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I said "Cuse, nigga, send me a beat"
I'm tryna drop this EP before the end of the week
All these niggas telling lies, dog, I live what I speak
And I'm cool being myself, I guess I'm very unique
Got them scared in they sleep
Open your eyes and be aware of the beast
No surprise, I ain't sharing the piece
On the rise so I barely can sleep
I got three kids of my own and taking care of my niece, it's deep
I'm on my grind nigga, time after time
Gotta say what's on my mind nigga
Yeah, she kinda fine but she ain't nothing unless I'm with her
God given talent, tryna balance on the time difference
My vision, got me speeding through against the time limit
I get it, I wasn't supposed to make it here
Getting famous and they hate it, now the ladies wanna cheer
Said I'm the favorite on the playlist, make the hatred disappear
These niggas Derrick Rose, they won't make it through the year
Nothing left to fear, time to hop up in my zone
Your new boo is like Youtube, always pop up on my phone
She will not leave me alone, throwing threes until I'm gone
Fly High Nation, F.O.D, I seen the movement getting strong
We getting it on, and it's better than likely
These haters throwing disses but it never excite me
I don't stress the minor things, I'm like Tyga and Kylie
Since Easter, twenty features, and you know that it's pricey
Oh they don't like me, you think I care?
Getting all this from this flawless flow that's causing them to stare
Now we on it bro, they overdosed, it's all legit, I swear
Tell her come here close, I want the most, no part of this is fair
Respect this art, see y'all just in this for the fame and money
I won't let them take it from me, working 'til my days are sunny
I ain't 'bout to play the dummy, think before you say it honey
Ain't no pressure, hear my day is coming
I'm gonna make them love me
Remaining hungry, times is painful but I can't bruise
Rest in peace to Carl, he's my angel so I can't lose
Tryna track my footprints but it's cool cause I changed shoes
I'm playing by the same rules, it's different when you pay dues
Aye you, keep it cool, you must remember
Running with some pitbulls, but they ain't yelling "Timber"
Humble up, you must show respect before you enter
Preparing for my dinner, I'll see you in September
It's Battles

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Mark Battles Remember Comments
  1. Dustin Brown

    Mark battles with kyle bent would b dope

  2. Mark Battles

    Mark Battles debut album "Numb" is available now

  3. Kyle V

    always waiting on new shit from battles, wont be slept on for long

  4. ed george

    Keep doing you mark battles. "The truth"

  5. Josh Venard

    Mark Battles always goin in, so underrated forreal..keep up yo thang g💯