Mark Battles - Knew Enough Lyrics

I ain't gonna lie I wanna fight these niggas
I don't even know why y'all like these niggas
I ain't make freshman cause I rap with a message
So I might seem bitter
Take your shine, watch my team glitter
Oh she stuck up, but I highkey hit her
Drop a little game, understanding ain't a thing
Better keep it all tame when you talking to a winner, in her
It's time to school you, yeah he cool but he lying to you
From the slums, I ain't gotta fool you
In Honolulu eating Ramen noodles
Couple Yoo-hoo's and a Toaster Strudel
Name is ringing cause the flow is brutal
Won a few, I don't know the usual
Talk is cheap, I'll show and prove it

(What, what, what?)
I thought you niggas knew enough

Kinda life where they hate to love you
Go raw like a faithful couple
Earn it all, I ain't taking nothing
Love my city cause it makes me hustle
Real niggas don't blame the struggle
It was OKC go on play with Russell
Bang, bang, bang, niggas came to hunt you
Fight for my life, might scrape a knuckle
Night after night we shaping puzzles
Niggas left cause they never loved you
Show respect but don't ever trust 'em
I don't wear your brand unless I got it custom
Fly or die, you ain't saying nothing
Give me death or just give me justice
Quit all the stutters, don't change the subject
Run for cover cause it might get ugly

(What, what, what?)
I thought you niggas knew enough

Um, you with it or not?
I'mma get to the top with an intricate plot
Got her tripping off a Ritalin, better bring her the pot
I been in it for a minute, I'm the nigga to watch
Gotta give a lot of credit to the group that I got
Lot of pride on the ride, but you risk it a lot
And you had it all planned and you itching to stop
Game on the line, I'mma give me a shot (swish)

(What, what, what?)
Knew, knew, knew enough
Knew, knew, knew enough
(What, what, what?)
I thought you niggas knew enough

3's up
Fly America

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Mark Battles Knew Enough Comments
  1. Lemmons

    Bumpin since 2k15 so underrated :( Big Fan of Mark Battles DM if u need Beats check out my Soundcloud

  2. mitchell kowalski

    God damn this is siick

  3. mitchell kowalski

    Still a banger.. this flow Is crazy

  4. Shaun Diesal

    This should of been past a million

  5. Mason Hendershot

    go raw like a faithful couple

  6. DrewClassick TV

    But aye this the song that made me rock with the team 💯

  7. Nate Grumbois

    Can't wait till December 16th he coming to the city

  8. Strictly Paperchase

    Still bumpin 2017 🙏🏼🔥

  9. anewmodeisunlocked

    Shout out to this dude Eli for introducing me to Mark Battles.

  10. Adam/Eve DYAMRS

    them sum bars bruh#

  11. 2 0

    How he not xxl or more

  12. noah lucero

    Been bump mark battles just listen flow is brutal

  13. Евгений Заровнядных

    Awesome, did in 2015 what they are doing now

  14. Gilverto Moreno

    going raw like a faithful couple.


  15. Adam Breivogel

    kills every thing he touch

  16. Gta Online both lit

  17. Matthew Valenz

    Bro he dope as fuck

  18. Kalish420 Nakov47

    Da fuq yoo dat Asian dude is trippin me out hahaha

    MC Smooth Rapper


  19. Mohammed Ezzedin

    He is really good

  20. Kyrez Gaming

    Here before this shit was famous

  21. Itz Burt

    Here from IG

  22. Faca

    Its not bad. Wish it was more of a rap style hes like practically talking lol

  23. Russell Gilbert Gean

    See Mark Battles on the game hes the best on the undeground level

  24. Robert o

    damn man, your dad Archie Battle? Man I was locked him wit him for awhile back in da day

  25. floody

    Who came here form the Twitter vid!?

  26. george galindo

    this is what we need right now, not this bullshit ass noise they call music nowadays

  27. Oh Yeah yeah

    This would be better if that random ass asian guy wasnt there :/

    ohio boy

    dat guy635 hes a famous jewler

  28. Clay Noah

    I've heard this song so many times, but never watched the video.. And Mark Battles looks like Childish Gambino😂

  29. DorianGroup82

    New track Feat MARK BATTLES.

    Aaron Wilson

    DorianSucks thanks for sharing


  31. ValarMorghulis

    Where's the instrumental?!?


    How has this not hit a mil yet

  33. taniathegreatify


  34. Jamaya Wallace

    Oh this is fire bro !

  35. Wendy Hendershot

    Is that obama on an asian guy? :D looks cool

  36. Luna

    before 1 mill views

  37. Caleb Hyde

    This guy is fire

  38. Que Parker


  39. Christopher Mejia

    daaaam you get down bro

  40. troy branstetter

    never can get enough.

  41. Mark Battles

    Mark Battles "Before The Deal" is now available


    Google Play:


    why they sleepin on you


    Because he's ass

    Daelin Cuzzort

    jj420 bro go fuck yourself dumb ass nigga, I'm sure you ain't working on shit half as nice as this nigga, which is why you ain't got better time but to speak shit

  42. Jake Lyle

    Most fire song I've heard in a minute!! Damn this dude a beast, glad I found him. Keep up the good work fam, you inspire me as a fellow rapper!!

