Marlin, Lene - Disguise Lyrics

Have you ever felt some kind of emptiness inside
You will never measure up, to those people you
Must be strong, can't show them that you're weak
Have you ever told someone something
That's far from the truth
Let them know that you're okay
Just to make them stop
All the wondering, and questions they may have

I'm okay, I really am now
Just needed some time, to figure things out
Not telling lies, I'll be honest with you
Still we don't know what's yet to come

Have you ever seen your face,
In a mirror there's a smile
But inside you're just a mess,
You feel far from good
Need to hide, 'cos they'd never understand
Have you ever had this wish, of being
Somewhere else
To let go of your disguise, all your worries too
And from that moment, then you see things clear

I'm okay, I really am now
Just needed some time, to figure things out
Not telling lies, I'll be honest with you
Still we don't know what's yet to come

Are you waiting for that day when your pain will disappear?
When you know that it's not true what they say about you?
Couldn't care less 'bout the things surrounding you
Ignoring all the voices from my wall

I'm okay, I really am now
Just needed some time
To figure things out
Not telling lies
I'll be honest with you
Still we don't know
What's yet to comeI'm okay, I really am now
Just needed some time
To figure things out
Not telling lies
I'll be honest with you
Still we don't know
What's yet to come
Still we don't know
What's yet to come

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Marlin, Lene Disguise Comments
  1. Elfan Virnandi

    so remember the good old days 😚😚😚

  2. Kresna Manroe

    I watch twin series with my grandma 😂😂😂 and now i miss her so much 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  3. Niiya Adam

    24 october 2019 still hear this song...✌

  4. Bumbung Tamvan

    I like this song soo much

  5. pendulum swings

    i only know this song because of a taiwanese drama 100 % senorita !!!!! i just finished watching it,,and this song stuck in my head....i want to downloaded it....and save on my playlists..its a relaxing song...

  6. Alifyani Gunarti

    Masih aku simpen kasetnya😭

  7. jalu muhamat

    i love this song

  8. Kesya Nabila

    Ini lagu sountrack film twins taiwan

  9. kantei chan

    we still love it in 2019

    Viccy Elvizza

    So did I few minutes ago😂

  10. joni peje

    April 2019 :')

  11. Guido Rovelli

    When i go walking alone in the woods , the playlist in my music player is a mix of Pink Floyd ...and Lene Marlin.

  12. Sien Ming

    Make me cry...

  13. Phuong Thuy Nguyen

    2019 I still listening to this song. Love the lyrics

  14. Dheny Nyon

    Setelah sekian lama mencari baru dapat di2019

  15. ISMA IIS

    Love this song

  16. Mademba NDIAYE

    i love the song lene marlin

  17. Beverly Caroline

    Such beautiful song ever ❤❤❤

  18. fangirl ling

    Bring back old memories....

  19. My Juliest

    this song make me remember to my dad :'(


    Masa masa SD rindu masa itu

  21. nightkidd

    Subsback thnks....

  22. ElRoiMAD

    Taiwan Drama "Twins" ending song I hear this song when i watch this drama series on TV when I was kid. It's been maybe 7 or 10 years and I still remember this song, till I find it on youtube. 2018. Thank's

  23. Christina

    who is still listening to this song in 2018? me.

  24. Mega Yun

    2018 october ?

  25. Ami Ra

    Omg my childhood, and i am back at 2018

  26. Risty Dania

    Oct 2018??

  27. Paolo Maradei

    Tu provaci che poi vai diretto in osedale tranquillo vediamo se ho il coraggio tu che fai tanto il gradasso

  28. nicholas ng sing kwong

    friendship speaking

  29. Saqahayang

    i remember when i saw taiwan drama,,, and this song so touching my heart,, oh god so long time ago,,, and how old i am....

  30. zee lupus

    2018 and still hear it

  31. Flavia Veronica

    September 2018 😘😘😘



  32. Rizki Ludfia Hami

    100% senorita..
    dengerin lagu ini krn T-drama

  33. potato cheese

    I love this song ❤

  34. Frita Rahman

    2018 never bored

  35. Agrians Az

    2018.. see you next year

  36. Al Debaran

    Goodbye Uber...Don't worry I'll be okay

  37. Angy 25

    Sei la mia preferita ❤


    miss this drama 😥... 2018 im still here

  39. kartika nurhasanah

    beautiful memories of Twins

  40. khitz nuria


  41. Gendis RaiNasya

    Im ok😐

  42. มารีโอ เมาเว่อร์

    Not telling lies about LOVE .pleas!!!

