Mark Ronson - Feel Right Lyrics

[Bruno Mars:]
Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Mystikal

Calling all cars in here for the Prince of the South
Fuck that yabba-dabba-doo shit, bitch, I just got out
Still rapping, slapping kittens and grabbing my cock
I'm the artist, the godfather, still hard as a rock

You gon fuck around and make me knock your fruit juice loose
Ya banana, ya watermelon and pomegranate too
Rhyming kung-fu that split bamboo
Crowd rockin', ain't no stopping that rapping ass fool
I been bad, bruh, whatcha getting mad for?
I'm a have to fuck you up
I eat flames up
Shit fire out
Don't make me light my butt

Excuse me, who me?
I got a lot of groupies
Oughta have a fucking doghouse like Snoopy
Curtains go up
It's going down
Tear that thing out the frame
Like my band

Come on, come on

[Chorus x2:]
Feel right in this motherfucker
Feel good in this motherfucker
My whole hood in this motherfucker
And we gon' rock this motherfucker
(All night)

And we gon' rock this motherfucker
(All night)
And we gon' rock this motherfucker
(All night)

Mystikal, don't hurt 'em now

Grabbing at my pants, she trying to pull it out my pocket
Don't yank on the motherfucker so hard, you're gonna pull it out the socket
It's exercise with thighs and hip muscles
Next exercise, we gon' burn some lip muscles
Let the music work your ear muscles
And if you're skinny then use your little muscles
Bag back or tea bag with these duffles
Pow pow get smash when we hustle
When the last time you have a knuckle sandwich, huh?
The last time a nigga had a foot so far up your ass you couldn't handle it?
You can't stand it
To make matters worse you gotta go to the studio with Bruno Mars on another planet
Don't get mad, I'm just saying
Don't believe it cause I'm saying it, bitch
Believe it cause I'm telling you
I'm doing the rapping and bussing
Ronson on the scratchin' and cuttin'


Get down
Wait a minute now
Give it to them on the one

This the intermission
I'll break it down so you niggas listen
Take a second to wipe my sweat
Might be the only chance you get to catch your breath
Don't get too comfortable in here
Niggas know I'm bringing back the rumble in here
Just when you thought you could cool down and sip some of that water
A nigga back
Say it again


[Bruno Mars:]
Ladies and gentlemen, one more time
Put your hands together for Mystikal
Don't it feel good?
Ain't he making us feel good tonight?
Thank you Mr. Ronson for bringing us together this evening
We gon' go ahead and head over to the after party
We'll see y'all uptown
Come on

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Mark Ronson Feel Right Comments
  1. Brenner Burgess

    Years later and this is still my favorite song

  2. Sarah Rule

    You're classy.

  3. Lock Star Goddess

    White British people appreciate influenced by black American blues soul music more than us- that is how rock n roll was created - and everyone copies us afro americans all over the world thanks to Internet YouTube Bulgaria Romania Israel iceland sweden you name it germany englandr american soul blues

  4. Lock Star Goddess

    i just found out he was British? I though he was from New York -obviously Marc spent a lot of time there hence his funky British New York accent... and this song is great James Brown tribute .. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember hot pants James Brown cuz my granny Nanny lou would play James Brown records day and night- anyway i can do the" funky penguin" to this which was the hot dance 1978-

  5. Lilit Poghosyan

    I know one of the kids he is my brother OMG

  6. MiStAh BiZzLe

    This track is so so so Phatt!!!!!!

  7. Vasili Popkov

    Крутая тема!

  8. Lock Star Goddess

    ita shocking but the British appreciate American Blue soul music more than Americans!

  9. Cookie

    if they made a movie based off of this MV i'd watch it

  10. alberto sanchez

    I god the music the like mark ronson

  11. Troy Grant

    Love it!!

  12. laraib anwar

    the kid at 2:25 looks like stephen hawkins

  13. Listomaj

    OMGosh. I'm nearly 5 years late. I never knew they made a video. I LOVE THIS!!

