Mars, Bruno - Gorilla (G-Mix) Lyrics

Yuh, it's 4am and you are up getting fucked up
And what a world it is all girls, I'm in luck
Say hello to your sisters and let's try some yoga
I'm yoda, it's cold, but let's get it poppin' like soda
One will make a bridge and two will make a pose up
One will do the down dog and I will be the cobra
It's NERD where the party is never sorry, no, illa
I take'em to the head, now to the bed, said the red gorilla

[Bruno Mars:]
Ooh, I got a body full of liquor with a cocaine kicker and I'm feeling like I'm thirty feet tall
So lay it down, lay it down
You got your legs up in the sky with the devil in your eyes, let me hear you say you want it all
Say it now, say it now

Look what you're doing, look what you've done
But in this jungle you can't run
Cause what I got for you
I promise it's a killa
You'll be banging on my chest, bang bang; gorilla

Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas

[R. Kelly:]
I'm like a anaconda in your garden
Baby girl, I'm explorin'
Deep down in your forest like
(Ooh ooh ooh, aah aah aah)
Hey, we got it hotter than an amazon
Gotcha cheetah bra with your heels on
And I'm about to be the king of your jungle like
(Ooh ooh ooh, aah aah aah)
Yeah, yeah

Hey, it's like a rain forest, baby, how I got your love pouring down
And I'ma make that pussy growl
Cause what I got for ya, girl, I promise, it's a killa
You'll be banging on my chest, bang bang; gorilla

[Bruno Mars:]
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas

[Bruno Mars & R. Kelly:]
I bet you never ever felt so good, so good
I got your body trembling like it should, it should
You'll never be the same baby once I'm done with you...
I'm gonna be your gorilla
We'll be making love like gorillas
Baby, I'ma be your gorilla
Oh, you with me, baby
Making love like gorillas
And I'll be going ape on you, baby
Uh, all up on you and the floor is going crazy, yeah
You and me, baby, we'll be fuckin' like gorillas
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Baby, yeah, baby, yeah, aw yeah
You and me, baby, making love like gorillas
Making love like gorillas

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Mars, Bruno Gorilla (G-Mix) Comments
  1. Lifewood

    If you guys too much listen the first one, you will love this version so much, i mean, its fresh.

  2. Cedric Banks

    Kelly killed it🔥🔥

  3. TeacupPuppy

    No idea this remix existed!!!! But damn!!! I'm hooked better than original. Thanks for sharing

  4. Shayshay albino red

    Y'all sleeping on this awesome song

  5. Chanissara Suksom

    Anyone from 2019?

  6. union fossil automatic

    R Kelly said Amazon.

  7. Teddi Message

    Bruno you go to Mars I’m going to the international space station using my man made 🚀 .

  8. Kadin Bermudez

    Mj shoudve did a part

  9. Putri SN

    Just find out about this version, after the whole R.kelly thing idk what to feel

  10. Black Vanilla81

    Wow Kellz❤😍😜

  11. Rxldhdm 123

    Bruno's voice is sooo good.

  12. Pinkypink Girl1998

    Who else purposely got up at 4am just to hear that opening line? Lol

  13. Lama Ahmed

    this song was amazing when it was just bruno but r kelly honestly makes everything a million times better .... king of r&b foreveeerrrrrrrr

  14. Jody Copp

    Hey this is an amazing song

  15. Cale Coleman

    R Kelly is a child molester

  16. Mister Prince-kun


  17. Илья Бухвостов


  18. zdravko krznarić

    Love it!!!

  19. Glenda Sessums

    Look what you doin

  20. KG Tuned

    3:41 When the p*ssy so good it makes you bipolar.

  21. Gabrielle Hernandez

    I'm in love with his personality.

  22. Karl Maverick Colmo

    Let's go 5M

  23. Claudineia Dineia

    amazing!! man,that´s why i´m your fan!! you´re fucking on all levels!! it´s a huge pride to have you as an idol!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!




  24. Vinzon Castillo


  25. Shakira Ariana

    Be U Michael Jackson Moonwalk We Awesome Bruno

  26. zx52486

    2018 <3

  27. Vincent Owners

    2018, I still like this song!😁

  28. Ruchi Bhatia

    I love this

  29. Sally

    Where have I been at? Because this is legit the first time hearing this ever but I love it so much already 😂😂

  30. Lucas Lucas b2k

    Unico brasileiro aqui ?? 2018 Jotta-C Black

  31. Dianna Hawn

    Booo r kelley

  32. Denni Andrian

    I'm here for hearing pharrell verse

  33. Sheep Dog

    I love Bruno Mars.

