Mark Ronson - Anywhere In The World Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Come with me, come with me,
Let's start a new movement,
Get everybody out on the street

On the street, on the street
I found a new rhythm
To move our bodies to, to the beat

As we move our feet in unison
Kicking up the rain or the sand in the sun
It gives my heart that feeling
Could be anywhere

Anywhere in the world
(Moving like this, feeling like this)
Anywhere in the world
(No matter where you are)

We could be anywhere in the world
(Moving like this, feeling like this)
Anywhere in the world
(No matter where you are)

Moving like this, feeling like this
No matter where you are

[Verse 2:]
Follow me, follow me
To the river where on these streets
You can discover every part of me

Part of me, part of me
Many memories make a story
Come on make another one with me

As we clap our hands along with the drum
Sync'ing with the pattern like we're all part of one
It gives my heart that good, good feeling
Could be anywhere

Anywhere in the world
(Moving like this, feeling like this)
Anywhere in the world
(No matter where you are)

We could be anywhere in the world
(Moving like this, feeling like this)
Anywhere in the world
(No matter where you are)

Moving like this, feeling like this
No matter where you are

Follow me
Down, down to the river
The sunset's golden
The water seems silver

Follow me
Down, down to the river
We could be anywhere in the world
But we're together

Anywhere in the world
(Moving like this, feeling like this)
Anywhere in the world
(No matter where you are)

We could be anywhere in the world
(Moving like this, feeling like this)
Anywhere in the world
(No matter where you are)

Moving like this, feeling like this
(Anywhere in the world)
No matter where you are

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Mark Ronson Anywhere In The World Comments
  1. omkar tendulkar

    My favorite Katy 💖

  2. Karina Rodríguez Rico

    Me sigue encantando

  3. Valerie Selau

    This is the best Olympic song!! 2019 xo

  4. Manu Moreira


  5. Mel Torre

    Belanova is better

  6. Bachospati Arnab Chakraborty

    sport samples. hip

  7. Bomber Jack

    2019 някой (somebody) ?

  8. Ilijaj3

    This song is where i discovered Mark Ronson and Katy B back in 2012

  9. Nathan Nathan

    When I first saw this mv I thought she was Lena from t.A.T.u

  10. Ana Ruiz

    María Espinoza :p

  11. Yeon Ju Jeong

    차렷! 경례!

  12. LemonEyes

    She's so underrated

  13. Félix Martínez Martínez

    NOSTALGIA for the olympics game London 2012:(

  14. XXXTaylor TV

    F R A N C E 2019 👏⚽🏆

  15. Hazael Campos


  16. claudiobison

    Thanks for the awesome Video

  17. Roman


    un dia como hoy se celebro los juegos olimpicos de Londres 2012 :')

  18. Hartebeest

    Some (bloody) contracts have been signed, so many collaborations in such a short space of time.

  19. Treta Dos Famosos

    Quem ta ouvindo em 2018? #ThisIsBrasil

    Jessezao Sandes

    Treta Dos Famosos simplesmente a melhor


    Infelizmente estou em 1693 ainda

    João Lucas Barros

    2019 ✌️

  20. Andrew Burns

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing! Feeling ready to get back in the studio!

  21. JuanCarlos1029 Tv

    2018 🎼😋

  22. Дмитрий Саныч

    О, спорт! Ты-мир!

  23. Justin Bieber

    Katty n voice is lit 💛

  24. Nomad 22

    Those drums sound great

  25. WELL dias

    Muito legal essa música

  26. Sasho Raichev

    This voice of Kathy B.
    Greetings from Bulgaria.

  27. Stefan Lygdopoulos

    london 2012

  28. cindy gabriela rivera gomez

    una pregunta mark ronson no canta??

  29. Jash Media

    she's also just hot. dang.

  30. Olecram

    As we clap our hands along with the Trump

    Marina Vitoria

    Joey Ramone lol

  31. Abraão Sivan

    procuro essa música ha anos

  32. DigitalCobran

    Why is this not on spotify!?

    Miruna Luta

    DigitalCobran EXACTLY


    DigitalCobran It is on Spotify actually

  33. Dark unicorn

    best Song ever

  34. el lorito amigable

    me gusta muy buena

  35. zénó kovács

    Suttyo Mark Ronson

  36. Amēlija


  37. wais Kaiser

    instrumental and samples sick but the groove only works by littel girls

  38. Yvonnie Wong


  39. 6636JOTAPE

    Has anyone returned for 2012?

  40. claudiobison

    thank you Kiana you are party in my life

  41. Lucas

    e o Brasil foi ouro em 2016 <3

    Abhi K

    Lucas hiii

  42. claudiobison

    this is a fantastic music congratulations Kiana

  43. Tadeáš Stehlík

    I fall in love with this song 💖💖💖💖 I love it 💖💖💖 And I'm so happy for your work with Queen Of Music and Mother Monster Lady Gaga 💖💖💖💖💖 I'm so excited 💖💖💖

  44. Daniel Bird

    Listening right now. I always listen to this song

  45. Matheus Antero

    nossa olha essa música
    olimpíadas 2012>>>olimpíadas 2016

  46. Ho _bbit

    Yeah the lyrics are basic but I think the instrumental was actually supposed to be the focus of the song. Ronson used recorded snippets of the heartbeat and breathing of athletes, sounds of the equipment. When he watched the athletes, Ronson said he thought of them as people in an orchestra, not in a sport

  47. Drima1405

    this song wasn't official song for the olympics 2012 but to me it was and it always will be...wish so good song like this existed for the olympics 2016

    Donald Uka

    For me this Song Will remain as a coca cola Song 😂


    +Donald Uka Same😂

    Bri w

    hi there

  48. Carlitos

    The music is very nul.
    It's a coca cola musique serious

  49. Carlitos

    Omg noob song

  50. Fabricio Rocha

    Faltam 11 Dias , Rio 2016 ! , Anywhere in the World !

