Mark Knopfler - Hill Farmer's Blues Lyrics

I'm going into Tow Law
For what I need
Chain for the ripsaw
Killer for the weed
The dog's at the back door
Leave him be
Don't feed him jack
And don't wait up for me

Going into Tow Law
To fuel my fire
Shells for the twelve
And razor wire
The dog's at the back door
Leave him be
Don't do jack
And don't wait up for me

So bad so bad
So bad so bad

I'm going into Tow Law
To have my fun
Don't get me wrong
You were the only one
Behind my back lord
You made a fool of me
Don't do jack
And don't wait up for me

So bad so bad
So bad so bad

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Mark Knopfler Hill Farmer's Blues Comments
  1. Davide Bertin

    Questa e musica. Questi sono strumenti che si possono ascoltare

  2. CDC 232


  3. Albert Bach

    Is it only me or in Cordoba 2010 we saw indeed one of the finest performances by one of the finest musicians (if not the best) in modern times?

  4. Diva Silva

    Muito bom👏🏽👏🏽🇧🇷

  5. Jamile Ahmad

    i can't believe there' is any one can dislike this one.. God bless you are the best. love you Mark thank you

  6. Terry Link

    what cant this man do? I am late to the party with Mark but what a true genius he is. It is all that I listen to now. Saw him in concert in LA, blown away. He is a maestro in all he touches.

  7. Tina Valdez

    I just love your music "Mark" you're the best ! 🎼🎸🎶 this music is helping me heal from a broken heart💔 Thank you for being such a great musician...🎸🎶👍

  8. Alphie Prager

    All guitarists will appreciate that Reinhardt amp rig he is playing out of.

  9. David Parnell

    Mark Knopfler lends nobility to the human race with an electric guitar...his art...his grace...his humble voice finds a profound place...we are in "Dire Straits" as a a human race...his words find higher meaning....

  10. conchi dominguez

    Una voz sencilla, familiar.. pero acompasada maravillosamente con el sonido geniál de la guitarra. Beatiful ,precioso sonido... Me encanta 🎸🎶🎶

  11. fossaalta


  12. Mário Pereira

    (so baddddddd), but that's allright, One of the good things It's hear Mark Knopfler,😄😄😄😄😄😄😄.
    Stay on peace.

  13. Tina Valdez

    This man's hands on that guitar are magical. Every one of his songs brings magic to your life. He's just amazing.🎸🎸🎸🎶🎵😍🎼🎼🎼🎼🎤

  14. Armando Gomes


  15. Dolph80re 80

    Mark is god. I listen every day his masterpieces. Simply the best. Sultan love u

  16. Invista

    That style, and that smirk.. you know a good song is coming....!

  17. Cardápio Musical

    uol demais mk top!!

  18. tosihiko isobe


  19. T1000jts Android

    Хорошая песня:-)

  20. Gerhard Bußmann


  21. Lalith Vithana

    without knopfler life is meaningless to me


    Il y a la musique de Mark, la guitare de Mark et celles des autres.

  23. Mark Kelly

    Clapton and Knopfler . Class by themselves

  24. Michel Ris

    WOW.....he is really exceptional for this concert noting to report (ras) The Most.

    Thank you/Merci/Hvala Miodrag/Michel Serbian/France :)👍🙏☀️❤Very good...

  25. Mernell Mobley

    Wow, what a beautiful song, the music is fabulous. So very very talented Mark Knopfler is . Wonderful band . Listen to this and all his other songs. Enjoy them all so very much

  26. Michel Farcy

    Un génie de la musique. Ce titre est magnifique. J'adore !

  27. Krystyna Matka


  28. Sam Harry

    Je l’écoute en boucle

  29. Rosa Della Corte

    Un Genio della Musica....Immortale!

  30. Fiammetta 7

    Anda que no hacía calor aquel día en Córdoba y en aquel concierto, creo que es el día de vida que más calor he pasado pero valió la pena una y mil veces. Repetiría ahora mismo si pudiera. Nos dio un concierto inolvidable a pesar de estar convaleciente de una cirugía. Todo un genio de la música. Gracias maestro por ese recuerdo maravilloso que permanecerá en mi para siempre. ❤️

  31. Ronny Fürst

    mark knopfler is the greatest! I love him for what he does. like i heard his back hurts and some say his fingers too.... but he knows that we all need his music to live with. the songs are milestones for peoples... and for us he is still on stage... thank you mr. mark first concert was in basel.... when i was a little boy

  32. Pedro Pereira

    Amazing song ...
    Pure sound ...
    Great musicians ...
    Mark Knopfler is a living legend !!!

