Mark Battles - Pressure Lyrics

Look see I came from the gutter
The struggle and the pain
Got the game from my mother
Don't care about the fame
I ain't changing for nothing
Now I got this name I think niggas are in trouble
I got a smart mouth it use to get me into tussles
Squad about the bubble all the homies in a huddle
You never got to owe me if you know me I'll plug you
The way I cross niggas those niggas feeling puzzled
I hustle for a chance I'm about to get it poppin
Like Usher when he dance
Now they shuffling their hands
You loosing it again
That nigga Kalin and Jenner they just use to been the man
But now it's my time for the groupies and the fans
Motivated by the night I was sleeping in a van
Our guy fly die is what I'm preaching to the clan
Under pressure shouting out loud J
Massages from a Goddess say she love me cause I'm honest
From bumb me to acknowledge and it yakee and she swallows
Lucky cause I'm jogging and we running through the options
It's good lines just like I'm bosley
Ha for the pressure for the pressure yea

Wake up in the morning feeling like a million
Haters want to kill me all mad because I'm still a don
And I ain't having none got the juice like
Shout to the fans and surfing through these hustle raps
One day we will paddle that ain't about that back to back
Apple dug a rat a tat and jelly coming after that
And we ain't going to change for what
I think these guys hackling up
25 city tours and we set in a month
The bar guy flow retarded am I special or what yea
Shit why you all in a hurry
Am a warrior leave the team Steph Curry
She ain't good young man don't worry
Made that 3 fifteen fell in love at 3 thirty
Surely they get scary in the boothe
By 6 start to spec call fairy for the tooth
Am just sharing you the truth
Pop a cherry then I scoot
And conquer everything they was telling me to do
How the game sound with out me
Them niggas in the crowd the same ones that use to doubt me
Do you know my name man oh my memory is cloudy
Got a couple hundred mills then I'm outie read about me
About us to the pressure
For the pressure yeah

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Mark Battles Pressure Comments

    holy fuck he is soooo underrated, i'm glad he signed for def jam, hopefully we will see some versetrading with logic :3

  2. Alphie

    That Caitlyn Jenner line........

  3. MrIHadToDoIt614 x

    Yo if y'all like Mark Battles! Check out Demrick! They would make the REALIST album of all time!

  4. RyzBeat

    this is straight fire buddy

  5. xOfficial Gaming

    Mark x Logic . Please try to make this happen

  6. Leslie Harlan


  7. Jordon Tucker

    love this

  8. Cullen Cline

    nice s/o to my homie Logic tho too

    Taylor O'Bryan

    Chance too haha