Mark Battles - Open Doors Lyrics

Yo, No ID my mentor so let the story begin
No ID my mentor so let the story begin

If you don't understand my pain how you judge me for my actions?
Ladies say I'm handsome niggas love me for my passion
Grew up with no father so I had to make it happen
Was homeless with my daughter now we styling on these bastards
17 with 30k I stashed it in the mattress
Now I hear my momma say "You better pay them taxes"
Life becoming lavish naked pictures from an actress
Price tag on them panties say she only sleep with rappers
It's maddess, last I saw my bro was in a casket
Raised in the jungle struggle turned me to a savage
It's magic, how I went from nothing to Aladdin
Fly around the country while my homies puffing cabbage
No baggage it's Battles I ain't here to play with y'all
Gang gang bang it all
Same thing won't change at all
Maintain spring or fall
Baby this ain't nothing new, realest you could run into
Make yourself comfortable, I'm wonderful
With my crew like I make movies
Play dates with 8 groupies
Coach bags and fake booties
M-Dog and grape smoothies
This life is like a dream
3's up a nigga fighting for my team
Know what I mean?
Keep it real I'm only writing what I seen
I had to wait my turn now its time to do my thing
I'm a king
So you team if you run with us
Twitter thuggin' tell that muffin he can come get us
Dumb nigga, I punch lines and I punch niggas
No spare feelings was taught lessons from straight villains
They can't stand to watch the new me
Growing up with less will make you stress the things you do seek
What you know about having ham and cheese for two weeks
Or hearing shots ringing through the night so you lose sleep
Its too deep, so we working on the latest fashion
Body bagging while they lolly gagging
[?] I'm paying taxes make me so attractive
Do me and all my niggas hoes be going backwards
Its bars on top of bars and I don't own a tavern
When you hear 'em yelling threes then you know its Battles

These Open doors
I had to strive for these open doors
Can't fit the squad through these open doors
So keep them open for us
I'm thanking God for these open doors
I had to strive for these open doors
Can't fit the squad through these open doors
So keep them open for us
Keep them open for us

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Mark Battles Open Doors Comments
  1. Gregory Williams

    Very good, realistic.

  2. Ridge Gameren

    Incredible, so talented

  3. Joseph Hawks

    if you never think your music reaches anyone...remember me Mark. You the man in the spot. I relate to lots of your music. One love bro!

    Son Ayoo

    Joseph Hawks lol this isn't the youtube where Mark posts, flyamericamusic is where Mark can see your comments

    Joseph Hawks

    Savage Ayoo lol oops

  4. Dillon Eason

    one of the coldest names coming out of Nap town!

    Michael King

    One of the coldest names coming out period lol

  5. Que Parker

    This is dope.

  6. Rico 312

    You the real mvp 🔥🔥