Mars, Bruno - Don't Give Up Lyrics

When you wanna do something that’s new.
And it seems really, really hard to do.
You feel like quitting, you feel you’re through.
Well I have some advice for you

Don’t give up, keep on trying,
Y’all gonna make it (ah yeah) don’t give up.
Don’t ever quit, try and try and you can do it, don’t give up (yeah)

If you want to catch a ball, but you’re having no luck at all.
The ball hits your head, it hits your nose.
It hits your belly, your chin and toes.
Well try and try and try again, keep on trying and soon
You’ll put your hands out in the air,
You’ll catch that ball, yes this I swear

Don’t give up, keep on going.
You’re on a boat, so keep on rowing
Don’t give up, don’t ever stop,
Try and try and you’ll come out on top, don’t give up.

You got yourself new roller-skates.
You put them on and you feel great,
Stand up, but then you fall,
Don’t think you can skate at all.
You get back up and then you trip
You skip and tip and slip and flip
Well try and try and try some more,
And soon you’re skating across the floor.

Don’t give up, keep on moving.
You’re gonna get there just keep on grooving
Don’t give up, don’t pack it in,
Try and try and you will win, don’t give up.
No no no, don’t give up
No no no, don’t give up
No no no, don’t give up, no no
Don’t give up

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Mars, Bruno Don't Give Up Comments
  1. miraculous Fan :3



    0:30 0:30 0:30

  2. Elka Gruskin

    Thanks for the inspiration! I was listening to this at 1a.m. While making some bread and saying prayers for everyone. The bread 🍞 turned out good ... physical & spiritual inspiration... keeps us going .... listening again today . Sing 🎤 everybody .kids 😘🤗‼️

  3. Makayla Rodriugez

    I’m singing this song at school for leader in me and

  4. janaya gibbs

    Don't give up

  5. Karley Shanel

    We have to sing for qraduatiom

  6. Silver bullet Pro

    This was my school bell song for some reason

  7. baby bayy

    English exam brings me here

  8. wooshin my lobeu

    come here because my english exam, any1?

    Barbara Madelaine Cuadros Castro

    Army uwu

  9. Sis vs Bro

    Thazc%ydb(ebbsgb2hj2uj#hu$jj-dcvvfnfh§€€€547 7#xaawdhv(ggh

  10. Dal and Scrapus Entertainment

    HI I sing it IN MY school your song it very awsome! I like it 😁😊😉
    Thank for it

  11. Brandon Bodine Bodine

    Don't give up................. Yeah

  12. Claude Mimeault

    Wow très belle chanson🤗🤗😀

  13. 505kevin

    thanks for the song

  14. sofiaTV


  15. Sherry Redick

    Yeah girl dookie

  16. Sherry Redick


  17. paulr4755

    fuck my teacher put me to write this song is also ugly: V/carajo mi profe me puso a esscribir esta cancion ademas es fea :V

  18. bxston ?

    Like si vienen por iwanuzca :v

    Martin Ari

    Escribilo bien mogolico

  19. Ahmed Mbk

    Very very nice I love bruno mars

  20. Mairo Kaar

    Fuck this song

  21. I am Joana Vlogs

    Me encantan las canciones que subes

  22. I am Joana Vlogs

    Soy una suscribtora se pueden suscribir a mi canal, no es por ser famosa pero siempre e querido ser una gran yutuber ☺☺😊

  23. Melissa Bobola

    Bruno mars Don't Give up is the Best song

  24. Maya Rossi

    i’m 12 and this is kinda my fav song.....

    Elka Gruskin

    My son Uriel is 12 & I hope 🤞 it’s his favorite song too ‼️🎷🎼Have a happy 😃 day Maya ! & good luck 👍🍀 w everything ‼️ & for my kids 💗🍀💕🤗

  25. Masa Hamad

    I am going to sing your song at school

  26. Kasey Allen Bell

    I like the part where it says ooh

  27. tEmMie tUber

    You should be famous by now. Im going to sing this to my mom! :3

  28. LilacShine xox

    It’s my birthday today! Don’t give me a like...

