Mark Battles - Savior / Now You Know Lyrics

I mean if you going to do it you better do it right you know what I mean
Its coming out pure yea nah man look
I'm telling you we not worried about these niggas
We just going to do what we do
You know everything is going to fall into place
Yea just trust me yea yah

Wake up in the morning
And I wash my nuts off niggas acting chick
Spread them all in duck sauce
Just to know what's up dog
I would never trust you because
My nigga brain broke always trying to bust off
The hell with you I don't sugar coat I tell the truth
I got a penny stomach feeling empty
I wonder why we fell in school
Drug dealers feeling too
Racket holes that will suck the crew
Plastic soles and rubber shoes
Man this is like nothing original
You all just ticking news clips
This is how we gotta live
Left alone with three kids
Don't know where the father is
No MTV they robbing big
City full of hostages in the mind they trapped
So in the trap they moving ostridges
Born without a pops to piss no extra on the shopping list
Spending 5 and pocket 6
Finished line we carbon kicks
Dinner time with foxy chicks
Quit the lying it make me sick
Duffle D on every hit I'm up to 3's they can't forget
Do the things you can't predict
Remove the springs and spray the whips
Who the king you can't be it
Make me laugh or make me rich

Oh Lord we ask you for forgiveness
I'm praying for the ghetto children
With their fathers missing
Like Lord I think we need a say
I beg you for an angel cause you know
These times are painful
Like Lord Lord thank you for saving me
Like Lord Lord thank you for saving life
Like Lord Lord thank you for saving life
Like Lord Lord thank you for save

So many lies I'm numb to it
You trying to block me by surprise
And I run through it young cupid heart big as
Lex Luger never dream of Fred Krueger
Traumatised the head southing do it once and keep moving
Huge enough to sweep units
Groupie sluts and cheap sushi
Brain in a rush don't sleep usually
Down with us you gotta prove it
Its kinda stupid I assume this is the hottest movement
These times are gruesome so I use my voice to preach them
And improvement don't use the useless cease the shootings
He going to see us through it yea we can do it
Seeming clueless hope I'm speaking fluent
It ain't a choice I feel I gotta cause I'd rather save a life
Than a dollar that's my honour in these battles

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Mark Battles Savior / Now You Know Comments
  1. David Boi

    This sample is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  2. KeoN

    Luh and mark in the same song? 🔥

  3. Nick DeAndrade

    one of best songs on album