Mark Battles - This Is Me Lyrics

Here we go
This is me, before the deal
Before the big shows, before the stadiums and...
And, ah TV appearances and the radio play and the platinum album, and the Grammy, and the lies, and the rumors, and the depression, and the hatred
This is me in my purest form... and, I just want to share that with you

They said open your eyes, you got a lot to lose
No time to choose, get left confused if you don't follow rules
This Donald news remind these fools of when we shined they shoes
And picked up cotton, times forgotten, so we spoiled rotten
Nobody want to work, and nobody want to commit, so everybody getting hurt
I thought I had it first, but I guess you had it worse
I advise you learn to surf, this Vasi wave may save the earth, yep
Speak polite then take your purse, that's how it works, yep
Flee the scene, police sirens, see in the dirt, yep
Now it's another nigga gone
Twitter R.I.P.s I guess we'll put them in a song
Tell his mama to be strong, but where did she go wrong
Would he be out here thuggin' if his father was at home, I don't know
I can't complain bro, three shows in a row and this ain't closed
50k in a month, that's a bank roll
Main hoe got my name on her anal
Lay low, but I rep it like a gang though
Vic Vasi dripping gold, where the rainbow
Came slow, cause I got to let the name grow
Trap town, we was raised where you can't go
FA on some new shit, too slick, I could really get the booth lit
Blew quick, now I'm chilling with a cute chick
But I only tapped twice like a new pick
New life, who's this
I'm really just working on my music
These niggas really told me I was foolish
You can't make it with a message, you just stupid (what?)
Quit trying to preach to these thugs
It is what it was, man they like selling drugs (they like selling drugs)
We don't really care how you feel, I don't want to hear your song, if you ain't talking popping pills
At least talk about some coke ('bout some coke nigga)
Nigga, talk about the cars, are you broke? (are you broke nigga?)
Talk about the riches (talk about the money)
At least talk about some bitches (talk about the hoes)
We love all that crap, ain't you from the hood
Where's your blunt, where's you strap
Man you could've buzzed where you at, but you waited 'till this album to cuss on your raps, you're a loser
That's what the haters try to tell me, but I don't mind as long as my family healthy
I do shows, my fans crying for selfies
And I'mma rep the threes 'till they nail me

Before the deal
It's before the deal, it's before the deal
I ain't gon' change, keep it more than real
That's a promise
Threes up
It's Fly America

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Mark Battles This Is Me Comments
  1. harman jedi warlord

    If tyga released this he would've probably got like 2m likes

  2. Daniel Omoniyi

    I was a day one from day one. Mark battles is the realest rapper ever. He follows me on IG and replies occasionally. Thanks for keeping it real, man. But the prayer is that you remain consistent.

  3. Miguel

    Dreamville feel...

  4. Chisanga Phiri

    2019 here I am still vibing to his songs

  5. smack ya ma Nelson

    Who here in 2019?

  6. Andrew W

    Spread love to everyone in your life and just grind to get yours and make a difference in your city. Imagine if everyone did that

  7. dejan izlakar

    Respect and ty <3

  8. Eod19

    This song fuego

  9. Merry Me

    nigga whos history you your own shit white boy.....your youth gonna suffer stupid ignorant pain that has no glory.....suicide be more respected....lie to yourself off my shit railroading shit....fuck you and everything you represent......go cry....😄😃😀😊☺😉😍😛😝😜😙😗😚😘😳😁😔😌😒😞😣😅😰😥😪😭😂😢😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😴😎😷😋😆😖😤😵😲😟😦😧😈👿😇😶😯😕😐😬😮😏😑👲👳👮👷💂👵👴👩👨👧👦👶👱👼👸😺😸😻😽👺👹😾😹😿🙀😼💀👽💩🔥💧💦💢💥💫🌟✨💤💨👂👀👃👅👄👋✌✊👊👌👎👍✋👐👆👇👉👈🙌💃🏃🚶💪👏☝🙏👫👪👬👭💏💑👯💅💇💆🙋💁🙅🙆👰🙎🙍🙇🎩👑👒👔👕👢👠👡👞👟👚👗🎽👖👘👙💼💄🌂🎀👓👛👝👜💭💋💌👣💬💘👥👤

  10. Kareem Phillips Bynoe II

    Real Music Vibrations

  11. John Saraceni

    So sorry you struggle with of my favorite artists to ever live. You are amazing #Battles

  12. Lucas Uncapher

    Why is nobody speaking on the 1975 sample? Shits lit.

