Mark Chesnutt - Go Away Lyrics

I was hoping you'd be gone
Tonight when I got home
What are you still waiting for
You're probably thinking that
She won't like it where she's at
And she'll come knocking on my door
I used to believe that too
But I don't anymore.

So go away, blues don't hand around
She's gone, let me love again somehow
I've tried, but I could not make her stay
So be like her and go away.

Well, here we are again
My old foul-weathered friend
Not much left to talk about
We've cried and shared some laughs
Reminiscing this and that
But it all seems so tiresome now
You've been good company
But you wore your welcome thin.

So go away, blues don't hand around
She's gone, let me love again somehow
I've tried, but I could not make her stay
So be like her and go away.

Go away, blues don't hand around
She's gone, let me love again somehow
I've tried, but I could not make her stay
So be like her and go away...

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Mark Chesnutt Go Away Comments
  1. Debra Parkerson

    Maybe reason my mama an stepdad lived in Texas, new Orleans.

  2. Debra Parkerson

    Don't know what the ties are that bind us but one day I will
    God bless you an yours...

  3. Robert Scott Wilson

    When a marriage is falling apart you have to bury your feelings and move on

  4. Scott Foor

    It was almost good bye for me and my wife

  5. William Harvey

    Mark and his band were voted best mullets in Nashville !

  6. Brad Caskey

    Good dude And that dude can shoot a pistol. Did it . Ask Tom Glasscock. Mark Chestnut is real

  7. James Cravens

    It's a shame that crap they play nowadays what they call Country this was good country

  8. Kenny Clark

    If yall get a Chance listen to [Broken] by Country Artist:Kenny Clark it will change you in ways you never thought a single could.

  9. J. Huff Humble

    One of the greatest country love songs ever created !!! Mark did this song perfectly !!!
    This is real country music !!!

  10. Holly Wilde

    Simpler times. I miss them.

  11. Matt James

    Listening in December 2019 .. still a top favorite of mine!

  12. Rudyard Pasking

    The 90's produced too much great country singers that we now lack any of them in this generation.

  13. Stephen See

    This is and will always be my favorite country singer and my favorite son of all time.

  14. Joshua Harley

    Mark Chesnutt is one of the greatest there is.. hopefully country music will make a come back soon.

  15. fernando sampaio

    congratulations. very nice song. romantic as well.

  16. chris hooker

    Bring this music back

  17. John Thompson

    New country blows! Forever country, Forever 90s

  18. Jeff Griffin

    This is called real country music from my generation of the 80es and 90es

  19. robert mcelrath

    My God I overdosed to this song on 10-30-2019

  20. Shane Collins

    Why couldn't people stuck to traditional country music like this .but no they had to make pop music and call it todays country ...😮?.... it's not country call it what it is Pop and rap music why do people change so much I miss the old days please bring back the good country I was raised on

  21. Brittany Victoria

    My boyfriend just sent this to me and I'm crying my eyes out! So I'm guessing he wants to say good bye but can't 😭
    My hearts breaking

  22. jbscotchman

    This is an epic ballad!

  23. margaret barron

    Heard on the way to Alabama from NY ..flash back to the 90’s ..I really needed to hear this again

  24. Lauren Clements

    This song is a classic, still great in 2019!

    Braden Weller

    It sure is!

  25. Wayne Sanchez

    REAL COUNTRY MUSIC, people!!

  26. robert mcelrath

    When we’ve had almost goodbyes for the last 6 years then catch her cheating. I can’t do it anymore! This song gives me chills understanding my mistakes but then honestly trying. Met her in 2004 and our divorce will be final in two weeks. Two beautiful children later and I’m so hurt! We had so many all most goodbyes I just need peace now! We are both recovering alcoholics and I love her so! You can only rob the trust bucket so much! Never any deposited made into the trust bucket.

