Maroon 5 - Is Anybody Out There Lyrics

I won't let anyone hurt you
And I'll stop them if they try to
Nobody knows you like I do, ba-by
And I don't care where you run to
Because I'm gonna find you

When the stars all align
We can try again

Is anybody out there?
Can anybody see?
Seems like everything's gone crazy
You're exactly what I wanted
And exactly what I need
Don't need anybody but my ba-by

So where did all your love go
You play me like a solo
Then you threw my broken heart away, yeah

I know that we can make it
And I know that you can feel me
So stop fooling around and just stay

Is anybody out there?
Can anybody see?
Seems like everything's gone crazy
You're exactly what I wanted
Exactly what I need
I don't need anybody but my ba-by

It's taken such a long time
To find what I've been looking for
And now that you are all mine
I never felt quite like this before
Still want more
All you need in my mind
Because if so, then you already know
You're all that I want and you're all that I needed

Is anybody out there?
Can anybody see?
Seems like everything's gone crazy
You're exactly what I wanted
And exactly what I need
Don't need anybody but my baby

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Maroon 5 Is Anybody Out There Comments
  1. SOR23

    This is very underrated song from M5, I didn't know why this didn't go official, correct me if I am wrong

  2. Austin White

    Damn...why does this have to be so relatable right now? Is anybody out there?...

  3. Com borderline, porém fabulosa.

    Amo essa música VATOMANOCU

  4. Erika Lindberg

    I own it but I can't find it on itunes.

  5. Mariana Sánchez Nava

    Why isn't this on Spotify? :(

  6. Sarai Secret

    i love this song it expresses everyting that im going tho right now

  7. Sharon Willick

    Besides Album!

  8. Teuku Pica de Porco

    I don't know why, but this remember The Police...

  9. Nikolina Plazibat

    Maroon 5,the best💞

  10. auwn ahmed

    I love Adam maroon 5 is my favourite band

  11. scare crow

    I think that the second Voice is pj morton

    Roy Avdol

    +Ellen Page it is Pj's a pretty underrated singer

    scare crow

    +Terence Bain JR yep😁

  12. crazy pals

    i think they write this song in 24 hours

    Chris Kearns

    Best 24 hours ever 😂

  13. Michelle Wilson

    This song is great!! Maroon 5 is amazing, and it`s a really Good band!

  14. Allan Rocha

    Maroon 5 is amazing!!!! My favorite band, and RHCP Too... I love both bands

  15. Gabriel

    i think is their pianist

  16. Gabriel

    ROMANIA loves Maroon 5

  17. Doruntina Hoxha

    HEey! Who's the guy singing with Adam?

    Chris Kearns

    PJ Morton. He's their pianist now

  18. Shraman Ghosh

    actually, this was the song they had to write in 24 hours with the help of PJ Morton. It is completely original. and this is much better than Nelly Furtado

  19. Natieland

    It's a cover, the original is by Nelly Furtado ;)

    Justin Nitsuj

    Natieland no its not. Maroon 5 wrote this first

  20. blazers6346

    what album is this on?

    Juli RC

    blazers6346 it isn't on any album, it's a song they wrote in 24 hs through a live feed for coca cola 😊

  21. thenamesyancy

    I love this song!! Its so awesome!!

  22. Kaili Racelis

    Why is this not on iTunes!!!!

    Chris Kearns

    There was a free download on Coca-Colas website, idk if its still there tho

  23. Mechanic Resurrection

    ชอบมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆครับ Maroon 5^_^

  24. NicoGambinoLyfe

    damn this is good

  25. Michael Tschol

    infinity -----> maroon5

  26. Angie-Lou

    You can dowload it on the coke-website. Just type "coca cola is anybody out there" in google... (:

  27. Maria del Pilar Cobo

    Where can I find this awesome song? :3

  28. Lara Ozansoy

    JESSE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Becca Leubner

    Maroon 5 is amazing!! It's my favorite band!! Especially Adam Levine!! :) -3

  30. dwermes

    So who is the second voice about 2:00 minutes into song? It's different, but it's still beautiful.

    Alyssa Rolli

    dwermes its pj morton :)

  31. MultiDelta09

    MP5.... NO M5 yes!

  32. Mary Alsuhaili


  33. efrain diaz

    eh eh eh....

  34. LullabyOfZombie

    @imangelcute Ah I see, I even didnt find this catchy, moves like jagger still hotter :3 Thanks anyway

  35. imangelcute

    @x0xcat maroon is a colour

  36. imangelcute

    @LullabyOfZombie this was released before moves like jagger was
    i dont think that it was an official single

  37. LullabyOfZombie

    is this another single in 2011??? after moves like jagger? somebody could tell me?

  38. Derived


  39. sammii828

    @nicolethepanda P.J Morton

  40. Kayleigh Shepherd

    I fall more in love with this band each day...

  41. colony

    @annabaanan agreed but not gay. though i can say he is quite good looking

  42. Mary Alsuhaili

    maroon iz a moran:D

  43. nicolethepanda

    who's singing at 1:45 ?

  44. Miles Casper

    @Chiche34600 sure do! Can't wait 'till another album!

  45. Brian Pham

    i love the song stereo by Gym Class Hero ft.Adam Levine

  46. addalilirishtourgame

    ring tone incoming.

  47. KraJool

    Maroon 5 Is Maroon Love

  48. clarisa327

    me encanta esta cancion

  49. Steve Bensler


  50. hanaam5

    Amazing ! all time fav

  51. hanaam5

    Love it !!

  52. Manu Gonzalez

    simply the best----------> M5

  53. SH Babenco

    You gotta love Maroon 5...