  43. Febriani Christina

    i heard this song because ost taiwan drama :D

  44. Aldo Mantegna

    leneee 👏👏👏 leneee 👏👏👏

  45. Resa Gunawan

    this song is so so really me

  46. Herinda M.

    ;finally found it :) lately i'm remembering the ending soundtrack Taiwan Drama "Twins" but i can't remember the title. ^^

    Alice Dove

    Herinda M. same here 😁

    Julie Pearl Ferguson

    Herinda M. the title of the taiwan drama was "100% Senorita" 😉😉😉

    Nur Chabibah

    Twins (indonesia)

  47. Melisa Marianni Manampiring

    Good song


    I still remember the drama and song until now. What an old day ~

  49. Ista Stokis Milagros Malang

    my memories beloved cinema

  50. priscillia kristanti

    really addicted with this song!!!

  51. m karim

    very nice sound and music, where is lene Marlin now?

  52. Calvin

    love this song...not like rubbish songs nowsday

    #Venli 21

    hahahahaha.. yes that's very true. so agree with you..

  53. Inkan Lukie Marrisca

    I love this song because it was ost Taiwan drama hehe


    yeah 100%senorita

    Dina Mulyani

    Sama hehe

  54. TotalSungreen Bu

    My fve one

  55. Frans

    like this song

  56. Eka Safitriana D

    still hearing this masterpiece in 2016 :)


    +eka safitriana :)

    #Venli 21

    me too :)

    #Venli 21

    Timeless Song, forever..

  57. khalida sri utami

    miss this drama :(

  58. Dewie Dewa

    i can't stop listening this song 😍

    #Venli 21

    me too, sis :). entah kenapa rasanya seneng&pgn terus denger lagu ini..

    #Venli 21

    Saya tetap sangat menyukai&memutar lagu ini terus di tahun 2016. Lagu&lyrics nya yang sangat bagus :). Lagu yang bagus tidak akan hilang ditelan jaman&waktu :)

  59. Fayssal Mansoul

    just magnificent the least i can say

  60. isabellawati n


    Al Debaran

    isabellawati n ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ U

  61. DritaL L

    YEAH TOLD that Iris LOVE that some just nonexistent just named Simone haaAaa HaaaHaaAAa HaaaHaaAAa LOL HAAA IMPORTANT FAMILY MOMS AND DADS BOTH haaaHaaaAa grrat haaaHaaaAa fire that personal cause they can't haaAHaaaAa okay insanity after hospital reslixed check many things happening later fall I don't knowledge abovementioned cause WAS all convinced that experience cities festival performers soon darling pressure csuse nothing else to say but listening to me haaaHaaaAa no recollection of Higginbotham Ulrich companies advertising very chocked over connection last agreement with Higgins happened being isolated from there LOVE U LOVE needs practices haaAHaaaAa funny businesses So yep ey YA whatchamean Byron O.K. that unnecessary spirituality or whatever spirits together insider so just impossible living in flamesoflove haaAHaaaAa noooooooo me always that creapy embarrassment constantly haaaaaaaaaaaa haaAHaaaAa always sliding withcha brothers GOD BLESS YOU JAMES. O.K. u r really funny BABY yea weirdly REALL man they're everywhere complaining about property. knowledge that soon BABY cause it is what it is blogging throughout ain't no needs or constitution BABY we've managed to overcome that experience cities So great moods now haaAaa HaaaHaaAAA it's just impossible inexplicable cause quadrants are always be telling me haaaHaaaAa no needs or whatever just don't knowledge abovementioned cause quadrants are hard to liberate themselves actively r breathing THEY WOULDN'T LET US EVERYWHERE SPOOK UGLY MOHAMED VERPISSDICH. LOVE U LOVE YES always up for trouble haaAHaaaAa funny businesses So great commercial that introduces TO PRACTICALLY FIX THESE PRACTICALITIES however how BOUT THAT thing focusing on tablets haaAHaaaAa sometimes lovely welcoming feel below but listening songwriting lyric to my homeland Albanian culture or whatever just don't care ANY FINANCIAL PROBLEMS RECOVERY SO NOW MUSIC LOVE U SO MUCH but nexx time whiskey lolly DOMINO PLAY THEIR KNOWLEDGE.... O.K. good then WHATEVER DARLING TAKES BABY BUT IT'S OBVIOUSLY KALMAR OFFM. Yeah know that experience cities festival performers soon darling pressure csuse nothimg no recollection of Higginbotham Ulrich companies advertising so Higgins Joseph communities whilst sleeping WORTH remembering HEY MICROSOFT J LOVE YES it's great commercial that introduces TO PRACTICALLY FIX THESE PRACTICALITIES however great actually missing each other baby O.K. thanks for everything let's listen to music LOVE and it's GONNA be OK ENTRANCE BUT HEYWOOD DO ANYTHING CLAIMING ALL NATIONS SLALOM ISRAEL LONDON LOVE U LOVE ALL PEOPLE BABY when it's GONNA HAOPEN TODAY? CAUSE THEY WOULDN'T LET US EVERYWHERE SPOOK UGLY SPYING COWARD SCARED LIKE SOME TIGHTLY SO NOW EASY TO PRACTICALLY FIX THESE PRACTICALITIES however great moods now let's listen LOVE U......