  33. Fawzi Boussel

    Mark is the best rien a dire

  34. Dixon Hickman


  35. Luciana Taricco

    Mark!!..non mi stancherò mai di acoltare la tua musica....❤

  36. batjuancrespo batjuancrespo

    The first strings.... Like a knife...

  37. محمود صلاح الدين

    Just amazing..

  38. Alain Deroi

    ENORME ce titre !! Un son d'enfer ! Du trés grand Mark. J'adore 😎

  39. Greg Allsop

    Saw him play this in concert in 2015. By the end of the song I was just drained of all strength. F*&^in incredible!

  40. Stuart Mclaughlin

    The tone he gets from that Les Paul is unbelievable. Top musicianship right there on that stage. The drums and bass line when Mark is playing the outro is top notch.

  41. 19Beteigeuze84

    How good was that??? Wow!!!

  42. batjuancrespo batjuancrespo

    Like a knife... To our hearts...
    So bad...
    So bad.........

  43. Pedro.F7 M.dojeda.

    Impresionante Mark.
    Muchísimas gracias por tu extraordinaria música y voz
    El mejor guitarrista de Siempre, único, inigualable.

  44. Juan José Mochon blanco

    simplemente espectacular como suena que bueno es este tio

  45. Carol Siedzik

    This song is absolutely captivating ♥️

  46. SHADOW

    Pure poetry, simply awesome.

  47. محمود صلاح الدين

    Wow, amazing song.

  48. Jack Cardozo

    The band members are awesome, each one of them contributing to a beautiful tapestry... I can hear the lead backup, bass, drums playing into Mark's lead /vocals. very cool!!

  49. nuruddin ansari

    Hurustul nice

  50. victor.Leslie August Pikington August pilkington

    When you think that this man was in so much pain he had to sit down , but did he cry off and go and lay down and feel sorry for himself NO he got up on stage found a chair and gave his adoring fans what they came to see and hear , that's at God level long live MK

  51. Pasci

    Amazing, soooo beautiful...

  52. sikorka sikorka

    super super

  53. Juan Antonio Ortigosa Arjona

    Era un invierno frío, muy frío y de Luna grande. Extraño como las melodías que guardaron todo en sus notas. Sin embargo vino ella a calentarlo. Al recibir de nuevo esta canción, hoy, se instalaron todos los momentos vividos aquel 2015 en que tantas lágrimas me haría derramar al recordarle. Hoy. Justamente hoy en que todo parece romperse en las desgarradoras notas de su guitarra... Y aún no cumplimos el deseo de ir allí al lugar del Índalo en el que ya vivimos otra vida.

  54. Ravi B

    My favourite song. What an intro piece and of course the drums; fell in love the first time i heard it. Based on this, pls can anyone suggest more songs by any other artist ?? My journey of discovering musicians/music has come to a standstill since the time i have discovered Knopfler; it's been 5 years and i have not been able to discover more stuff.
    Started with metal, moved towards classic rock, Pink floyd was before Mark Knopfler dawned and the only stuff i listen to now is Knopfler and Beethoven, and of course a few fav tracks here and there. I am 33 and i begin to question why age has something to do with discovering more artists. Eager to receive recommendations. Long live Knopfler and his band !


    Give Rush Permanent waves a try, all of it; musical geniuses of the highest order. 3 guys creating all of that layered music. My other fav along with Knopfler/DS, and Floyd.

  55. khaled khader

    mark numéro 1,,,,,,rien à dire

  56. TheChris9110

    it's too good to describe.

  57. Dan Bolger

    I love this song. Long been a fan of Mark Knopfler's music. The lyrics and instrumentation are phenomenal. Journalistic, soulful, and worldly.

  58. sirosewoudt

    Look at the bass player going wild!! Love this song!


    I noticed that as well; that wallowing bass he’s all over that neck; wild. He’s making love to that instrument! And I think he’s using a pick... which is OK.