  14. Miromaallita

    I thought this voice was James Brown.

  15. Berkay

    Who in July of November 2019 ?

  16. Agora Martinez

    Me encanta la actitud del niño 😎

  17. RobbyPlays

    Is This Scene From movie Lol if anyone knows Let Me No Pleas?

  18. Enter TheBlackSolPhrenic318

    0:36 here’s how you understand subtext by demonstration: when she says I don’t know what that means she means they are not allowing the little kids to shine for that they start to grow up too fast. They go into the fast lane because they develop impatience. The player haters are the teachers.

  19. JhomForTheWin

    C R E N T E S

  20. Just Suzie

    This is so entertaining no matter how many times you see it....

  21. Unknown Person

    I'm sure this kid is Back bencher ....
    Who agree with me ....🤣🤣🤣

  22. chiuso

    Parappa the rapper

  23. iTexugo

    little gangster

  24. peter_robles 1987

    Vacations movie

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    Diosss, me enamoré de la chica que esta en el grupo de las trompetas.

  26. Fellipe Mota

    Só estou aqui por causa do south América Church

    joao víctor

    Hahahhahahah dois

  27. Peter German

    this is for the grown and sexy

  28. kieran jones

    that little blonde babe blowin the horn is the shit. that whole horn section kicks !

  29. Kalel Jackson

    The song you sing when you just did 15 years in the corner

  30. rahul thakur

    It should be the duty of donald trump to use this song everywhere he can

  31. Jason H

    Who are the 9K idiots that dislike this ??? Bet they are fun at parties .

  32. Kelly Scott

    Mrs. Brady!

  33. Berke Can

    amazing song in 2019 :p

  34. Arturo Andrade Lugo

    Canción perfecta para el Grand theft auto 6

  35. curse Love

    some one pass me that kids weed😈

  36. Mahmut Dursun


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    RIP James Brown “The God Father Of Soul”

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    Need the uncensored version

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    Genial, 👍😁.

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    Afrer vacation movie???🤣

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    Great Song and Performance, but too much baby fat lol

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    Little ceelo green 😎 Jajajaja

  45. Teddy Dar Mushiy

    Am from Africa Zambia and and I love it that we share the same energy. I love heavy rough voices. #TeddyDarMushiy

  46. Andrew Mashigo

    When a tune has muscles, this is what it sounds like. You can't stand still with this In the background xx

  47. Eck Ramz

  48. joyce alcaraz

    love this video...

  49. Kiril Varbanov

    Grammy material

  50. Akhil Garg

    the kid throwing cd's looks like Stephen Hawking

  51. Dan Bronco

    I know people all over world are going crazy. But I didn't know it is this sick. Sick Sick Minds.... all for money?.... pppthuhh

  52. Hannah Freeborn

    Isn’t the women announcing the acts at the beginning the mom from Brady Bunch!?

  53. Mikey O'keefe

    Me everytime i hear this song: 1:17

  54. George Shonia

    Hahahah little people! 😍

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    This is so much better than Uptown Funk

  56. N Anthony Brown

    i heard this song on a movie called HOLIDAY and I thaught it was James Brown and i swore he was saying "mother fucker" i had to look it up, couldn´t imagine having "motherfucker" as a theme track. Great song pity the video is so shitty!!!!

  57. GustaBr


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    This song is seriously underrated...

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  60. Bedtime Stories - Trance Classics on Piano

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    Does the line "dont make me light my butt" come from the movie princess and the frog or is that just a coincidence. If it is a coincidence, how? I've never heard it anywhere else.

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    Pinecrest Woodland Hills. 2014.

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    21th Century's funk....where's James?

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    Little Gaskin

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  66. Enjoy & Watch


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    A lot better if this muthafucker wasn't censored. ;) Go the Original! Carole Brady, you rock too.

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    I love this video. June 2019

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    If James Brown was still alive

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    I love how Bruno Mars isn't even featured but he appears in the vid just to appreciate the rapping kid.

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    This right here just cured 25 years of PTSD.

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