  62. rann Tl

    T-drama brought me here

    Triwieda Ningrum

    rann Tl me too

  63. Ümmühan Polat

    lyrics made me cry. awesome really is

    #Venli 21

    yeah that's very true.. the lyrics make me cry too, because very same with what i'm felt now :). This song, sound, voice, and lyrics is perfect. This very awesome.. Thank you, Lene Marlin, you're awesome

  64. riyas sanjung andika

    good song very love it song..

  65. Peiying Chen

    my favorite song forever!!!

  66. Newkerzy

    This artist is absolutely underrated. I don't know how she could not be as famous as the likes of Swift or Madonna.

  67. Elliyanti Apriyani

    I Love this song

  68. denik yunita

    this song describes me now

  69. Christy So

    thank you:)))))

  70. Christy So

    in Norway...? i live in Hong Kong and that's pretty sad if her new album is in Norway.. :((( sooooo far..... Anyway thanks for telling me that:)))))) I love her songs, and this is my favorite! haha that will be great if she can post more new songs on youtube

  71. Christy So

    Can anyone tell me where are lene now ?????

  72. Caroline Skogeng

    vel... deter 1 år siden jeg skrev den komentaren... jeg har ikke sett henne siden jeg var liten... jeg har aldri sagt at jeg var 'close' med henne... jeg bare staterte fakta... fordi jeg er stolt over familien min... og henne... hadde jeg ville skryte hadde skrevet litt mer enn akkurat 1 settning...

  73. heftigfin

    skjerpings a... faktumet at du skryter av det på Youtube skriker at du ikke er så jævlig "close" som du prøver å få det til å virke.

  74. mathsi96

    Barndomsvennina til søskenbarne/gumora mi :P:P:P

  75. Inga Skogseth

    She has written Good girl Gone bad for Rihanna :)

  76. slagelse77

    I love this song. When i heard this song the first time, it was like someone finally understood me. Wonderful song! It`s still a favorite of mine.

  77. Caroline Skogeng

    I know :D

  78. svarthjerte

    Actually, her first album "Playing my game" got incredible critics all over the world. True her later songs have met been met with less attention, but she remains a somewhat International singer, and (apparently) she is still played on the radio outside of Norway, at least on occasion. (I didn't know that myself, untill I stood in Paris, on a tube station, and the radio overhead suddenly played "Where I'm headed". 'll tell you, it was a strange feeling, and a nice one.)

    shoot joot shoot

    💗💗💗I know that kind of feeling

  79. firstlastxxx

    Uaaau! There are a lot of people around who envy you... :D Tell us more...

  80. daphneviviene

    Wonderful song beautiful voice but wonderin why she isn't as popular as the other international singers.Maybe she just needs publication, advertisement or some sort. She is great artist.

  81. yolandaandya

    Me too! I know this song because that drama :)
    I love her song!

  82. Ibnu Sudamar

    Love this song ...

  83. Julisa Pratiwi

    Me too, and today randomly googling this song

  84. waya

    such a wonderful song :)

  85. Vita Sari

    OST Twins Senorita 2004

  86. aya ruki

    love this song

  87. Amel Merfoud

    oh...j'aime bien les paroles et la musique de Lene Marlin c vraiment fort. to be continued baby

  88. Jane Baston

    first time i've heard this song and I've realised how true this is about my life

  89. stophackingmyaccount_bitch

    @hartfrigus yup,me too!!!!! <3 this song!

  90. fluppylumpy

    this is such a nice song <3

  91. Reza Abedi

    ladies and gentleman thumps up plz,forget rihanna and other crap songs just listen to lene marlin .

  92. fize34

    love this song so much <3

  93. danelle spine

    one of my fave songs, i could just relate to the lyrics...way to go Lene...

  94. xxx2341boy

    lagu ini dulu tayang di SCTV, ,pemain film senorita twins nya sempat ke Indonesia hehehe

  95. alex marsh

    I love how this song is so relatable

  96. Liping Ooi

    i love ur cous :)