Mark Chesnutt - Lost In The Feeling Lyrics

We step out on the dance floor the band starts to play
Holding you close I get carried away
Finding that falling is easy to do
Lost in the feeling with you

Time's standing still as I Whirl you around
We're dancing without even touching the ground
Finding that falling is easy to do
Lost in the feeling with you

No words are spoken
None need to be said
You and the music
Have gone to my head

But I'll just go on when the music is through
Lost in the feeling with you
Lost in the feeling with you
Lost in the feeling with you

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Mark Chesnutt Lost In The Feeling Comments
  1. Eric Floyd

    I love this song❤

  2. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin I'm Finding That Fallin'Is Easy To Do Lost In The Feeling With You

  3. Sheila Pollock

    Conway is smiling..

  4. sniper12440

    One of marks best that,s real country the way it should be done.

  5. Aryonna CrispyChicken

    They showed conway twitty I love him omg and mark chesnutt

  6. Crystal H

    This was played at my wedding. I still get the feels when I hear it, 18 years later!

  7. Rebecca Jewell

    Wonderful Mark C.
    Thank you

  8. westbender 820

    Should have had a long steel break at the end like the original....but I still like.

  9. Kelton King

    Ricky Skaggs sung harmony on Conway's original cut.

  10. Teresa Harmon


  11. Bill Goldsborough

    This song makes me think bout a special women n what we had together was special

  12. Joseph Mccauley

    mmmmmmmmmmmm yes

  13. LittleSlim78

    Mark can sing a tune bruh. And he sings it with style. Mark is Kool as ice.

  14. Fiona Tomany

    who's playing steel on this?

    Jonathan Reynolds

    Fiona Tomany Paul Franklin did the steel work on the record.

    Fiona Tomany

    thank you i thought it was him

  15. shona goobie

    brillant mark wish you could come back to the uk

  16. nascarfan88ta

    Conway would be proud. This is probably the best cover of one of his songs

    Sheila Pollock

    I agree..

  17. j w

    this is country music

  18. Pearl Wynkoop

    OMG! This man can sing to me any time! I love his voice!

  19. Dale Jr

    Love his music

  20. itsnotthesamething

    I don't know why Mark Chesnutt never got big ratings. To me, his voice is more unique, rich and beautiful than most country singers of his time, and even now. I guess he didn't sell out to what the executives wanted. Good job, Mark! 

    Fiona Tomany

    wish there was more like him around the stuff comin gout of Nashville is crap but it's ok becasue it sells .

    Richard Ryan

    I agree with you. He`s one of the best.

    Chris Willis

    I just watched a video of an interview of his....he explained it....he is just too traditional. Explains why I love him. :)

    Richard Ryan

    I`m with you Chris. Mark is one of the all time greats. Too bad he hasn`t gotten more recognition. Love his music. Most of the stuff on radio now isn`t country and it isn`t rock. It`s a crock. Chesnutt still does real country.


    At least there are some of us who know real music when we hear it. :)

  21. ChessieSystem

    I remember when the original came out sometime around 1983 by Conway, wow.  It was pure country and todays crap ain't nothing compared to it for sure.

  22. itsnotthesamething

    I love that deep southern country twang in this song.

  23. Donna Langley

    Nice tribute to Conway...

    Alex Townsend

    Blake Shelton did the same greatness on Goodbye Time

  24. brian7301975

    How could this song be #59 in 2000. It's a great song.

    Kelton King

    brian7301975 Because in 2000 they didn’t want Traditional Country Music.

  25. itsnotthesamething

    I'm sure in this new era, Conway could have made this song as rich in sound, but he wasn't here to do it. Thank God for Mark Chesnutt, to remake this wonderful song.

  26. Ingebjorg Mosberg


  27. pwright9672

    mark chesnutt is my hero

  28. luckyyslady

    You and the music have gone to my head!!! Loveee Mark! <3

  29. luckyyslady

    Omg I love this song so much!!! Mark is the most incredible country singer ever!!! <3 Lost in the feeling with you!!

  30. Chris Hinton

    The parts of Conway Twitty and and John Hughey will now be played by Mark Chesnutt and Paul Franklin.

    Roy Marriner

    Chris Hinton no

  31. Regina Pfaefflin

    A one of a kind voice from an artist who does not get the recognition he deserves.

  32. hillbillysgirl1024


  33. luckyyslady

    OMG I love this song! Mark darlin you are the most awesome country singer! I saw you 5 times in person and I can't wait to see you over and over again! I just love your true country sound! Please hurry back to Charlotte, North Carolina!!!!

  34. robert rogers

    Totally Awsome....A Mark Chesnutt Paul Franklin Colaboration

  35. texx07

    one of my favorite country songs off all time