Mars Volta, The - Askepios Lyrics

I'll be there waiting with a hook in your neck
Is the contact you've made deficient?
And your hand will break if you touch this fence
Please them 'til they're blind with cleft lens

What have you brought for my appetite?
What have you brought for my appetite?

I'll never perish with the albino horns of a thousand young born
Will you drink from the depths of my sea?
And your hand will break if you touch this fence
Please them 'til they're blind with cleft lens

What have you brought for my appetite?
What have you brought for my appetite?

I might not make it back again
The vervain is on the rise
Maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe
They've got to open wide
Got to open wide
Might of a serpent swallowing tail
Cycle recycled and I'm next to nothing

Help me come alive

Place your ring finger on this debt
Am I living or am I dead?
Do what thou will tell them what I've found
The steps of a ladder from a diamondback's mouth

Help me come alive

I ain't gonna hold my breath

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Mars Volta, The Askepios Comments
  1. Javier Antonio

    Maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe !!

  2. Javier Antonio

    Viva México cabrones!!

  3. Javier Antonio

    Yeahh 🤘🏼 viva el rock 👌🏼👌🏼 !!

  4. UtterAndComplete

    jang on. did any one else notice 2mex? i feel like im having deja vu

  5. Drop Therapy

    Music video budget: $15.06.

  6. Luka Magnotta

    Ah the days of youth slamming Robitussin and watching the Bedlam music videos

  7. Bigzthelove

    The samurai jack music video is better

  8. Tone Okotie

    I think their all tripping

  9. Hikuri Calavera

    Wait, There´s a Puppy inside the Piñata? Who survive?

    Vaelencis Lovecraft

    Hikuri Calavera ?!

  10. David Arturo PL

    Cycle recycle qnd im next to nothing

  11. UtterAndComplete

    WTF!?!??!? i want to party with the Mars Volta and 2Mex

  12. Nick You

    There's a man eating a video camera like a chicken leg?

  13. Cyrus Galletta

    is that 2mex?

  14. HardHitter

    and i was looking for the greek god and this popped up?

    DreadPirate Mystic

    Vaguely speaking the genre is rock but it's progressive and metal as well as well as other things

  15. HardHitter

    what genre is this?????

  16. Charlie Muñoz

    nice skate session... i never saw the sun in the background before. :/

  17. Drop Therapy

    this must be the product of their remaining 20 dollars.

    Dale Kay

    Drop Therapy lol


    Where is Tomás pridgen??

  19. Alex Hennigh

    Drug levels well over 9000

  20. Orlando Gonzalez

    04:46 😎😂

  21. Nak P

    I miss this era of TMV :\ RIP IKEY da gawd!

  22. Radu Valentin

    I love how psychedelic this music and video is, and surreal lyrically!

  23. Axiom Ape

    "Don't watch on lsd I warned ya..." old random hippie dude


    Axiom Ape piffle. On acid is the best way to watch the Bedlam DVD. Makes zero ducking sense but hey, acid

  24. AnteConfig

    I always thought that the lyrics were "Please them 'til they're blind with pleasure"
    Also, does anyone remember when phones used to make nearby speakers make that noise just before you received a phone call or an update?

    Brown Emm

    AnteConfig I remember. Odd

  25. Jonhattan

    Those basslines on the second half of the song

  26. Sam K

    Like Goliath, this is another great 2-for-1 song combo

  27. Mauricio Carrasco

    como cuando la piñata es verde, blanco y rojo y la camara no la distingue xD

  28. ilayer6

    Delused in the cromatorium

  29. Yes I'm Takeoff Can't Stop Me Now

    November 2016

  30. Axiom Ape

    wuuut have youuu brooughtt....for my appetite

    ninjit sioux

    cheesy poofs?

  31. Joseph Díaz

    2:45 XD

  32. Andrew Peterson

    damn the bedlam music video are fuckin hilarious

  33. Julia Kurczynska

    cycle recycle

  34. Aloivei Ak

    sersly I grow it. the pothead fire dying whitish **< vatticandick tripL4 bk knights dee dah

    Aloivei Ak


  35. CJ Joseph

    was this shot the same day as ilyena?


    +CJ Joseph
    i thought the same. maybe.

    Israel Perez

    Lmao yes, Goliath, Askepios, Aberinkula and Ilyena... all the same day.

  36. Farmdestroyer

    yet another instance of marcel in drag....... what does it mean

    Daniel Brusaca

    +Farmdestroyer It's the costume he wore in Omar's film " The Sentimental Engine Slayer"

  37. xNemesisMNYx

    this video has gotten no comments in months.. hello people! i still enjoy this music very often :)


    @xNemesisMNYx Here is a comment for you.
    Mars Volta is fucking unreal.
    Love it


    +xNemesisMNYx I listen to the Volta errday


    Keepin' it real, in 2020!

    FraterOiram _

    @WizardsWithMachinery ayeeee saca la bolsita!!!

  38. prinniesforeveryone

    I never knew music trying to be so different could be so fucking boring.


    Well.. You're in the wrong place my friend.

  39. DieselDiggitz

    You tube as god is fucked.  This advertising shit is crap.  Fuck you you tube.

  40. EpicGabby

    woaaah such a high quality music video :OOOO

  41. Tyler Hushour

    This proves one thing: even the most fucked up, out of this world people all agree with the general public on the idea that Bush sucks dick.