  34. Danielle Thomas

    Bruno Mars sings the high note better than R Kelly

  35. G. Leon

    I don't understand this mash up. It's f'ed up. It ruins the song.

  36. sugarshonda

    rkelly tho!! but thats what you get when you let a veteran musical genius get on your song!! i keep listening to rkellys part over and over. ..thats just yah bruno..

  37. kareemah muhammad

    When R.Kelly was like all up in your forest going crazy I literally died

  38. Darth Troller

    I'm here for Pharrell

  39. Sandra Rodger

    Love this version x

  40. Sweetbee Scott

    Wow love this

  41. David Schnorbus

    i don't like this remix because the people featuring but I do like the original

  42. Nour Zabeedi


  43. Dark Green

    hot like an active volcano.

  44. Miguel Escöbar

    Am i late ?

  45. Rebecca Reece

    Who else is in love with R Kelly's voice.

  46. 702 Mik3

    anacondas don't go ooh ooh ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh ahh

  47. superthiru

    Is it just me or does Bruno Mars make Gorilla-style sex sound so intense while R Kelly makes it sound so smooth? :D

  48. Angelique Mayo

    wut da fuck is a harambe lol!

  49. Joe Flores

    2017 be like

  50. Jonathan Droiid

    the vídeo????

  51. dude

    Didnt know this existed 5 years ago

  52. Mary Jo Constantino

    Great Song and featuring .

  53. marie sabell

    I must confess that the song I like best in the voice of r. Kelly, that song was for him 🙆😍❤😘

  54. Camila Vasconcelos


  55. Vitor Jaques

    Fan made music video on my chanel !

  56. joharh Ahmed

    yaaaaaaah 👌💃🔥cooooool very cooool I like it

  57. yahayra cruz

    i love this songs so much it. good songs 😀😀😀😀💜

  58. Christian Nikolai Rabaya

    who's watching this in 2017 lol

  59. Alba Jimenez Hernandez

    amazing Bruno Mars, r.kelly, pharrel

  60. Alba Jimenez Hernandez


  61. Lucie Delle


  62. zzz pasta

    dem high notes smooth AF 😊

  63. HorribleGamer27

    why am i just finding this remix???

  64. Just Yoeri

    RIP Harambe

  65. Creative Name

    You'll be banging on my chest, bang bang... HARAMBE

  66. Kit Oliver Stevens


    Asia Nicole Fletcher

    Kit Oliver Stevens who is that

  67. tayleister

    Is no one gonna talk about how good Pharrell's part is

    Dark Green

    tayleister it was good, yep yep.

    Darth Troller

    Seriously, his flow was crazy

  68. Felipe

    damn R.Kelly is a legend

    mercy anyabuine

    Felipe must be regretting this comment now 😬


    R Smelly is a pedophile

  69. Chastidy Smith

    sexxxxxy song/singing

  70. lucilia Fiuza

    Não vejo a hora de sair o novo álbum de Bruno Mars aqui no Brasil... 24K magic

  71. Eglaf

    Harambe ♥

  72. projectmusic


    Ms Nikki Wilson


    Ian Harris

    All I can tell R Kelly Nail it!!

    Dynasty's life

    projectmusic what is harambe

  73. Cookie boy

    better version

  74. Mitch Resilla

    i like it,,,,

  75. Marine Bmars


  76. lindsey dpt

    who is harembe ?

    Frost Gaming

    lindsey dpt are you serious?

  77. Divinity


  78. Fitriana Biya

    i love you

  79. Abi Solano Miranda

    I love youuu so muchhh💖
    @BrunoMars 🔝😻💖

  80. Daniel Tarness

    Dope ass song

  81. Cosmos Epic

    R.I.P Harambe

    Jaisean Rodríguez

    Cosmos Epic childish

  82. Nazreen Haikal

    dude where are you i miss you pls comeback

    Shon Moses

    He saw your comment then he decided to make a new song

    Nazreen Haikal

    @Shon M i hope thats true tho

    honey joon

    Nazreen Haikal he didn't even come to malaysia

  83. Granola LiFe


  84. Giovanny Aparicio


  85. Lucas Gomes

    Bruno Mars & Pharrell simplesmente incrível 🙏❤

  86. colby smith

    harambe tribute rip gone but never forgotten



    sami .k

    +AceAwes0me that's not necessary don't say that really delete that comment

    Thirosha govender

    Lol yes

    Darth Troller

    😂😂😂 still laughing at that meme in 2017

  87. killfuego

    goodbye Harambe

  88. Ninako

    makin love like harambe would have #dicksoutforharambe #pussygrowlsforharambe

  89. Mell Furquim

    bruno mars 😻🙈

  90. Belema Fibika

    Bruno is just great in sad music and this remix feels so cool just like the cool and the gang