    Marilee Dent

    I tried eventually I left took a plane South vacation stayed. Never heard him say sorry. Alcoholic and drug's I left. I love him but I just remarried a great man my best friend

  27. John Wheater

    Amen real country

  28. Derek Daly

    2019 ?🎼

  29. Matthew Hooks

    Hot Damn! Came home and my girlfriend got me tickets to his concert in Baton Rouge in November!

  30. Michael Carriero

    This song still gets me right in the feels ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Michael Carriero

    This will always be my Favorite Mark Chestnutt song... September 2019

  32. Beau Long

    *"Sometimes The Most Important Words Are The One's That You Leave Unspoken"*

  33. James Cravens

    Everyone is entitled to their taste in music but I can't believe no one would not like the song

  34. William Harvey

    the first country style like this showed up when Merle Haggard did it in the 1960's . he used Wynn Stewart's sound as a template . we began to hear this as the modern country sound in about 1975/76 . so you can say it only took the rest of country music ten years to catch up to Merle .

  35. Emily Choate

    Joe En Em Amem

  36. Deranged Lunatic

    I have forgotten just how good this song is.

  37. marketmogul

    SOB this is a good song.

  38. Heather Walker40

    I just bought tickets to see your show in Klamath Falls, Oregon at the end of Sept. I can't wait to hear and see you live!!☺

    Tina Rios

    You are lucky

  39. Shelley Hall

    That MF can sing!! Gives me chills..

  40. Cam The Man

    Great song Mark, I really wish to meet you someday and every country singer.

  41. Odin’s Pride

    Damn I miss country music like this

  42. bob bob

    The girl I thought I would never lose said goodbye a couple months ago its the hardest thing ive ever done 😭💔

    Eduane Goss

    I feel ya brother

  43. shona goobie

    thank you for shareing mark

  44. Lori Watts

    One of the best voices to ever come out of Oklahoma. God I miss music like this. 🎶

  45. Marty Moffatt

    holy smokes this man can sing... they dont make them like this guy anymore.. wow... WV loves ya Mark...

  46. Campbell Thomas

    Miss this guy

  47. cindy

    It was almost goodbye it was good bye

  48. wade5941

    Just appreciating how good Mark and others really were and are. I am here because I just can't listen to new country anymore.

  49. Billy Sanders

    This song will really confuse the heart and bring back back memories the heart should forget.

  50. Darren Burke

    90’s Country was the Goldilocks era...just Right :-)

  51. Angela Stout

    Love this song!!!!!!

  52. Reba Mackey

    What nobody's listening to this beautiful song. Your missing out.

  53. Charlie Potts

    I was 13 when this song was the kats meow .... now im 39 and still the kats meow lol sum beach im old now 😭😭😂😂😂

  54. Robert Bremerman

    Back when country music and the universe had a meaning

  55. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch I'm sorry I didn't know you was coming down today I didnt get Hillary message until about a hour before marsh got home but we come pick you up on sat if you want me to if you will have Hillary to text me on 606--669--3963 I'd like to talk to her if you and her don't mind pleseae honey I promise I'll be there sat but that the best i can do dont be mad just give me a little time to come and get you I want you here to please text me her number she said for me to call her but I don't have her number so mitch text l me her number so i can talk to her please honey love you forever always sweetheart xo xo xo xo xo xo please have her to text me or you text me her number love you please

  56. Teresa McClanahan


  57. Brent Woods

    Love this song

  58. djrizki

    Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia, I'm one of those the lucky ones that got touched with this beautiful gem, alas they really need to make Country music more accessible world wide ...

  59. Shane Collins

    I miss this kinda country country now days is not country bring back the good stuff

  60. dmax junky

    Almost good bye.

  61. His wife his babyJ his wifey babyJ baby J

    This is mine and my husband life

  62. Amanda Foster

    Miss this kind of country...💙💙💙🎤🎤👏👏👏👏

  63. Tina Beck

    Great song thanks for sharein

  64. D Zulcic

    1.4 k maroons,idiots lol,just don't understand what they don't like about this timeless music

  65. HighSpeedNoDrag

    Tumbleweeds, Stillwater, Payne Co., OK


    Country music is what I like to listen in my pastime.