  13. Braham Guys

    This is what get for getting crazy over death metal and metal core. I missed out on some lyrical and spiritual artist!!!

  14. Indysky record's

    much love for battles share his fire!

  15. TheDirtyBird_ 11


  16. HolyWhoreHouse

    Cole needs to sign this man

  17. Xavier Lopez

    One of the realost rappers out there right now glad i found your music not too many rappers like you out

  18. Ufuk Gologlu


  19. lubna suboh

    the caption at the end...real 👁🌊🔮🙏🏽🎋

  20. Afonso Cruz

    This guy has a serious vibe...
    daaammm ♒♒♒

  21. Lou Charles

    This is soooo sick

  22. Logan Bopp

    been listening to battles for a long time now but can someone explain to me why he not on xxl?

  23. Edgar ortiz

    This song is tight!

  24. Alexander Phoenix C Sandoval

    That's that West Side shit battles

  25. Rhonalda Morris

    just downloaded Day 2 !! keep going Battles!!

  26. Conundrum s

    When are you going to drop a mix tape?? come on.

    Romy Taylor

    Bryce Smith he just dropped a project executive produced by Tory lanez


    Bryce Smith he has like 8 mix tapes. Check out Until September, Numb, Before the Deal, and Day 2 With Tory Lanez

    Conundrum s

    ItsJustDeycy oh I've heard them all. I ment like a new one. I was getting impatient.

  27. Melancholic

    This deserves more views.

  28. Keysean Jackson

    does he really have a platinum tape??? never heard of him I like it

    Matt Neumann

    Keysean Jackson no he’s saying this is him before all the fame and platinum album, meaning he’s going to make it one day

  29. Connoisseur Sauce

    got a dom kennedy feel from nap.

  30. Gta Online

    j cole vibes, look up brooks_dallas both yall from INDIANA

  31. Number 4

    how is he not that big?wtf

  32. Big Bone Meza

    Keep grinding Big fella!

  33. Drayven Nathaniel

    i fuck with mark battles man, don't take the deal. start your own label.

  34. Mikah

    So underrated man...

  35. Kalish420 Nakov47

    Man the text at the end

  36. T Chip

    Battles is a pretty good basketball player too. RIP Conner Courts

  37. Sean Stephens

    What's the sample for the second part?

  38. Mahdoogaly

    This man deserves this

  39. Myza Milli

    keep it up homie, you the shit

  40. MrIHadToDoIt614 x

    I learn from every loss. So when I lose I still win.

  41. MrIHadToDoIt614 x


  42. Just R3ckl3ss163

    to the people who disliked this take a middle finger and shove up 👍👍

  43. Cameron Gormley

    Underrated as fuck

  44. Luna

    it unsubbed me form u

  45. Aaron Delaney

    You should have way more subscribers and promotion over social media. You deserve to be among the likes of Hopsin and j Cole and Kendrick

  46. Cap n Crunch

    3rd best song from Battles 💯🔥🔥

  47. Woolard Wallace Media

    No body wanna commitso everybody getting hurt !!

  48. Alanna

    the 1975 in the back💛

    Alex Ramirez

    What song?

  49. Daniel Camou

    So under rated man 😪😪 you will make it mark just keep building your empire

    Romy Taylor

    Hopefully he breaks thru some more this year. SIngle with Tory lanez coming soon

    Daniel Camou

    Romy Taylor I know he deserves the shine

  50. Sean C

    Money Montage has created a masterpiece!

  51. Julian Montes

    And this why he is dope af

  52. Adrianthegoat

    Just know battles is gonna be up there one day he's to versatile

  53. Adrianthegoat

    Futuristic x battles collab ?