  29. MeganplaysMSP 510

    I sang this when i was 8years old (year 4) for my class assembly

  30. ArmorInPlace

    I will keep trying! 😉😊

  31. ArmorInPlace

    Lalaaaa lalalaaaaaaa🤔😉😊

  32. harshanee chandima

    in arab uunity school dubai they play this song in the assembly

  33. Leidy Minosca Mercedes De Leon

    Me encanta

  34. Edith Pita

    i love you guys

  35. Kim Blakeman

    My class are singing this song to the year 6

  36. Dreamer Fun

    Just don’t give up you can do it try and try again

  37. XxJali-J xX

    My dad thinks you're sing is not good 😗😗😗😗😗

  38. diego Villamizar

    Linda la canción

  39. Mitchh Henley

    This is my little sisters assembly song 🎵🎵🎶🎶

  40. kris10


  41. Magic Gacha

    "I swear" lol

  42. Ania Osman

    At school my class are doing this assembly called notyet and we did this song

  43. Charlie Storm

    Im singing this formy senior class to get our badges

    Barbara Madelaine Cuadros Castro

    Army uwu


    Barbara Madelaine Cuadros Castro no

  44. Jaye Cabael

    im singing this song at my school

  45. Renata Tokarova

    Im doing assembly at Stoke Heath on friday its a show called not yet

  46. MoltyFires MC

    I’m 17 and this is from Sesame Street everybody that’s reading this follow the words in this song and u can do anything just keep trying

  47. Kiara Ibañez

    Hermosa cancion

  48. Dillon Pugliese

    I know the song i got it form school

  49. Dillon Pugliese

    I love this song

  50. natasha charman

    fuck of

  51. Sienna Joseph

    i love this song like really

  52. Luigi Fun Time

    When i watch the smurf 2 i was papa smurf about to give up on somthing i tell him papa don't give up just keep trying i know you can and he said i will ashlie i will so he keep trying and trying

  53. Amber xWho


  54. majas heart

    Omg this make me sad i don't give up i was have a friend she dislike and are a hater but i don't give up

  55. FlurryTheCat

    I have sine time in my school so this is a big help!!!!! :)

  56. KooCoo Slime

    I have to sing this for assembly with all the 5/6

  57. Isaac Francisco Garcia

    I like your song😂😂

  58. brandybagnasco

    Dude I listened to this when I was in literally when I was in kindergarten

  59. MariokidFAN222

    Omg that is so so sweet you don't give up💖

    Little Lucy Extra

    MariokidFAN222 love your icon

  60. IHeart Chloe

    PERFECTION!!! 0_0 ❤❤😆

    Katrina Berry

    Who is your song by

  61. Sweet Little Gum Drops

    Doing this for assembly 🌈

    Gabriella Dewar

    You're gonna make lots of people smile

    Kasey Allen Bell

    I just love it and we do this song for Assembly on Fridays

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  63. 심준우

    WOW, Very good song

  64. Alan Gamble

    I sing this song on Friday at school

    Fooffy herobrine776

    I have to aswell.


    Alan Gamble iiii

  65. Erica Ford

    We hAve that song before the announcements come on

    Erica Ford

    At Tinsley elementary

    Alan Gamble

    I love this song



  67. Danielita Guevara Vinueza

    que linda cancion

    diego Villamizar

    Lo mismo pienso

  68. Josh Dionisio

    im 17 and its kinda my favorite song now

    Vani Rose

    Josh Dionisio lmao same


    Im 31 and in the same jajajajajaja

    tEmMie tUber

    Its because you know that you like the songs what Bruno Mars made!
    He has a concert in Oahu and thats where i live :3

  69. Lisa Fossey

    I am doing it my assembly at bishop Parker catholic school 😀😀

    Finlay YTx07

    Lisa Fossey me to

    Finlay YTx07

    Lisa Fossey me too

    little gamer mcpe


    Sangwan Bowen

    Me tooooooo

    Gabriella Dewar

    You're gonna make a lot of people smile

  70. Danielita Guevara Vinueza

    es muy buena canción a mi me gusta cantar esa canción dont give up

  71. Danielita Guevara Vinueza

    me encanta se expresa la canción y te dice cosas que te puede pasar jajajajajajajajajajajaj


    I sing that for my asemblly at school kings Oke

    Varissa Lala

    ANDREW HAMILTON same we used to sing another song but now were doing this song

  73. Ronin Moloney

    Can you make a karaoke version

  74. Maria Terrero

    I sang the whole song

  75. Stephanie Dunton

    I love your songs

  76. Aishatoune

    i like the seseame Street songs


    l oll understand. but l am Russian and son is very good

  78. Shawntae Williams

    good song