  67. Steve Potroast

    Let me guess..everyone is going to say they dont make country like this anymore. Todays country is just trash blah blah. Just shutup and listen


    Steve Potroast well it’s true

  68. Brian C

    Can't I believe I never heard this song before. But it INSTANTLY just became one of my favorite songs. So beautiful.The lyrics are perfect.his voice phenomenal.

  69. Matt Hadden

    This song is absolutely haunting. Takes me back years at lightning speed in the first few chords. One of the best country songs of the 90s right before country music became terminally ill.

  70. sean williams

    I like a little Country, this is one of them!

  71. Sherman Bates

    I love this song it takes me back when i was a little kid growning up in my emoh town monroe louisiana it takes me all the way back listen to the old school guitar i love it yall

  72. Karen Farre;ll

    another failed relationship

  73. Beautiful Mess

    This is REAL COUNTRY!! HEART AND SOUL DOWN TO THE CORE... still listening in 2019

  74. Rudy Ang

    Elementary pa ako nung una Kong marinig Ang kantang to at nagustuhan ko,gang ngayon gustung gusto ko parin

  75. Emily Choate

    Cmy is Cm Loy em cm Loe cm vo em Em Loy

  76. his wife his baby J his baby J

    This is me and my husband we can't walk out we still fighting for this love we can't say it or do it it was almost goodbye

  77. Tiffaney

    I'm still numb, still hurt, still angry n still here... It was almost goodbye but neither of us could do it... I'm not sure how we'll make it thru this time, but we didn't say it. 💔😭

  78. Alex Crawford

    This is a beautiful song and music video!

  79. E. J. WENDLNG.

    Great voice love all his songs

  80. Cory Foster

    U no I tried I’m still in love with u

  81. Michael Ledbetter

    Last couple of women in my life said this kind of music was too country, oh well, I can enjoy it alone if I have to

  82. Kylie Pollert

    My favorite Mark Chesnutt song

  83. spell4yr

    Great song. However I love how the fiddle player is sure shredding it in the band scenes even when there’s no fiddle in the track.

  84. waynelac

    this is pure country thanks to cmt in the 90s

  85. rene kackline

    DAMN, he was good looking! Love his voice! Severly underrated!

    Tina Rios

    Yes very handsome and a great singer.

  86. SpinninG Backfist

    marks a country music legend folks...Thats his wife in the video...Master of his craft...

  87. diametrically opposing theorist always say no

    Damn good song!!

  88. Millie Burgess

    that's so true country music was definitely true country

  89. Matt Lemacks

    2018 still loving some mark chesnutt

  90. nahmanini sithole

    So let me make sure I understand... Mark Chesnutt is in love with a 14 year old boy?

  91. Sandra Rock

    Country music awesome

  92. Carl Grove

    90s was definitely the best time for country music , I got kind of stuck in the 90s when they took cmt off our tvs here in england, we go to texas every year and went to see mark this year he still has it 🤠🤠🤠

  93. Ashley Folden

    Key change at 3:10

  94. Anna Jones

    Love his music... can listen all day.

  95. Charles Robert

    Many of you people talk about how today's country music is more "country pop",and I agree. I would like to ask you people,about what year did this transformation occur? Around the year 2000? It seems like when we started a new century,we started a new form of country music which I call "country pop". I would great appreciate as many opinions as possible. Thanks people!

  96. LaDon Hilley

    I like his music. He didn't have to have anything special to put on a great show.

  97. Scott Kimber

    Seven and a half years wow. No goodbye in sight

  98. Dakota Carlton

    Most of today’s “country music” doesn’t come close to comparison to the old country and 2000’s country!

  99. Dillon James Locke

    I am 19 and because of my dad I grew up on George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Mark Chesnut, Alabama, and Red Sovine.


    Dillon James Locke don’t forget George Jones