Maroon 5 - The Way I Was Lyrics

Making love to a picture frame
One more time tonight
You can tell by the lines in her smile
Something is not right

Where are you hiding (hiding)
She's on the outside
I'm on the inside crying (crying)
Just another crazy boy
Hungry for your

Hot love
Wrap yourself around me like a
Warm glove
The emptiness leaves me and I'm
Filled up
Never need to
Go back to the way i was
The way i was

I tried and tried and tried and tried
But i have no concept of consequence
And I'm a master of self defence
Days get longer
Life gets shorter
She rips me like no other
So oh dripping from head to toe

Where are you hiding (hiding)
She's on the outside
I'm on the inside crying (crying)

[Chorus x2]

I can't make the same mistake
If you lose my love
It was yours to take
Break down your door
Take a little more
When i need you around

And I'm so terrified of leaving
It's a new low
Try and pick me up again but
Let go see how far i get without you
Desperately need more of your

[Chorus x2]

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Maroon 5 The Way I Was Comments
  1. Cristina Coro


  2. zaczek5

    One of the best songs. The Way I was and Story are my favourite, brings me old Maroon 5 music and many memories.

  3. Paul S

    August 2019 🔥

  4. Victor Cavallo

    2019 anyone?

  5. Iced Coke

    How can i found this song in 2019?!

  6. sirajum munira

    2019 , and still in love w this song :))

  7. tiffany nathasingh

    sweetheart o lpve u

  8. Daniel Rosillo

    Desperately need more of your...


    love this song.. 2018

  10. Sydney Brown

    Still listening to this in 2018 💙

  11. 김상준

    The fact that this is better than some of the album releases may be Oasis' influence lol

  12. Seith Zakura

    Idc i still like this song...

  13. Ann Lauros

    Its 2018 and Im still listening this song. One of my fave. I love this band! ❤️❤️❤️

    Mariana Movoszowicz

    Ann Lauros same!!!

  14. Saptarshi Nath

    My fav of Maroon 5, cant beat it

  15. Saptarshi Nath

    back when they made good shit

  16. Greg P

    Martinell machine Knowlton rd

  17. Roberto Garcia

    Really miss you

  18. Annette Belanger

    The melody sounds like it could be from the Begin Again soundtrack.

    Gönül Karakavak

    Might be you liked begin again sound truck so thought like

  19. Sharon Willick

    Such a great song, B sides album please!!!!

  20. Vodka Drinker

    When you suddenly bump into that one particular song that blows you with gazillion of memories like winter air. You may tear up. But you smile.

  21. Webzter 02

    My Fave song ever 2014,2015,2016,2017--------------------------∞♥∞

  22. Mason Abbott

    Hi for whoever is reading ☺️

  23. Hùng Hiệp

    2016........................................................................................ til i die

  24. Y M

    it's 2016, I love this song

  25. Ilham maulana abdillah

    this is the way i was !

  26. Emily Gee

    fml why did i just discover this now

    Siddharth Saha

    +Emily Gee ikr

    Un-Huy Tan

    while here I am wondering how'd I lost this song in my playlist. :<

  27. Conor Hehr

    @Fred S
    At least it did get an official release.

  28. Freddy Smith

    This is my favorite song from them ever, I am shocked they cut it from the actual album.

  29. Jordan Ricks

    this song should have made it on the album in fact all the b-side songs were better than a lot of the songs that made the cut on this album

    CJ Yen

    I know right? i thought the same, this song and story...

    Laurentius Lavrenti

    CJ Yen and Losing my mind

  30. Amanda Sears

    make this mobile pleaseeee

  31. Conor Hehr

    I prefer the B-sides over most of the stuff on It Won't Be Soon Before Long.
    They just sound better than a lot of the other stuff and should have been made singles (not all of them, just a couple) But anyways this is one of my favorites of the B-sides.


    I agree

  32. Luan Ribeiro

    Now I agree with you :)

  33. miracat53

    This may be pop music. But its soulful and sweet now its electronic and dumb

  34. Luan Ribeiro

    this is pop, hahahahahah what's your problem? MJ is pop, Robbie Williams is pop, it is not because it is pop that it is bad. Fucking hipsters...

  35. violeta bardales

    i can't get enough of this song.

  36. Ali S

    most of their songs on the B-side collection are as good, if not better, than the ones on the album. personally i thought it won't be soon before long and hands all over were their best albums - could listen to any song from those records anyday

  37. Claudia Gutierrez

    a esta cancion... las ADORO!! :33

  38. Mohamed Ali

    Very carefully! LOL

  39. 12 34

    such an underrated song

  40. alvin


  41. MsSuzymay

    First time i have heard this song, i love it. Am so moving on, idiot did not deserve me anyway.


    MsSuzymay i hope it feels silly now❤️

  42. acethieling

    i love this song 500 thumbs up!

  43. bhadz azz

    likewise :) .. i used this song to move on

  44. Brook

    Who wouldn't?? lol

  45. Brook

    Just For Kicks is the dance class I took when I was

  46. Brook

    Aaaand...How exactly do you make love to a picture frame?????????? lol....just wondering

  47. Brook

    Maroon 5 hates you

  48. jane escalona

    love it

  49. miracat53

    Beautiful! This is what we want! Not Moves like Jagger Pop JUNK!

  50. Lizzy Waddles

    0:19 thats not awkward at all....

  51. buddy11ROBLOX

    What happened to the first second?

  52. buddy11ROBLOX

    Same problem here...

  53. Apple Bottomjeans

    Adam, you don't need to make love with the picture frame again. come here you. :))

  54. Paul Medina

    Well, the music is better if the quality is better. im not saying that Maroon5 sucks and dont go to that, i just want to listen to this song with a clearer tune as it should be.


    i love adam!!!!

  56. Rui Leitão


  57. Rui Leitão


  58. maroonpandagurl

    wtf...i just saw the creepiest magic commercial EVER O.o

  59. TheMud2000

    you know when a songs good when theirs no dislikes on it

  60. chiangyvonne

    this is so nice...listening to Adam's songs makes me relax :) just like eveything truns to the bright side <3

  61. Josh S

    Just how I like the dislike bar, nonexistant.

  62. roxyloveriley

    why are all of these fucking shitty quality

  63. halotango3

    just another crazy boy hungry for _____'s hot love!!

  64. Kayleigh Shepherd

    @XSophiesWorldX You're not alone on that one lol.

  65. LOLChanny819

    I honestly don't think I could ever hate a song Adam Levine sings...Maroon 5 is, by far, going to be remembered for a LONG time...I'm hoping for forever. SMILES!!!

  66. Sophie Bosse

    sigh...i whish i was a picture frame lol

  67. Alexis Siwek

    Adam, I'd wrap myself around you like a warm glove in 2 seconds. Mmmmmm<3

  68. aldrin bajacan

    Pressing the replay button over and over and over again :D