Mark Battles - Threes Lyrics

Ohhh you do this for fun bro
25 on a stab just to unload
25, city tour, keep the blunts rolled
20 hoes breaking code just for front row
And I don't even smoke though
Apple Doug had the pounds by the boatload
OG Jelly had the city in a chokehold
You weak niggas put a nigga up in go-mode
Stick me on the big screen
Get cream every time I hit a 16
Fit, mean, ripped jeans, and the kicks clean
Lil nigga from the 'Nap doing big things
Cause anything can happen
Fame, money, fashion, how I make it as a rapper?
Tried to hold me down, had to break up out the shackles
I ain't on the album, do it really even matter?
But it's your time right?
Bout to lose it like a virgin chick on prom night
Go hard, got bars, like I crime fight
And don't tell me how to live, this is my life
I'ma do what I please
Your career manufactured like fruit with no seeds (eugh)
Cut the roof off the coupe, feel the breeze
Ballin doin' threes like a nigga in the league
Take a few of these, it'll catch you up to speed
F.A. is a team, yo we got what you need
Once you a Vasi nigga, Ima be honest with ya
That's not what you need
Clock won't stop, turn the prophet degree
My girl keep crying, got snot in her weave
Hop up and leave, can't stop the proceeds
Drop the degrees then pocket the cheese
How you gone stop a machine?
Party with my team, cause it started as a dream
No Martin Luther King, this is hardly what it seem
(Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup...) nigga Threes

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Mark Battles Threes Comments
  1. mike hawk

    Shirley horn here's to life

  2. Corey Fuston

    The most slept on rapper rn

  3. Isaiah Nonoy

    This beat needs a video for real.

  4. Jake Lyle

    Damn I been sleeping on this album tf this shit fire

  5. Daniel Camou

    Mark, Dizzy, Russ are so not getting there credit they need

    Kimchi Yamz


  6. galu isaako

    10th time being here today YEH YAH

  7. djcooldm

    what is that first sample that he uses right at the beginning?

  8. Lee Palmer

    copyright what bitch haha

    Lee Palmer

    my wife an kids and mother the only people who get my money.. respect that bitch . fuk this nigga

    Dillon Nihiser

    +Lee Palmer then get the fuck out of here you do you for your family but battles worked hard af to get to were he is and doesn't need people who not only don't support him but at the same time are saying fuck his copyright? he deserves every fucking cent for this album and it shouldn't even be on here and the fact you're sitting here saying fuck him but same time say been waiting for this shit... smh you're don't appreciate shit bro you're a sheep..

    Lee Palmer

    they come an go they come an go

    Cassie Barrett

    +Lee Palmer legends never die

    galu isaako

    +Lee Palmer your a cockhead mate fuck a cactus

  9. Daniel Camou

    man I've been waiting for this shit!!

  10. Kurt Hailey

    You kill shit