Marley, Ziggy - Forward To Love Lyrics

Don't go away, when you know that it feels good
Why don't you stay cause you know what we could do
We could get hazy
Hand in hand we feel the vibe
We see true love in our eyes
This ain't no maybe

Forward to love
Forward to love
I know we got something
The feeling is true
And I don't wanna wait another day
To be with you
We could get lazy
The spirit has spoke
The voice of the truth
No need to waste time
Lets just do it
We could get crazy

Forward to love
Forward to love
Hard to believe
It shouldn't be this easy
You take the lead
That I wont be greedy
I'm in no hurry
What are the odds
A stranger we'll meet
But deep inside
We walked these streets already
And this ain't just lately

Forward to love
I tell ya now
Forward to love

[instrumental solo]

Don't go away, when you know that it feels good
Why don't you stay cause you know what we could do
We could get hazy
Hand in hand we feel the vibe
You see true love in my eyes
This ain't no maybe
Ahh, yeah

Forward to love
Everyone now
Forward to love
Come on ya
Forward to love
Everybody sings
Forward to love
Right now
Forward to love
Forward to love
Forward to love
Yeah you're headed my way
Forward to love
Come on come on
Forward to love

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Marley, Ziggy Forward To Love Comments
  1. whadupbratha

    HGahahaha good obseration, fellow pothead lOL

  2. bill gates

    love this album

  3. maria felix torres ochoa

    !Me encanta ¡

  4. Макс Александров


  5. Doug Deboer

    ziggy, you rule!

  6. hannah riegler

    keep the legand going :)

  7. Rémi Van de Merckt

    @Tefiret40 sure, herb disguised as oranges...

  8. gyganiclars2

    i realy dont get why peaple find anything special about herb, i live in netherlands. Its verry normal for everyone aha:D

  9. jackskelly18

    I love heavy metal 90% of the time, but Ziggy is the best, could listen to him all day.

    Jah love !!!

  10. vicstad

    good eye Tefire40............................

  11. Da Royal General

    nice tune easy skanking.

  12. MultiShellsbells

    Love it!!

  13. worxpe

    hahaha!!! like

  14. Soy Laura

    Nuff Respect!

  15. Andrew Downie Grant

    Wild and free :-) enter me in the prize draw for signed vinyl

  16. Blake Y

    who would dislike this??

  17. jamomasha1


  18. Michael m sa

    nice song Ziggy Marley

  19. bob kelly

    ziggy killed it at Vfest !


    Good job brother God bless u!

  21. KER Anderson

    Nice - and love it that ziggy is outstanding.
    Bob Marley is smiling - nice message too.

  22. sublime.abodes

    Ziggy has really come into his own. It's hard to be the offspring of a famous musician and strike out on your own. But I'm liking his stuff more and more. This is his voice.

  23. KER Anderson

    What can I say - love it seeing Bob's Son - excellent message too.

  24. edbalam diaz

    big love ziggy jah bless

  25. Sue Storvik

    Bob would be proud :)

  26. Ryan Eastman

    i know that looks like Bobs guitar that he is using but does anyone know if it really is?

  27. jenny whipkey-Plumley

    havent stopped listeing to this joyful song since i seen it performed on jimmie kimmel,LOVE IT MUCHO,!!!!!!!!

  28. Luxus

    Love the whole marley familiy :)
    jah bless

  29. Luxus

    The Guitarist is so stoned xD

  30. Luxus


  31. pjakeball

    @Tefiret40 might be.. haha

  32. Amelie Jenkins

    wait..he is dressed just like Bob Marley...OMG Ziggy MARLEY!!!

  33. Anthony Samperi

    keyboard is sick1

  34. Will Bc


    LOL, of course it is :)

  35. Emily Bruno

    carrying on his fathers tradition(: LOVE it!

  36. Carol Logen

    love love love this song! thanks for the good vibes. god knows we need them!!

  37. daKnokOut

    ya it fuckin is!

  38. Trina Hert

    lol is that a bag of herb at 57 sec

  39. Roman Real

    babe :)

  40. Roman Real

    the best song

  41. Roman Real

    the best!!

  42. Paulo Henrique de Araujo Perantunes

    Roots Reggae is back!

  43. Paulo Henrique de Araujo Perantunes

    Reggae Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots come back!!!

  44. Astro Pirate

    Wooohoooo I can hear the Bob in him!!!!

  45. ismao27

    Grande Ziggy!!!!! Buena onda... Buena vibra... Genial... Gracias Zi

  46. Snailman456

    @SlickSly412 Irie, mon. Me got a tam jus' like Ziggy's hat. And I an' I agree wit' you on the first one!

  47. Yenni Aurelia

    nice Ziggy

  48. mony19831

    Gosh his voice sounds exactly like his Dad Bob Marley if you close your eyes. Pretty cool though.

  49. AKNO

    He remind me of his father so much !!!

  50. UKDREI

    Very nice song!
    Oh and i want his cap so badly :( Anyone know where to buy it?

  51. Brian Wallace

    Just watched him do this song on LENO, thumbs up!

  52. H-Town Finest

    great song. this is the real reggae. this is some of the best reggae you can hear. infact, this is some of the best rock you can hear. Ziggy also has a nice guitar here. very creative

  53. Malssoni

    i love that basist

  54. Kim Polley

    Such a cool song, love the video 2. Wud love 2 visit that studio!!!! :)

  55. Rox Lavallée

    likelikelike u marley:)(L)

  56. Yenni Aurelia

    nice ziggy marley

  57. kailuabeach1

    Music and lyrics from a beautiful soul....OUTSTANDING WORK! LOVE it!! Many blessings.

  58. sixwhip14

    Good stuff here.

  59. MICHEALLE1995

    ;] <3 itT

  60. sillyssg

    Yes Yes B-)....

  61. JWoods

    Soo good... man, bless Marley fam.
    Strong Vibes!!!

  62. UnchiuFlegmescu .P

    Forward to love!:X:D

  63. UnchiuFlegmescu .P

    Forward to love!!!!!!!!!:X:D

  64. John Faded

    @philippespiky no best marley is Bob of course! :D

  65. alex marcu

    @iamshumbagong yap family music...this Ziggy is a true inspiration almost all his songs full me with a really nice feeling...gretings from romania!!! jah bless...peace!!

  66. Jason Cuff

    Nice music! I really liked it

  67. TheMrKayaman

    Blesss you king marley!

  68. Allgoodmusic

    nice jam! nice song!