    Son Ayoo

    Adrianthegoat look up No Love, futuristic's featured in it


    Savage Ayoo yeah bro heard it that's heat ti

    Son Ayoo

    Adrianthegoat lol ikr, A lotta niggas talking about how the new generation fucked but they don't even know these rappers exist


    Savage Ayoo yeah bro they don't get it a lot of rappers now suck but rapper like battles is the rappers that should be A-list not lil uzi😴

  54. Adrianthegoat

    I can't name one homie that's keeping up

  55. Adrianthegoat

    Much love 3's up

  56. Adrianthegoat

    I remember the first time I listened to him around a year and a half ago man I was impressed look where he is at

  57. Adrianthegoat

    But once he does ik he won't forget any of you guys the day 1's that been stick w him

  58. Adrianthegoat

    Honestly battles deserves more he needs to be on call with double xl

  59. Adrianthegoat

    There is to much realness in here

  60. Versace key

    people sleep on you frfr🔥🔥

  61. xc ok

    The slow beat kind of reminds me of blue note and the beat change beat reminds me of no role modelz

    Son Ayoo

    xc ok saaaame, of only someone made an instrumental like this

  62. Wyatt Lewis

    that best not be an Arizona State hood

  63. rex panterra

    G needs to do a song with battles already Battles is so real

  64. Jj Pickens

    You are on you're way to the top

  65. Jason Ramon

    dang derek finny pass this dude his channel almost bigger than all of fly america


    battles signed to No ID and MAYBE def jam, he's going up. you'll see

  66. HardworkRules

    How does this have only 17k views this is one of my favorite song

  67. iFenom_z

    Main hoe got my name on her anal.

  68. Mee Young

    are you a indie artist?

  69. Chanel Capers

    Merry Christmas mark

  70. Bighead

    that switch up beat tho...

  71. lilk cam

    i dont understand why he dont have more views

  72. T Mainy

    I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY... other than damn

  73. Derek Moore

    Need to blow up now

  74. Jayzeus

    Nigga got that slow flow with them intricate bars. Hip Hop is in good hands 🔥🔥🔥

    Andre Leclerc

    Theblack Luigi 💯💯

  75. Abraham Munky

    9406 views #FlyAmerica

  76. Sean Hart

    Is this new

  77. Romy Taylor

    Can't wait to see what's in store for dude


    Mark you staying true to yourself
    i understand how you felt
    the radio is poo thats the only reason why these niggas need to be expelled
    they dont speak that real shit because they care about themselves
    these rappers act like they apart of a cartel, the art is the movement to compel

    The name Devin shout out to flyamerica gang its the best click
    true Mcs keep the essence, i hope you get i chance to read this message
    im broke and im stressing, i write it helps the depression im eighteen still learning lessons
    this is my hobby no money im investing, so i pray to god to give me direction

    i bumped the album numb since i was sixteen
    i put the song grow on repeat , rest in peace to your little bro yes indeed
    your guidance helped me believe that i could succeed
    flyamerica getting flown over im down with your team
    im from chalmette, Louisiana, ill be destined to rep them threes

  79. TheScopeo

    now this is what im talkin about this shit bangs lets get it

  80. orlando silva

    3's up 👌🏽

  81. Derek Fisher

    support all indiana artists!! mark battles is puttin us on!!!

  82. Christopher Blok

    Yo Bro, I love the music! Keep going with this style of yours. Would like to see you in the Netherlands ;)

  83. joelvallena

    mark battles!! I love your music man I wish I could meet you one day :( I hope you read this and I want a fly America hoodie so bad for Christmas just don't have the money for it, I always play your music on my streams and share your music to my homes keep it the music man!! #numberonefan


    the way the beat changes is amazing.

  85. Amanda Sands

    This has been on repeat for a while now 😘

  86. Damian Arrieta

    favorite song right here and reasons

  87. Cryo Raps

    I had no idea he had a platinum album

  88. Tim Gann

    fucking beautiful music man been getting me through the shit for years

  89. Josiah Jones

    Keep doing what u doing.👌

  90. Josiah Jones

    I can't stop replaying it

  91. Josiah Jones


  92. Camden Pfeiffer

    yo mark lemme get that 2g studio sesh doeXD

  93. isaactorres17

    you do no wrong bro. show some love to my clothing brands IG page though _kids2kings I stay slappin your shit everyone loves your music. that Chicken track gets replays on the daily bro 🔥🔥👌

  94. Kris M

    Real life Snapchat filter with those glasses

  95. YoungSteven

    THIS IS TOO FUEGO !!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  96. Nader Sabet

    Dope video! One of my favorites off the album!