Marmalade - I See The Rain Lyrics

Beautiful day I'd like to lie on the green lawn
The ducks are congregating round, round the lily pond
And the cows have all gone running home to put there coats on
Stay indoors, while it pours, till tomorrow

I see the rain again, I must complain again, why does the rain let me down
Will you try to make it sunny in the morning?

Five to ten, now it's time for the weather
The sun will shine and in it's time, get better
But it won't last for long, clouds are spreading over London town
Stay indoors, while it pours, till tomorrow

I see the rain again, I'll take the blame again, I see the rain lets you down
But I'm gonna' make it sunny in the morning?

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Marmalade I See The Rain Comments
  1. Paul Garmey


  2. Conrad B

    This a great piece of psych pop with an ace guitar solo from Junior Campbell.

  3. DJ Chiesa

    this song and the band reminds me of the "before" of the Vietnam war and the reflections of my life is the "after".

  4. axs203

    This is such a superbly written song that is one of the pinnacles of psychedelic song writing! This and I can see for Miles and Rain.........they all have some something in common.......I love this tune so much!

  5. ao1894492

    LOL. I wonder if Hendrix called this song "the best cut of 1967" because the lead guitarist is playing a right handed white stratocaster left handed.

  6. Михаил Г


  7. MOJOPIN1960

    I love Marmalade ! Dean Ford and Junior Campbell were incredible .

  8. Red Vynil

    Is there some reason all British drummers of this era played in this bizarre manner??

  9. albertodf1234

    Still listening in 2019

  10. m h

    Thank you!

  11. theshameofthesun

    A Great Group...such a sound a song...Thomas McAleese A Star

  12. donald k garman

    1967........Need I say more?

  13. theshameofthesun

    He's Unique.....

  14. Dave W

    lol these days they wouldn't get away with the picture on the drums!


    That was the label for Robertson's marmalade

  15. Mering Ngo

    RIP Dean Ford. Thank you.

    Alicia Casanova rodriguez

    Bella canción es igual a hey José de hendrix

  16. frank edwards

    I agree with Hendrix, fantastic song

  17. Denise Waghorn


  18. Captpicard

    Hendrix called this the best song of 67’ not sure I agree about that. A Day in the Life from Sgt Pepper springs to mind.

  19. David Meikle

    Rated best song of 1967 by Jimi Hendrix. RIP Dean Ford 2/1/1967.

    Memories of the Lindella and Maryland clubs. The best years of our lives.

    Terrence Dow

    Sure has a lot of the Jimi Hendrix tune "Hey Joe" in it! I'd never heard this song till reading about Dean Ford (RIP) and Jimi's love for the tune! Never thought Jimi would do such a close copy!!!

  20. billio010

    R.I.P. Dean Ford good singer.

    Joe Lake

    So glad I got to tell him how much I loved this song when I finally discovered it just a few years ago. A real gem from a very under-rated band.

  21. Kev Moore

    Rest in Peace Dean. Thank you for the music.

  22. ogam5

    .....Hendrix - among MANY recording artists, I'd imagine - LOVED this song.....

  23. Louis Hopstaken

    Weer zo'n lekker nummer uit de 70 er jaren

    CurvedAir Bellair

    Correctie: uit de jaren '60.

  24. Maxx Holifield

    I first heard this song, along with 17 other songs when I was 5 or 6 on a CD my mo had of songs from when my parents were born.

  25. alden cormany

    Dear Klass Steen, I am interested in using this video as a part of an exhibition at the University of Glasgow Library. It is looking at the building of the Library and the student social and cultural lifestyle. Marmalade actually came and played and the University Union and I think it would be a great addition to the exhibition to show one of their music videos. Could you please message me about where you got the original footage of this, or if you know how I can get the copyright for this footage. Thank you.

    Dean Ford dreamer

    The best quality version I've seen on youtube is here:

  26. Gary W. Wade

    So Cool...thanks for the post

  27. Milbury55

    My mum and dad hung around with these guys!!!!!


    Great track...what a good band they were....

  28. Nuron666

    Nice song

  29. Mike Yaffe


  30. Doug Hazlewood

    Great song!

  31. Dave Wray

    "I See The Rain" is a 1967 song recorded by The Marmalade, written by lead guitarist William Junior Campbell and vocalist Dean Ford ( born Thomas McAleese).

    This was the band's third CBS Records release, following their 1966 name change from Dean Ford and the Gaylords and change of label from Columbia (EMI) to CBS, and was one year prior to their first successful UK commercial release "Loving Things". The self-penned recording was praised by Jimi Hendrix as the 'best cut of 1967'. (see The Marmalade) . The recording became a chart-topper in the Netherlands that same year. Graham Nash of The Hollies, contributed to the session, but it did not chart in the UK, although the track, with its distinct mid 1960's psychedelic feel, has since attained a cult following and has been resurrected recently by artists such as Susanna Hoffs of the The Bangles and Matthew Sweet. (see Under the Covers, Vol. 1)

    CurvedAir Bellair

    Though it's a great record and you seem to know your stuff I don't agree about this being a charttopper in the Netherlands. The record was played on the offshore radio-stations for a short while, and that's it.

  32. Dave Wray

     0:00 seconds guitarists seated. 0:05 seconds, same guitarists standing...repeat thru the video, ha, ha.  1:27 standing, 1:28 seated, 1:37 standing, 1:50 seated...and again (you get it)...great song, and stereo version.

  33. Dave Wray

    Whoever happens upon this video and my post, answer me this not one great song?  

    David Bell

    No argument brilliant song from the Marmalade

    Thrustus Simmonds

    Really great; was all over it when I read that Jimi Hendrix called this his favorite track from 1967. And this surpassed even my hopeful expectations. Watched and then just said, "Any questions?" Wow.

    Patti Fearon

    Love Marmalade


    Agree completely.

    joe guest

    Dave Wray quick answer... yes !