  42. provanost

    "Do what thou wilt, tell you what I've found!!!"


    Is Mars votlie really in the illuminati D:


    "Do what thou wilt" has nothing to do with the fucking illuminati you dipshit. It's a quote from Aleister Crowley.

  43. Per Sindre Larsen

    "The might of a serpent swallowing tail. Cycle recycled and I'm next to nothing!"

  44. VoltaStuff

    i love this video man it reminds me of the times i was little watching adult swim shows

    Miceal wilson

    Do you have any idea how many times I've found you in comment sections?


    @Miceal wilson you can pretty much find my in every mars volta related video ever, i watch too many youtube videos when i should be working on ones


    Yoh I love Mars votlie they broke up doe

    Luka Magnotta

    Me too bro Mars Volta Adult Swim and Dextromethorphan

  45. Helena Lucas

    Festa da firma.

  46. Azazel Berdini

    I've always listened to this without a video...this makes me want to drink

  47. Monserrat Adame

    I wish I were on that quinceañera party


    for reals though

  48. Gaben

    So was Marcel baked during all these videos?

  49. Jake Parker

    Is that Matt Embree from RX Bandits? Anyone know?

  50. industrialhemprocks

    2 mex!

  51. Tenebral Nietzsche

    again, just like in The Sentimental Engine Slayer >.o

  52. Tyler Hushour

    The Aberlinkula dog!

  53. Karl V Redweld

    looks it

  54. Hanns

    you should watch the sentimental engine slayer and see what omar does to his brother in that movie... it's pretty good movie

  55. Wolfatadoor

    Is the Jesus lookin sob Matt Embree?

  56. l ( . _ .) l

    Obigaciones contractuales

  57. Igor Esteves

    3:52, did Omar just kissed his brother on the lips!?

  58. MyeAlibi

    Very underrated song from The Mars Volta. I always thought the girl handing Marcel the gun at 4:34 was the hottest one in the video.

  59. Vitalik

    maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe

  60. Paulo Jara

    thanks for the info man! i didnt know that!

  61. LaceChaser

    Omar has stated in interviews that he is very close to his family. He was raised that way. He kisses his family on the lips, male or female. Its part of his culture. Cant hate on that.

  62. Paulo Jara

    03:50 wtf omaar!

  63. fungeist

    Yes, ur right, im sorry, my bad. guess it wouldnt have seemed so bad if he wasnt wearing that dress.

  64. albel65

    My ever-loving reaction to this video is 0:33-0:40.

  65. J. Goodman

    they're personalities seem just like their music. loud, consistent and yet evolving, and you never know what the fuck they are thinking, you just know it's badass.

  66. Aleksandr Smirnov

    pretty sure

  67. fungeist

    thought it was a volcano on mars...

  68. fungeist

    you sure??

  69. mynmyself

    thats seems like a ice bday party

  70. Lilián Cervantes

    Marcel wearing a dress... :megusta:

  71. The4thGuy

    The weird part of youtube has never been this fun...

  72. Aleksandr Smirnov

    @yayolann that's his brother

  73. ltgreatsocks1

    you know, when you consider the general batshit insanity of the song itself the video becomes a lot less surprising. And what the album is about, Goliath and the shit with the ouija board.

  74. yayolann

    omG! he kiss that boy! xD

  75. Jørgen


  76. Sady Ariel Becerra Muñoz

    cuale s el mensaje de esta mierda para que deje de ser mierda?

  77. M17401

    Sexy guy in a dress, hes gonna need a helmet.:P

  78. tolla02

    @XhibiChise puta si xD Los weones me sorprenden cada vez más, son muy pros

  79. Camila Gloria

    @tolla02 No es pa menos... son la raja xd

  80. tolla02

    @XhibiChise funciono lo de citarte en un video que no hallas comentado xD la wea pro xD
    si cacho cual es cedric...cuando leo los comentarios siempre le dan hijos xD Vere el video <3

  81. Camila Gloria

    @tolla02 Ve el de Goliath, es una tema.. la raja, y el video, ni hablar, cedri hace puras weas (vocalista)

  82. tolla02

    @XhibiChise tenias razón xD este vídeo es muy bueno xD

  83. Sabrosonetnomusicas

    The darkest salsa ever made.

  84. chinguidinsky

    I don't like this video, samurai jack video is better.

  85. andthemushrooms123

    @xIAMDAVEx Look; you have...a funny video, awesome music and a generally kickass band. Now you want HD film?! You can't have it all honey!

  86. xIAMDAVEx

    why are all their videos crap quality? use an HD camera please

  87. 564martin

    @RideTheSprial everyone

  88. elnino482

    @XxstoopidmonkayxX haha yeah

  89. Alex Beristain

    Did he get that dog outta the pinata? Thats fucking funny.

  90. cedric

    @tookurjaerbs The dude in the dress is his brother, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez.

  91. tookurjaerbs

    Omar kisses the dude in the dress. Hmm

  92. Justin Seigmund

    That is a trip

  93. I.C. WEINER

    Yeah they did drugs during production.

  94. Alex Hennigh

    sooooo what the F is that thing that Cedric continues to bite from?

  95. Undercoverfire

    @flclmech It's funny because he was a carpenter and he's checking out a hammer...

  96. Fooly Cooly

    4:13 I FOUND JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Jake Bauer