Mars Volta, The - Candy And A Currant Bun Lyrics

Oh my, girl sitting in the sun
Go buy, candy and a currant bun
I like, to see you run
Like that......

Oooh, don't talk to me
Please just fuck with me
Please you know I'm feeling frail

It's true, sun shining very bright
It's you, who I'm gonna love tonight
Ice cream, taste good in the afternoon
Ice cream, taste good if you eat it soon

Oooh, don't touch me child
Please you know you drive me wild
Please you know I'm feeling frail

Don't try another cat
Don't go where other you must know why
Very very very frail

Oh my, girl sitting in the sun
Go buy, candy and a currant bun
I like, to see you run
Like that......

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Mars Volta, The Candy And A Currant Bun Comments
  1. Caio Andrade

    If agadez actually was like that, it would go from my favorite to least favorite of the album, the final versions's vocals are much better

    Shaun Doherty

    And that’s why it’s a demo

  2. Mich λ

    No me había atrevido a escuchar el B-Side hasta ahora, siempre he tenido una muy mala perspectiva de ellos, sin embargo, ahora he reconsiderando la idea.
    Grata la sorpresa que tuve con este B-Side, gracias por el aporte.

  3. Ste Vickery

    Is it better than Bedlahm?

  4. Oto Ivanovský


  5. Michi Chino

    Por que los bsides son los mejores ?? Acaso nos ocultan algo??

  6. The Shrocks

    holy shit... is "mr. muggs" the isolated piano track of Agadez?

  7. Cymbal Rapist

    As much I enjoy Thomas Pridgen's work on TBiG, he absolutely BUTCHERED the entire feel of CVC. Not an ounce of the dynamics that Jon employed so masterfully.

  8. Andrëa L. Milène

    By chance do you have this album as separated tracks to downloads, many thanx for the upload unique in yt

  9. Seethi C

    Man, Thomas surprisingly doesn’t know how to play 29/16 properly

    Vicente René

    Jesus christ I was gonna comment it

  10. Thomas Hendon

    Holy moly this is a goldmine thank you so so so much

  11. Jeff L

    There's more TMV I've heard little of, and it's actually called a "B" side? Yeah, if they say so. Am I really so wasted or have I just found some more Volta..Got Any answers for sale? Oh yeah- a
    reference to a different band, but still :)

    Matt King

    Jeff L there are more b sides than these, a whole demo album, the Bible and the breathalyzer, Frances the mute, ambuletz, a plague upon your hissing, concertina 2nd version (b side for deloused)

    Crow One

    Are you high rn?

  12. Darren Seder

    Great album, I really dig the 'PUlled to bits' cover.

  13. barrydb

    Chief - you are TOO much! Thanks again for sharing this great music!!!

  14. MrFreeGman

    Holy shit, I've been a TMV fan for over a decade and I had no idea they did a cover of Things Behind the Sun until now. Amazing.

  15. orng Creator

    Is this version of Cygnus a demo?

    user 0576055

    i think its the audio from the dvd that came with the cd purchase from best buy

    theshitpost channel

    It sounds like the live version to me

    Ryan Renteria

    Live in Australia 2007

  16. one full empty

    Thanks for the upload. So glad this exists.

  17. Grzegorz Sokołowski

    J love it grtitude .

  18. Diesel

    Start at 36:54

    Thomas Hendon

    Diesel niiiice

  19. Mohamed Mesbahi

    Hello ello

  20. Gabriel Amaral

    This is a great channel! Thanks : )

  21. aa bb

    whered you get that picuture at 22:06


    it showed up in a google search for bedlam images....seems to be a photograph the art was based on.

    mabev :v

    is a realistic version of the picture "Agadez" by Jeff Jordan

    Ryan Renteria

    its from national geographic or some similar magazine. jeff jordan used a cut up version of this image for the cover art


    Have you seen the original Storm Thorgerson artwork they were going to use??


    sorry i think it was for Amputechture