Marion Raven - Flesh And Bone Lyrics

I know we got tangled
Ripped when I walked away
Every circle angled
Left us without a shape
Statues, fallen angels
Hollow about to break
Praying for forgiveness
And paying for my mistakes

I wish my heart was made of stone
It's a myth I'm only
Flesh and bone
Flesh and bone
So beautiful
Ooh you shattered me

Can't cross this river on my own
I'm lost without your
Flesh and bone
Flesh and bone
So beautiful
ooh you shattered me

Broken in one moment
A kiss full of misery
All the pieces frozen
Not where they used to be
now my scars are showin
Their cut and their runnin deep
Praying for forgiveness
And losing my sanity

In a million pieces I'm exactly where I said I'd never be
Stranded here alone you finally brought me to my knees
I'm a fallen angel rescue me and save me from myself

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Marion Raven Flesh And Bone Comments
  1. Gabriel philips

    It's not that bad. I heard that this was a bad song but that's no true. I think Its great

  2. Juan Cervera

    la wiki dice que fue cancelado este disco, que paso????

    Luis Covers

    Hola Apesar de ser esta una cancion fuerte, NO PEGO y el cd se cancelo :( y se lanzo otro mas acustico

    Chanelobvi Kbetlin

    Balverino Blanco de hecho si se lanzo Pero como album unreleased osea que alguien lo filtro , conoci hace una semana esta chica y Vi que alguien tiene el album en una lista de tratos de ureleases en soundcloud

    Juan Cervera

    Chanelobvi Kbetlin pasa el link. Me gustaría escuchar el disco. Debería lanzarce independiente como Marit Larsen así nadie le cancelaría su disco

    Chanelobvi Kbetlin

    Balverino Blanco la dvd los links estan caidos y como dije esa persona quiere unreleases a cambio de ese album , estoy haciendo lo posible y filtrare las canciones si esque lo obtengo

    Juan Cervera

    Chanelobvi Kbetlin gracias.

  3. 86Litio44

    hola tendras mas temas de este disco de Marion :) me las puedes pasar? saludos

  4. Mizz Lady Bug

    its kind of a shame that this album will never see the light of day. i enjoy her new sound in "songs from a black bird," but ill always be curious as to what the rest of "nevermore" would have sounded like.

  5. Claa

    This is a good song. I wonder why the norwegian music reviews wrote bad reviews about this :+

  6. Hakim Machine

    this album would be much better than her new upcoming one :'(

  7. nandaboma

    This is a good song..

  8. Patricia Correa Y

    :O Ni siquiera sabia que habia regresado x_x Me encanta :P

  9. 100utd

    Me too. Like this song too. It is not my favorite genre but still sounds good.

  10. emmamuuusic

    Elsker Marion og er sååå stolt over å være norsk^^!-3

  11. urBobbleHead

    Marit's "Coming Home" brought me here! wow I also like this song... I wonder how this beautiful song did not get into the charts... anyway, I'm a Marit fan, but I will also support Marion. I think I will gonna download this from iTunes...

  12. Nicholas Delgado

    ill say this, i really miss m2m foreal

  13. ParadeRains

    I get so crazy every time i hear the song starting 2:41

  14. Luis Covers

    COME ON LET'S GO TO 4.000 VIEWS SOON..thnaks for suscribe..

  15. oathai2531

    I have been a fan of her since her and Marit Larson from M2M. I also got her Her I Am album, definitely gonna get this one too!

  16. Luis Covers

    @thegirlnikita1994 where did you get that information?? I'm excited

  17. wwe4life56

    When is the new album comming out?

  18. jaime hernandez

    Oye aun no tienes la nueva cancion??? se llama "Found Someone", checala ojala puedas subirla pronto, es una baladita muy muy chida!! saludos y gracias...

  19. marion2u

    You know it's illegal to upload full songs to youtube. Plus you don't support Marion's music at all!

  20. etemasamed

    @dylanwarner1990 es la falta de publicidad que se le hace a la musica no muy comercial... A mi tambien me encanta Marion... !!!

  21. Edgar Espinosa Artista

    no entiendo por qué esta música no tiene exito en méxico?.......a mi me gusta mucho marion!....=D

  22. katujim

    por fin puedo escuchar algo nuevo de Marion

  23. blond0304's ok, lol.

  24. volkkatins

    muy buena cancion