of drugs and started losing their minds. Great music though!

    Vanessa Montoya

    LucidVision1 Yeah they did drugs during hard times, but rehabilit8d after d loss of 2 f their friends! Julio Venegas & Jim Ward...! And d gr8 music continued while kinda sober (Cedric was smoking weed like crazy! He said n an interview) 👸👑🌠🌺😚✌

    Vanessa Montoya

    Death At A Rave! Yup u got it! U truly understand what The Mars Volta was about! Their real purpose n meaning! 👑😎⭐😚✌

  19. JO Ana

    Mars fukin Volta coñio!

  20. jandgutz

    Getting high without getting high.

    C. Solís

    +Justin Gutierrez EXACTO.


    +Casandra Solís tu si sabes

    Vanessa Montoya

    J G Getting high naturally with music...! Trust me I understand very well...! 😎❤💋


    i'm double high!

    Vanessa Montoya

    J G Thanks! 👑😎⭐😚✌

  21. johnnyscifi

    Octahedron is my fave TMV album!!

  22. Ghast101

    I smell a televators.. *prepares to cry*

    Suzanne McNeal

    Ghast101 just came from there. Here's some tissues.

  23. Zombie Space Pilot

    Fucking wish these guys would have never broken up. Last of REAL original musical artist. They weren't just musicians. They made music that transcends genres.

    Robert Krieger

    Brah. Death Grips. Get Noided.

    Phantom Cooper

    @Robert Krieger Death Grips and Mars Volta are objectively the only good music.

    kai moore

    @Phantom Cooper weirdly true


    Paul Anstey I’d love for that to happen as well, but I’m not confident in their ability to make music worth listening to anymore.

    Mindless Creator

    Zombie Space Pilot 100%

  24. Forehand Anhyzer

    Thanks for the tunes, Ikey.  sad to see you go

  25. Luis LR

    ...Don't desert me
    I'm not waiting

  26. haley k

    i have listened to this song like 103 times in the past 3 or 4 days.  What makes Mars Volta so addicting?  MSG for the ears.

    Virginia Mott

    haley k ME. TOO.

  27. Guillermo Becerril

    Esta canción me sonó mucho a una de Pink Floyd :3

  28. Jacqueline Orona

    An absolute classic ♥

  29. Decidere

    Coincido, a mí también me gustan mucho los Mars Volta pero hay que estar de cierto humor para aguantar más de tres canciones seguidas. 

    harley nykrondz

    estas chavo


    No, estoy chava, chavo. 

    Gab Gallard

    Bueno, eso es contigo. Yo ya varias veces me puse a escuchar toda la discografía en una tarde de corrido.

    Maximiliano Silva

    no hay que ''estar de humor'' para disfrutar de su arte c:

    Danny Anzoategui

    Entonces no creo que te gusten mucho que se diga...

  30. Philippe Besnier P.


  31. Dalton

    THIS song is about the salem witch trials. are you talking about another song?

  32. Hasfast

    Here and now, the same is applied to me. D.R.

  33. Nathan Wallace

    lol I've been playing skyrim while listening to them

  34. Eros Philiac

    either cedric and omar plays a lot of the elder scrolls games or developers of TES hears a lot of mars volta. or both reads a lot of german philosophy and greek mithology.

    Vanessa Montoya

    Eros Philiac And Demonology 2! That's why d album art n d lyrics. They all have a meaning! 👑🌠⭐😎😚✌

  35. Jack Tyrrell

    One of their most underrated songs... TMV truly was something else.

  36. dffrntABC

    Cornelious, you're not "normal" by any stretch of the word, get some help or take yourself out, no one deserves to be sacrificed in the name of your own self centered stupidity. I wish I could take you out myself, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail, you're just not worth it.

  37. aviewer bychance

    this is why The Mars Volta is my favorite band of all time (diverse, not predictable songs). GREAT! a LOOOONG stretch before I find the music that complements my life so perfectly. EVER!

  38. ChiefofTribe

    Why did Omar have to be a slut and fuck other bands?

    Vanessa Montoya

    ChiefofTribe Cus he likes variety! 😹😂👑🌠⭐😎😽✌

  39. Secret Guy

    Probably an ignorant small minded Mars Volta fan who dissses this because it was nothing like De Loused or Frances The Mute.
    I know i was probably being kind of an ass there but as a Mars Volta fan, you should not slate the bands later works just because they purposely changed direction. Not liking them just for your different tastes is fine though.

    JJ KK

    Onmysheet yea i kinda dropped listening to them after amputechture after loving them so long. recently listening to their last 3 albums and now have a deeper appreciation for what they are trying to do. transcend the past safety and comfort. pridgen on drums is astounding. love this song (even without drums) and album. next up noctourniquet

  40. tyler lorenz

    who is the asshole who disliked this

    Vanessa Montoya

    tyler lorenz some kinda rapper I guess! 👹😹😂💩

  41. Chrissy Skellington

    the sound of alien souls- quite interesting, quite deep and talented- yet... it is indeed inferior. what I mean is, there is a huge hierarchy of intelligence in the galaxy- and, as for example, "Gorgoroth - Sign of an Open Eye" is a good example of that deep soul, but a more "bright" manifestation of divinity.

  42. paula casellas

    I can't listen to this song and don't sing, I don't know why... its so beautiful!

  43. SonOfTheSystem

    thank you bro :) awesome song! Mars volta is a magnificent group.

  44. diego barron

    listen vedamalady bro

  45. andrew woodin

    Just do it to yourself and keep everyone else out of it.

  46. andrew woodin

    devil daughters.

  47. emergencyfox

    What kind of fiend has a vault of deviled otters?!

    Virginia Mott

    emergencyfox HAHAHA.

  48. Nick McCloskey

    This is much more than a song....... :O

  49. jojo ruiz

    one of there best songs

  50. Tenebral Nietzsche


  51. D. A.

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever created by TMV...
    The atmosphere, the guitar, the lyrics... DAMN, everything was meant to be perfect on this track.
    It seems that there's 189 guys with an excellent musical taste and zero dumbshits...

    "The ghost veins gossip,
    You can hear them if you try..."

  52. K Danco

    Crazy stuff i love it

  53. CoCaFanboy

    seriously, seek yourself some help. right away. it'll be the best for all of us

  54. InvaderChrissy

    I am straight up addicted to this song

    Virginia Mott

    InvaderChrissy Me too. Plays in my head all day. Must listen to it a few times everyday ...or be miserable.

  55. J. K

    Mars volta..Why u no play dis song?

  56. J. K

    I know pretty much all their albums front to back (Excluding scabdates) and this song Is still one of my favorites by them. I know most people hate octaherdron but i take it for what it is and i love it! of course if you compare it to De-loused in the comatorium its going to lose. But if your'e comparing any of their albums to each other,you clearly know nothing about this band.

  57. JonnyGisMe

    Check out the band "Audiobakery" too! They're new and I think soon to be bigger!

  58. Martín Sandoval

    cause the pics are of 2011.. cedric has short hair in this year...

  59. Pablo Sen

    jaram się do szpiku kości xD Mars Volta to synonim dobrego dnia :)

  60. Boris Popkins

    this is amazing

  61. The Collector

    don't disturb me right now..i'm floating in space..

  62. SonOfTheSystem

    My favourite song right now :D

  63. 26Fairyfly

    gia to moutro sou k mono re!