  43. Exferior

    Is it me or the background beat/singer parts sound like they are saying "Damn Daniel"?
    I can never hear it the same now.

    Cole Barrett


    Rigo ReckleZZ

    I hate you

    baraka obama



    You're a fuckboy

  44. John Flacko

    Fw the flow

  45. Yusef Brown

    NO Id brought me here. Nice flow brugh

  46. Rogue Liberty

    This guys flow is dirty

  47. Jonathan Chu


  48. Matt Dominguez

    Yo did u see that guys face moving?? I'm too high for this.

  49. rillohs

    he reminds me of Sage The Gemini . he killed this hoe man .


    He's better than sage

  50. SWAT

    Who is the girl in the beginning ????

    Noah Cqbral

    SWAT tori ross

  51. Swazy

    this shit goes hard

  52. Just Be Amazing

    this shit is fire

  53. Exferior

    This dude is highkey the shit

  54. NRS Puto

    Who is the girl with the coconut bra on man she got some mean ass tits

    Señor Mr Robot

    Tori Ross

  55. Old School

    It was okc but i don't play with Russell

  56. Fxckluis

    nigga looks like domo genesis n gambino

  57. e46 BMW

    Twitter brought me here

  58. Jesse Lopez


  59. Brandon Luckett

    This Nigga Cold

  60. Chase FX

    anyone else think he looks like a mix of gambino and earl sweat?

  61. Charlie P

    dude in the last bit look like domo and t pain

  62. Mottz

    Oh my god..I'm in awe

  63. Kenny Rader

    go raw like a faithful couple is such a good line!!!!!


    Yep that was the best

  64. NHG Smoove

    Then taxes tho

  65. Mason Clark

    this song is gonna have 1 million views in 2 weeks

    Yung Terv

    "2 weeks later"

    Mason Clark

    +Sharp Lefty - Road to .1k lol nevermind

    Yung Terv

    "1 month later"

    Mason Clark

    @Sharp Lefty - Road to .1k you're good at counting thank you

  66. 9k Runna

    who is the chick? she's got that bih

    Yann Ahoussou

    Her name is Tori Ross

  67. Sami Alrashed

    Looks like a mix between Ye n Gambino

  68. Energyy

    "I been in it for a minute I'm the nigga to watch'' 👌

  69. Laxi

    this shit was to fire

  70. Austin H

    Nothing but bars!!!

  71. KRNG Chris

    the real question is whos the chick with big tits hahaha

    Raquel Wright

    +Hatistix Jr hahaha


    Tori Ross m8


    Michael Bones No chill.

    Moise Joassaint

    ANDREW FARMER How do u know her name? lol

    Noah Cqbral

    Omggg andrew farmer is not a genius he just watch another channel who she was in a prank like me

  72. Devyn Minott

    does anyone else hear "damn daniel" in the beat???

    Stacher. ($)

    I hate you, now I'm gonna hear that every time.

  73. Spook

    Ayye Yall Check my Music out. Me & Mark Battles have a song coming soon.

  74. Slatt Laurent

    Need the instrumental asap

    Brandy Mk

    did you ever find the instrumental for him i hVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS ONE/ CHICKEN AND THE TRUTH

  75. Cindy Vazquez

    lit song and great lyrics

  76. sk8kidize

    He goes in

  77. Adrian Ramirez

    Go raw like a faithful couple

  78. Mussoumano

    Great job bro!

    Itz Daddy Long Leg

    +Mussoumano omg

  79. jacob10166

    I've heard this beat before. It could have been this song. Anyone know if the beats sampled?

  80. Jj Pickens

    this shits soo dope



  82. Papa Ky

    Watching this instead of Superbowl

  83. MrBookie24

    This shit is dope, respect Mark Battles

  84. GHXST

    This fools sick

    Ethanzm _

    But why he gotta be a fool tho?


    +Ethanzm _ you're braindead

  85. irainkoolaid2

    Flow OP

  86. Tboots 1

    Those Jets shorts are MEAN!!!

  87. Eso BoneZ

    fucking battles is a beast yo...

  88. Chad hustle

    this is dope

  89. cryboxx

    played this in the airport and got arrested

    Ethanzm _


    KRNG Chris

    +Ethanzm _ its the bomb get it haha

    Ethanzm _

    +KRNG Chris I guess...

  90. Jordan Vohnout

    The purest form of heat

  91. Raphael Abreu

    Chick had some amazing titties I wish I knew her


    Tori Ross.



  92. Jeancarlo De La Rosa

    In Honolulu eating ramen noodles

  93. SPx

    was that tori ross of of wooman tv in the beganing lol

    Isaiah Stoudemire

    Yeah she so bad

    Noah Cqbral

    Charles Barkley why bad?

  94. Ryan Matson

    This shit is dope. Hahaha & I know who he is dissing.

    Ryan Matson

    +Titan Harper I can't say. Atleast not yet.


    say now?

    Wendy Hendershot

    its been 6 months who he dissing