  59. Jon Dough

    the sounds !....the sounds of this.... -really, need no is an amazing collection of -emotions- simply captured for your ears, your thoughts, and your heart... -Bravo Mark ! you are an amazing musician,...par excellence in this world, today. there is no doubt in my mind that God guides your spirit -and your fingers...keep on, keepin on...

  60. Sabrina Cuesta

    de cuales cordobas es ? españa o de las americas ?

  61. Jane Lucy Pinto Cardoso

    Gostaria de poder dar milhares de "likes" nessa música, porque ela é linda demais! Parabéns Mark!!!

  62. Juan Martin Torrejon

    Genios como este no deven de morir la buena musica.michael michael .elvis.
    Etc etc.etc forever vivos en nuestros corazones

  63. MissDistarr60

    Lyrics:I'm going into Tow Law
    For what I need
    Chain for the ripsaw
    Killer for the weed
    The dog's at the back door
    Leave him be
    Don't feed him jack
    And don't wait up for me

    Going into Tow Law
    To fuel my fire
    Shells for the twelve
    And razor wire
    The dog's at the back door
    Leave him be
    Don't do jack
    And don't wait up for me

    So bad so bad
    So bad so bad

    I'm going into Tow Law
    To have my fun
    Don't get me wrong
    You were the only one
    Behind my back lord
    You made a fool of me
    Don't do jack
    And don't wait up for me

    So bad so bad
    So bad so bad

  64. Robert Jonckiere

    Le meilleur guitariste du monde 👏👏👏😁👍😜

  65. Lewis Carroll

    I was in that concert...simple amazing!!

  66. Gary Deighton

    The solo 😎


    Never overdoing...just the exact notes and beats to get your mind to the pitch perfect right kind of high....every single time.....only genius men can be so perfectly limited in so many limitless number of hit the bulls eye mark every time....oh boy....oh oh boy..

    And to add: Only top quality musicians like him attracts such top notch musicians willing to just blend in the background following your lead. Sublime stuff.

  68. Mdar Salah

    Hill farmer s blues.... Mark knopfler thanks.

  69. C.E ÁGORA

    For me....the best!

  70. Jane Lucy Pinto Cardoso

    Pura emoção! Lindo demais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Roberto Timo

    Danny and Pick. Il resto e' noia.

  72. Johnny Martin

    I love the way MK’s lyrics finish and then the band have what seems like a jamming session that could go on forever!

  73. manualidadesdivertidas

    Simplemente genial, una composicion excelent el general Mark Knopfler sera siempre el general, excelente...

  74. zillene silva

    Tá talento inexplicável um dom de Deus

  75. adamdabs

    Great version of this song, extended from the album track and the better for it

  76. KidKentucky


  77. Patrick FORVEILLE

    So sad for not having been there to see this


    Je suis le seul reunionnais à écouté ce grand t'artiste

  79. nefsjud

    Love this man! Love his music too.

  80. Moussa Alioua

    M A G I C.

  81. Encarna la vida loca

    Como e disfrutado y lo sigo haciendo con su música!

  82. Samko D

    Great, charming Music... Pure creativity...

  83. Iracema Mirão Lima

    It's is unbelievable, how Mark get to be each time better with pass the time! This song is very beautiful! I love it.

  84. Salado Rio

    It was the good old days, we do not do more misique like that ... and Mark, there will be more guys like him ... !!

  85. Robert Harding

    Beautiful St. Marc

  86. milano lombardia

    Hola ghofra un salut desde milan para te ciaoooo

  87. Danielle Greene

    I might change over to Rihanna yeah right

  88. Tom Kub


  89. LillianaBMS

    Oh goodness, this is breathtaking...thank you!

  90. Peter West

    a pure masterpiece of live music, the harmonics on the the Gibson guitar at 2:25 is to die for

  91. Nimesh Sompura

    he adds meaning to my life.

    Thomas Van Der Plas

    Same my friend! In ways we will never be able to describe! Let the music talk.

  92. Antonio Storella

    pezzo strumentalmente fantastico.Grandissima band.

  93. Robert Harding


  94. Severinomatiasdeoliveira Matias

    da hora so peso

  95. Juan Fernandez Paz

    2:30.. puedes sentirlo? Es ritmo, corazón, magia, sentimiento!!