Mars Volta, The - Pulled To Bits Lyrics

Tongues are clacking words of one vision
One tiny incision and teeth are cracking
On thin air, on thin air
And teeth are cracking on thin air

Pulled to bits in silence
Left rotting on the ground
Slowly pulled to bits in silence
Without a sound, without a sound

Buildings bleached with shatter, shatter, clatter
Fill their senses with cement
Watch the people scatter
One by one, one by one

Pulled to bits in silence
Left rotting on the ground
Slowly pulled to bits in silence
Without a sound, without a sound

Young lungs snapping coming up for air
The mindless ones yapping, slashing through the thoroughfare
One by one, one by one
Oh, one by one without a fucking care

Pulled to bits in silence
Left rotting on the ground
Slowly pull to bits in silence
Without a sound, without a fucking sound

Pulled to bits, yackety, yackety, yack, yack, yack
Pulled to bits, shatter, shatter, shatter, clatter
Pulled to bits, yap, yap, yap, yapping
Pulled to bits without a sound

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Mars Volta, The Pulled To Bits Comments
  1. pb antele

    increible que sea un cover de siouxie and the banshees

  2. H GR

    Google Jeff Jordan Art he's the one that makes most of the mars volta's art

  3. SaculNoshploda

    @DaftSpock Look up "Jeff Jordan" on google images.

  4. BlankoGatillo

    It will grow to a very huge cock.

  5. pablo rocha

    this is alright

  6. mikeblblbl


    check out jeff jordan, tmv is using his paintings for their covers since amputechure:P

  7. IAmTheTony

    i LOVE this song
    where did you get it?

  8. bob

    how did u find this song man

  9. Vegadomis

    @marloweowsley yeah its a little weird sounding on this album.. but the thing i like about the mars volta is that all their albums sound alot different like they each have their own sound and feel... but they still right the music so u know its them and all their elements

  10. Vegadomis

    @marloweowsley what this album is awesome... thomas is a beast on drums and the album is awesome i love the sound on this one... but this is a B side song... and yes jeff jordan is awesome

  11. Vegadomis

    @DaftSpock the artist is Jeff Jordan he has his own website and u can buy his art work there.. he is the artist for the Mars Voltas newer albums

  12. FollowersofDamu

    That's a Big Bird

  13. ConnorShawMusic

    love it! volta!!

  14. Angelica Baird

    whoa man
    either ive been smoking or that chick looks like it breathing :o

  15. bspence87

    There is a special edition USB version of the CD. You plug it into your computer and it gives you access to a website where you can download the album and all the b-sides/bonus tracks

  16. bongolow07

    Dude that picture made me lmfao.

  17. Rufus Wainwright

    search on google for : bedlam in goliath promo picture, its on the 3 page

  18. DaftSpock

    where can i find the chiken pic?

  19. victor gonzalez


  20. Jayson Ball

    holy shit i love men!!!


    holy shit why wasn't this song on the album?

  22. TheNewThink

    I don't mean to be rude man, but please read the text written. This is a B-side from the Bedlam in Goliath, which means this is a song that weren't put on the record for some reason.

  23. Just an account

    This is by far my favorite of the 6 cover songs from TMV. It's also the only one I really like the original. Amazing song.

  24. linxcor

    "pulled to bits in silence left rotting on the ground slowly pulled to bits--in silence without a sound, without a sound"
    OGly by:Siouxsie

  25. John Hall

    sorry. it shouldn't bother me so much. its just, the mars volta are one of the only bands out there that make albums properly. their second album had 5 songs just like pink floyed animals. if pink floyed released some bonus tracks along with that album, would you say those songs were part of the almbum? no you wouldn't. bedlam in goliath has 12 songs. no more, no less.

  26. John Hall

    maybe you don't understand, but an album is one piece of music. every song, every transition, it all counts as one piece of music called an 'album'. this bonus song, which was released along side the album, is not contained on the cd or the vinyl that is the album and cannot be comsiderd part of the album in anyway. its not 'on' the bedlam in goliath at all. it is, in a word, seperate.

  27. Sydney McLay

    arent there different covers on the bedlam in goliath in each country?
    candy and a currant bun in the uk, pulled to bits in america, birthday in japan etc?

  28. John Hall

    sorry mate. 'candy and a currant bun' is one of the many covers they recorded and are releasing now but are NOT on or connected to the album in any way. the mars volta just would not put a cover or any song they didn't write from scratch on one of their albums.

  29. John Hall

    why they left it out? its a cover. do you think the volta would ever put a cover on an album? think agian.

  30. tnyator

    cool song, pretty trippy, but i understand why they left it out... this kind of song would fit better on a omar solo recor i think.