Mark Battles - Pain Lyrics


Pain, what is pain?
Pain is digging in the couch searching for some change
Refrigerator empty and your pockets is the same
And your family don't support you, all they do is call you names
Plus your girlfriend acting strange
Nothing feels the same but she give you all the blame
Loving haters like the hardest thing to tame
And most of the times you losing faster than they came
Love, what is love?
Love could have you feeling like you caught up in a drug
Say it too soon, but had to call it what it was
Even see her everyday, but it never is enough
Forever in a rush just to get another touch
Trust too much to fuss, if it ended you'll be crushed
Trust, what is trust?
Trust is believing that she'll never give it up (ooh)
Even when you leaving and you gone for a month
She gone hold you down when everybody hold you up
Trust is when your homie hit you up
Asking you for money, said he need it for some lunch
Only got ten dollars but you give him all you tucked
Know if it was you then he would come up in the clutch
Y'all really been through way too much
Thinking about the old times, chilling, smoking blunts
And one night you woke him up
Screaming about the bleeding when he see the open cuts
You said you hate her plus you did it for the rush
You said it wasn't worth it
What is love?
What is pain?
What is trust?

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Mark Battles Pain Comments
  1. uv6o7

    This shit hits home man

  2. Factzitiz Music

    Most the time you lose it faster than it came🙏🏾

  3. Merry Me

    two halves better than one....aint better than👍 xx 💪dicking 💪king >👊 pearl jam🔫...👉xx👈>xy🔫👎.....💪♣♠

  4. Qazu

    Haven’t listened to this in almost two years. Still fire.

  5. Lou Charles

    Im rocking with it

  6. Zebkah // Ryan

    The fact that this only has 14,000 views is ridiculous. This dude mad underrated

  7. Mark Battles

    Mark Battles debut album "Numb" is available now

  8. Kevon Utley

    😮he real

  9. Tyler Simmons

    This is some real shit!

  10. Tak210

    Come do a show in Colorado?
    Turnin people onto Fly America ever since I was introduced to your music... Keep it up you the realist out there right now don't lose your way like the rest.

    V Guadarrama

    Never had a bad experience with Mark Battles. Coolest Guy Ever! Met Him 3 Times, And Those 3 Times He's Been Nothing But Real Cool And Real Humble.👌 He Loves His Fans!!

  11. Black Pyramid

    wow,this guy is killing it!!!one of the realest ones out here,keep up the good work man!

  12. Don Pharoh

    Keep doin yo thang this a classic

  13. jordan cufaro