Mark Battles - Sleep Lyrics

[Mark Battles:]
They say forgive and forget
But then that love turned into hate
So did it really exist?
I saw my cousin's wrist and I noticed the slits
God, turn me to a genie so I can grant her a wish
I'll let you free, no more tears, baby, spread your wings
With a voice of an angel and a smile of a queen
I came up as a peasant, now they treat me like a king
I got nothing left to bring, it's just my passion and my dream
I want a sing, but I can't I hope you feel my soul
Until you go through and tell you how you really know
Left right, up or down, where should we really go?
Just keep your pride, don't go and hide when things are moving slow
You see every lesson learned is a blessing earned
And regret is like a fire if you let it burn
While they shooting bullets by us we just standing firm
And they left us here with nothing but we made it work

I want a lot, not it all
And do she love me, not at all
I think them niggas not enough
Because they sleeping on me
I want a lot not it all
And do she love me not at all
I saw them niggas not enough
They kept on sleeping on me

[King Kap:]
Man I do it for my fam, do it for my cousin
Mike died on a motorbike, man this shit disgusting
Ima do it for my cause man no discussion
And this the only time I feel like I owe you something
So what the fuck is up, I'm grinding 'til the sun is up
While drinking out this double cup
Its lean, nah its liquor bruh
Please don't form addictions sir
Cause that's lonely mixture sir
More problems to be fixing up
A broken heart, just stitch it up
Hold on listen up
Cops supposed to be for us
But they just killing us
Plus funds going down, more problems adding up
Yeah we dressing super smooth, only cause we had it rough
Feel like Jenny Lopez, man I done had enough
I been running marathons, and ya'll just gassed up
So when I finish lines, you know your run is up
Life's a bad bitch, well I heard she sucks
I said ah!

[King Kap & Mark Battles:]
I want a lot, not it all
And do they love me, not at all
I swear theses niggas not enough
Keep on sleeping on me
I want a lot not it all
And do she love me not at all
I saw them niggas not enough
They kept on sleeping on me

[Mark Battles:]
I'm feeling numb to it all, you know?
A lot of distractions
All the hatred
I don't even feel it
It sounds so beautiful don't you agree?
Just take it all in
I don't care if you only got a gram on you, roll one up
That's for my smokers
If you're like me and you just high off life
I appreciate the vibes
Music's such a beautiful thing
Sometimes I ain't got to say nothing

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Mark Battles Sleep Comments
  1. Juli

    I need this best/instrumental! Where Can I get it??

  2. Ephraim Uchiha

    elhae beat tho..but well done there

  3. xosharonnoelle

    is this rascal - elhae's joint?

    Seanry Agbayani

    +xosharonnoelle it is! I noticed that too haha

  4. Howse

    This is his best work for sure. Not a single song I didn't like. Congrats bro.

  5. brougham 92

    Masterpiece Mark Battles. Thanks bro