Mario - How Could You Lyrics

It's kinda crazy baby,
How I remember things, (like where you came from and how you had nothin)
I went and made you fly,
Put extras on your ride, (didn't miss a birthday now u cant even remember mine)

U made it clear to me (you wasn't down for me),
(Love made me blind, baby) but now I see,
(you had things up your sleeve, dont even lie to me) I even heard it from your family,

How could you let somebody lay where I layed?
How could you give him everything that we made?
How could you call him all the names that you used to call me?
How could You How Could You just forget about me?
How Could You teach him all the things I taught You?
How Could You put him up to the Ghetto Kama Sutra?
How Could You put me in the back and give him the front seat?
How Could You How Could You just forget about me?

You must be out ya mind,
You got alot of nerve (to think that im gone chill after all the shit I heard),
I damn near carried you,
I could've married you,
Good thing I found out before I bought that 7 karat for ya,
(I kno ur sick about) the way I found you out,
(GO head and pack it out) I hope he's got room in his house,
You should have thought of me b4 you hopped in the sheets,
Damn I cant believe that u did this to me


Girl I tried to give u everything,
Can't believe the ways u repaid me,
Girl u had it all,
But I guess my all wasn't good enough for you,
Baby I've accepted it,
And I aint gone trip,
Girl im movin on,
Sometimes I cant help but think that another man's gonna get the one I made for me


How could you let somebody lay where I layed?
How could you give him everything that we made?
How could you call him all the names that you used to call me?
How could you, How could you just forget about me?
How could you teach him all the things I taught you??
How could you put him up to the Ghetto Kama Sutra??

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Mario How Could You Comments
  1. Onexs Gardner

    I miss this Artist sooo much!!!

  2. Fineeyes Barry

    2020 this track will always be my favorite 💚💚

  3. Somegirlnamed K3lly

    Who else is listening to this in “2020”?? Today’s music is so wack I wish we can go back to this!!!

  4. Richelle Muah

    My favourite song of all time .. i'll listen to this even at 90 years old i love Mario so much

  5. sarah lue hunter

    I love this song, still get the same feeling I got as a teenager over a decade ago. Who else listening in 2020.

  6. Chris Brown

    Who still listening this song

  7. KGB Reviews

    They don't make R&B like this anymore. Those old R&B love songs were not talking about just sex. They were talking about relationships and love. Personally I don't know of any R&B song from the last 5 years that can compare to music like this.

  8. Levar Kizer

    Check out levar kizer on YouTube happy love

  9. daisy Muthoni

    3:23 forget about me.. 😭😭

  10. TEZZZ

    That video vixen is so pretty omg

  11. Gwenny

    Reminiscing to the young me singing this song to my pretend boyfriend.😂😂😂❤

  12. carmella latte

    Still my favorite song 😍

  13. Thembinkosi Macheque

    2020 still listening ✨✨❤❤

  14. Jessica Evans

    Everyone: the music back then was awesome than the crap today

    The word You’re looking for is Nostalgia: which is the definition for sentimental Longing for the past. And you also realize that the music back then was a lifetime ago.

  15. babygurl32 hill

    2020 Feburary 14 still my favorite song by mario

  16. Brush Saint E

    Lol, Cassidy looking out for his homie! 💯

  17. PrincessArmy

    Man I was in love with mario when I was 13 and I heard just a friend 😘❤

  18. PrincessArmy

    How could you put me in the back and give him the front seat. I felt that👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥

  19. King Scorpio

    Still my shit 2020 How could you ❗?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Just Another ABC88

    Damn Mario been fine ever since he cut them braids off. Soooooo happy I got to see him last year at the Millenium tour.

  21. RageReal Sade

    Who is the girl? Did we ever find that out? 😫

  22. Nov Jean Lubin

    90 2000miss 💔

  23. BNO97 !

    Song for all the thots

  24. Alessandra Rodrigues

    Mt foda esse r&b gosto MT desse cara sou fã 👉👏

  25. Laura Taylor

    Cassidy 😭😭😭😭

  26. Llewann P

    2020..babyyyyy still here

  27. Anna Mae

    On repeat mannn feel this shit in my soul

  28. Zaddy Og


  29. Jordyn Willis

    not the ghetto kama sutra 😂💀

  30. Ashanti Hunter

    How am I just realizing that (Cassidy? Right?) is in this vid?

  31. ultra dan

    Dam the girl i fell 4 cheated on me cause she thought i cheated on her all thanks to a "friend" who got drunk and told her lies. Wtf man.Now even though i know we're not good or meant 4 each other I sadly still love her.





    William Makhetha


    Fineeyes Barry

    Feb 2020 💚💚💚

  33. Helplessshi

    If they ever make a remix to this Tyrese would be a perfect fit.

