Mars Volta, The - Cut That City Lyrics

Neonecropopulace has no reflection
Neocaeczaristic phallic ruins
Just east of the river denial the techs are breathing
Welcome to this neotokyo
Gridlocks will warn the chromlech alarms
Bouquet of cuticles
Landscape tantrums
Tramontane torching the tramontane
I've heard the mumbling of citadels shifting on this richter scale
The alleys will flow marble intercourse
Roil the pantheon... of subterfuge
Tramontane torching the tramontane
This marabout isn't untouchable
Indentured by servitude
Neoinfidels - let's plug them in
Neopolygraphic, trip chords
Centrocircuiphobia the fallacy
Welcome to neotokyo
Tore the wings off seraphin, fed them to the anglophiles
In this stag caberat the bark of buildings surged, through the whipping volt abode
Go to the lexicon you sluggard, if you will.

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Mars Volta, The Cut That City Comments
  1. mark duchey

    This EP is the best thing they ever did by miles. Great track

  2. Charlie Muñoz

    (Blood in my mouth) Spits*

  3. jliveris711

    Tremulant the first TMV I listened to, and their best work imho, three songs with long beautiful work in Jeremy Michael Ward's intros and outros; RIP (tell that muthaf*cker I appreciate him)

  4. Echo Slercana

    The embodiment of lucy inside my noggin ⏳🔭

  5. Eddie Angel Music

    my good friend Ikey Owens on the 🎹🎹!!!


    rip to the MAN...

  6. Axiom Ape

    "Go to
    the lexicon,
    you sluggard,
    if you will. "

  7. Knotmind


    Rodrigo Rivera

    Knotmind mmmmmeee

  8. Bendage

    to me, one of the coolest parts about being a skateboarder was making cool skate videos. making it look cool was one thing, but I think choosing the right song was the most important thing. if I ever had to choose a song for my skate video, it would've been this one.

  9. Juan Carlos Muñoz García

    This song made me crap my pants after that long intro, love TMV!

  10. Michael Parrone

    Whenever I hear this I just picture Omar dressed as a conductor, running and flailing around the stage like a madman

  11. julio paredes

    God damn that intro took forever, this is overdone

    A Scanner Darkly

    julio paredes i had forgot i put it on. Realized what i put on about 1:50 thought the volume was down cranked it and jumped 10 ft..

    mr wong

    julio paredes you must have add


    The Mars Volta comes with an air of pretentiousness that fans accept because we see the brilliance underneath it.

    Silly SillyPutty

    @Corey pretentious yet so good. it's a weird combination

  12. ShortHopFastFall

    the best ep ever.... well you know what i mean by that... its fucking amazing

    Besh Ka

    I agree, it made me think about the meaning of EP, it has to show your work , what your product is.

  13. rudy gerdeman

    Blasted,damn good EP

  14. woobiehastelly

    You're right, I was just on a Cedric power trip.

  15. 88themute

    To say that only one of them is the reason for this bands awesome sound throughout ten years, is assinine.

  16. 88themute

    I know. It's silly to NOT let TMV suck you into it's atmosphere. Just silly.....

  17. woobiehastelly

    Cedric WAS the Mars Volta. He held the passion.

    mr wong

    woobiehastelly bro, omar was the composer and band leader. Chill

  18. Jo Al

    I respectfully disagree.

  19. Jo Al

    Thank you.

  20. Skeeter McBeater

    no its not. but its still good.

  21. Lucifermorningstar21

    2:00 "yep, I like it."

  22. Lucifermorningstar21

    Fuck google startpage is better no one keeping track of your searches spying on you.

  23. Santiago Paredes

    this is like a I doser

  24. asdfasdfadsfasdfasdfa

    maybe cause you forgot to take your LSD

  25. wingpigmang

    go to google for everything in life its 2012 you can rip mp3s straight from youtube if you really wanted but you dont know how to download a mp3? (not trying to be a dick trying to give you a wake up call)

  26. Cact Oothe

    come on, man.. this is the internet.... you cant be serious.. you will only get as far as your imagination and logic can take..

  27. mariorossipuzza

    Please change "crap" with "stuff".
    New mars volta are DIFFERENT, not CRAP.

  28. redwithblackstripes

    thanks to my old yamah cvp 203 i exactly know how these ambient sounds are made :D

  29. aydooknow

    1:55 to skip all the ambient sounds

  30. Floyed Curry

    @dokubachi buy EP, rip to PC/MAC via iTunes WMP or equiv. program

  31. dokubachi karage

    i wanna get the MP3, how can?

  32. Heather Gluck

    why does every single lyric site say it's "neocaezaristic phallic ruins"? it's clearly SYMphallic ruins, you can hear it when he sings


    It’s cephalic ruins, as in ruins of the head. I don’t think symphallic is even a word (not that Cedric cares if words exist or not).