Mark Battles - Where I'm From Lyrics

[Mark Battles:]
It's fly America

See where I'm from, ain't no telling what you might see
Know a nigga that seen more Knicks than spike lee
20 sack for the right fee, she get in the back cause she digging the tracks and the tight beat
Ridiculous raps, you niggas is wack
Lyrically asked to a hype beat
Kicking the facts and its all free
The game is a mess so they call me
I'm cleaning it up, we sweeping this stuff
Go beast is a must til I'm balls deep
Dog me and I'm Beethoven
How he sleeping, leave the cage open
This a stoner nigga stay smoking
Kept it real so my name blowing
Wayne Owens, that's my nigga dog
You don't wanna see him have to get involved
If I said it, I did it all
I'm spitting raw, they sitting off, kicking off then get rid of y'all
Deal with loss, take it like a boss
Danny said you gotta pay the cost
She take it off 'cause the way I talk
I'm top of the line then I'm breaking them off
Created a loft, then get paid for my thoughts
Trace it in chalk cause I bodied them all
Stuck in the past dog you gotta evolve
Not if we strong, they hitting so hard, bullying beats, stay in the yard, making it large, hands in the air like they taking a charge
A bunch of yes men, and I'm not with them
Not too much convincing, give me 5 minutes
Had an atheist tell me my flow is God given
How could you doubt fire, rest in peace to Rob Williams
Its Battles

[Tory Lanez:]
Seven hundred pair of Jordans like I'm Michael Jordan
Ironic copy with your wife and scoring
Iconic nigga in that blackened Bentley
And shout out to your bitch I fucked by accidently
Black on black we pull up like somebody died
Guess its cause my girl just set the game on homicide
Photo self is foreign colored like a Easter egg
I can't even talk to Siri I think she the feds
Don't resort the violence, I just resort the islands
Got some bitches with me, bad is for your tolerance
Master in the bachelor, fuck a four year college
I go to sleep and wake up when the sun can scorch the islands, Fuck when they put me in this position, had to hit some niggas with a 40 kinda let them know I left from this position
With the trigger finger in addition got them hitters with me like a job bang
Pistols ripping, leaving niggas stiff and let the medics zip him like he bald man
Fuck are they waiting on, fuck are they waiting on
This money in hundreds, my honey be stunting and that's what the fuck they be hating on
Its paid but don't make what you niggas be looking like that ain't the motherfucking way to go
I ain't wanna be around these broke niggas that's what the fuck that I made it for

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Mark Battles Where I'm From Comments
  1. El Zee

    Dog meat and I’m Beethoven 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mark the 🐐

  2. Merry Me

    23 xx~xy flight pearl jammed🎀 living too fly in american states....

  3. Johnny Atkison

    Still here!

  4. Cobey Merenda

    Mark battles need way more fucking attention known him for years now 😩

  5. Lou Charles

    This is soooo sick

  6. wagstein96

    Absolute fire, keep it up brother!!!

  7. Charles Ellis

    tory lanez verse was kinda weak

    Romy Taylor


  8. Patrick Kirland

    2017 here

  9. Toasterus Prime

    tory biting drakes flow hard on this one. but love mark's part straight fire


    Toasterus Prime lmao you crazy

    Rose Ferguson

    Toasterus Prime True he real crazy

  10. Maq

    "I can't talk to Siri I think she the Feds" LOL


    Easter Eggin he stole that from Wayne off dedication 5

  11. David Guerrero

    Fly America!

  12. Pelon Martinez

    Two of my favorite underrated rappers, just found this track. Tory damn near made it, it's time Mark...

  13. Thomas Daniel

    If you know what your dream is, defend it.

  14. Maq

    Lol , she taking it off Cuz the way I talk 🔥

  15. Prod. Chris Jayden

    Genuinely enjoy your videos, keep uploading 🔥

  16. Mark Battles

    Mark Battles "Before The Deal" is now available


    Google Play:

  17. Daniel Carey

    "how could you doubt fire? R.I.P to Rob Williams" that line alone makes the verse 🔥🔥

    Yll Hoxha

    plus the previous line "had an atheist tell me my flow was God Given"

  18. Airton Moura

    Tory Lanez
    The New Toronto

  19. Anthony Lucianno

    hmu for graphics for cheap

  20. Menessy27

    Not a fan of Tory on this cuz he sounds really similar to Lil Wayne especially the flow hes using but Mark killed it


    Menessy27 tory killed it

    Rose Ferguson

    Menessy27 True

    Eric Alvarez

    Menessy27 🖕GTFO with your stupid ass comment

  21. Isaiah Duffenais

    this is straight up fire.. should be more known..!really 39,000 views only???

  22. Yannick Kimenyi

    This so dope
    Shout out to RALPH

  23. Seth Frohnheiser

    this song lyrically is insane

  24. James Brewer

    Hard AF

  25. Parks G

    Instagram brought me here haha

    Kirti P

    Parks Groninger that basketball

  26. Mark Battles

    Mark Battles debut album "Numb" is available now

  27. Ele Ce

    I can't even talk to Siri, I think she the feds,,,,, that shit is dope!

  28. Aime-jah Delva

    had an atheist tell me my gift was god-given ...... say no more fire

    cole reed


    Chase Ruffcorn

    Aime-jah Delva it is I had an atheist tell me my flow was god given

  29. itsyaaboii

    This track is fire, they both went in on this!!!

  30. -Sir WESLEE-

    Oh shit my nigga Mark dropped a new mixtape and i almost didn't know about it...and got Lanez on a track, yea i know what im bout to hear in my car for a while

  31. chrisryan420

    Why you don't shout out the hood