  34. zovie love

    This song makes me feels for u girl ( memories )

  35. Tropicana Parker

    Love this song still!!!! 2020 and still listening to it!!!!!!

  36. Dina Yasuda

    I'm listening this song in 2020, Mario :)

  37. chase allen

    this is why i love old school 🔥

  38. IamKayKay

    Never gets old..

  39. Alyssa Tv

    You know what I would do to have a good man all to myself to teach me things and love me like this 😓🤦🏾‍♀️I feel as females who don’t appreciate it gets it quicker than women who are in NEED of it 🤷🏾‍♀️💯💯

  40. Allen Everson

    Here 2020 Best Of The Best Rnb....
    Like if you had great memories thro this era

  41. Caramalbrown

    Mario got Bops

  42. Tay Hereford

    Yes when black girls was in the videos💖💖💖💖💖💖.

  43. Shaunzz Blue Roses

    Omggggggg memories !!!!!!

  44. Ma’Nyah Sanders


  45. C KNOTS

    2020 and it still hits the same

  46. flame phoenix

    That shit really hurt do not know why people get u happy with them and turn around and hurt u fucked up

  47. Su Ling Duan

    2020 still how could you

  48. Chamorrita Jaz

    ❤ Mario and his NEW ALBUM!

  49. Brittany Sneed

    Love this song

  50. Khisha Heron

    Am so in love ❤️ with him

  51. Kimberly Yancey

    Mario's friend had his back tho
    Respect ✨ lol he told him what was up

  52. Nicole Whiteeagle

    Everything 😩😩5 years of fighting for Nothing I give it to you lord 😔

  53. Tarshara Thomas

    This song me cry

  54. Jerome Russell De Musicologist

    I was here
    16th December 2019

  55. Kevin You

    lmaooo is that bodie???

  56. Theodore Cruz

    🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 MARIO play it back 🎧 smooth sexy R & B 🎵 ♠

  57. MzChicana Aztlann

    How could you 😔💔😭

  58. Clairely


  59. Chell Burns

    Love this tune old ones are the beat

  60. Dakota Treasure Hunter

    I'm not saying that Mario is Chris Rock, but I've never seen them in the same room together.

    Eve Ballah


  61. Warrior of the truth

    Remenisin that break up that didnt happen.

  62. Rozelle mae Monforte

    Atws na miss ko tong song nato 🥰

  63. John Treanor

    Who's here in 2500?

  64. brownsuga298

    Good music like this will never get old because real music never dies Who still listening in 2019 going into 2020

  65. Melissa Seales

    This is the type of R&B that speaks to the heart ❤️

  66. Sreach4Freedom !!

    What she cheated on Mario with Brodie from the wire guest she wanted that dope boy love

  67. tina H

    Mario is a vampire lol

  68. Lawanda Watson


  69. Kadian Pennant

    When my ex cheated on me I would play this song over and over. That shit hurts.

  70. Blake About mine

    What ever happen to this young cat??

  71. Da Real Starbet

    Are there any broken hearts listening in 2019

  72. Tribo of Narguile

    whats the name of the guy that talk with him? can some one tell me? i dont remember

    Kill it


  73. Stephanie Mathis

    Real GROWN people music

  74. Nicole Simmons

    Dam he handsome

  75. Wiltu Wiltu

    So nice of Cassidy to be in this video.

  76. NegroGenuino3

    The best song evar

  77. Fabian Houston Inostroza

    Que temazo marioo 2090

  78. MJ Lee


  79. SeaTheGod Gold


  80. Silvio Camargo

    the Best singer R&b love músic romantic.❤

  81. veronica gilbert


  82. Alycha Newman

    This used to be my shit

  83. Khotso Dirane

    10 years ago Mario put out visuals for "How Could You"

    Like if you still singing along

  84. Leandra Summers

    When I had puppy love in high school and I found out he cheated on me I listened to this song and cried my eyes out

  85. Lela Williams


  86. Moya Green

    These song a real souls I always feel these songs to my heart trust me .listening in 2k19

  87. farra ashford

    farra is i love good music no matter how old.

  88. Melvin Tejera

    classic still here in 2019! Mario is a legend

  89. Keisha Lewis

    Who is still listening in 2019?? ♥️♥️♥️

    Monica Amuor

    Keisha Lewis 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    Faeq El

    I and love you.

  90. Ashley Bradford

    This is the story of my life how guys do me

  91. Pineal Gland

    Lying cheating ass took 13 of My fucking hurting yo. I devoted my life to her.

  92. reece b

    hardest thing to do is walk away when you know it’s right, but your heart doesn’t wanna let go😩

  93. Pandora Lavita

    Dam he fine...🥰

  94. joey margari

    I'll be here till I die

  95. Richelle Muah

    This is my favourite song of all time

  96. ayesha glynn

    True real life 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