    Alexander Velazquez

    Fabricio Rocha .,

    pl 98 80opoo

  51. eucario gomes

    2016 countdown

  52. Timolucas

    What's the coca cola song for the comming Olympic Games in Rio?

  53. Kent Kalel

    Tema das Olimpíadas Rio 2016!

  54. Augusto Galarraga

    y cunado canta ese otro
    no tiene vos o q

  55. Diego Ih

    alguien de México


    ke tranza mi valedor

  56. nick jorgensen

    These lyrics are sooooooooooooo bad I mean just terrible.

  57. 3 Locas X Reto A.C.L


  58. Angelika

    i dance to this as a final dance in my show

  59. AdamG98

    If you want to hear the newest news from Katy B, you should definitely check this fanpage y'all!

  60. olleiei

    Does anyone else hear that fhoouuu breathing sound? It makes me uncomfortable.

    ( © _ © )

    Divine E. Nantamu

    LOL I read this and it just came up

  61. olleiei

    I know Mark Ronson as

    The guy in the background :3

  62. Michael Roberts

    These lyrics are sooo basic

  63. Mia falcone


    Mia falcone


  64. OptimistHunter Reel

    This isn't how the commercial song sounded. I liked it better before

  65. myoe gyi

    က်ေနာ္မ်ိဳးႀကီးကေတာ့ သပိတ္က်င္းၿမိဳ႕နယ္ ေခ်ာင္းႀကီးေက်းရြာကပါ ခင္မ်ား

  66. Dawn Epps

    I absolutely love this song.

  67. Gloria S.

    ela é ruiva naturalmente? ???
    has she red hair naturally? ??


    Gloria S. Yeah!

  68. Gigi Kawaii :3

    México 💕

  69. Left Desc

    #RumoAoRio2016 Hu3 Hu3 Hu3 br And again, Brazil is not mexico, im brazilian, not mexican.


    Sabrina Eloize

    +Left Desc pq o povo confunde Brasil com México? scr

    Left Desc

    @Sabrina Eloize Os americanos confundem o Brasil com o México por causa do nosso idioma.

    Alex Aguilar

    +Left Desc pero si ay sale la bandera de Mexico como pueden confundirnos con Brasil

    Diego Ih

    +Left Desc como pueden confundir la bandera de México con la de Brasil hay q ser un tonto para confundir

  70. Lucius_ Morningstar

    México :3

    Sabrina Eloize

    +Ryan R. Martinez T. Brasil :v

    Diego Ih

    si ahuevo mi México

    daeckler sync

    chingue a su madre mi México jajajajajaja

  71. Agnieszka Kantyka

    super muza

  72. Mariaguadalupe Garciaflores

    me gusta la musica

  73. Hendra febriadi

    coca cola song???

  74. Jhoan Medina

    Esta es la cancion mas fabulosa

  75. TheGilllMiester

    was anyone else there that day?

  76. Edward J. Rapp

    Sorta hook. :(

  77. E Ford

    3:35 Denver Skyline?

  78. tdb1726

    This could be a great Olympics song

    Ferrer Zorola

    @MuiltiNormal lmao think again when you call Lady Gaga untalented


    @Ferrer Zorola
    I did think. She's untalented.

    Ferrer Zorola

    @MuiltiNormal I'm talking to a person who obviously didn't watch the Super Bowl and this or past year's Oscars (events where she performed and proved she's talented) so I'm assuming you're extra stupid so there's no need to prove you wrong.

    Adam Elsayed

    tdb1726 I love Katy b so much has I'd put my soul on the plate for angels like her.. I'm crazy alright xxx


    This song ran on commercials continually during summer Olympic coverage 2012. For me, it was kind of like a soundtrack to that Olympics along with "Fighter"

  79. LV153 ON


  80. S2 sweet

    wow Taekwondo!!

  81. Юлия Власова


  82. Yvonnie Wong


  83. Maria Calife


  84. jolie aranda

    this nigga never sings in his own songs what he dont have no talent then dont try to make vids and make other people sing in ur vids and try to make money who agrees

    Sultan P

    +jolie aranda I certainly don't. One might argue that the hardest part, talent wise, of making songs is writing the music and the song, and considering how large a part Mark Ronson plays in that, I'd say he is pretty talented. Sure, he has other people singing, but collaborating with other artist to create something better than it would have been, had he done it alone, isn't really a sin, is it?

  85. cristina e eliandro aguiar santarosa

    me brazil

  86. Naomi Tallon

    Humming this song this morning without listening for months and months. Still love it <3

  87. 김진돈

    korea!! ㅎㅎ 한국인이라자랑스럽^^♡데헷

  88. victor ureta

    i really love this

  89. Andres Ramirez

    i think id like this song more as an instrumental

  90. שירן חמדי