Marilyn Manson - The Flowers Of Evil Lyrics

The day they covered us in the dirt
like stars in the ground
that will grow into dead flowers
The day they covered us in the dirt
like stars in the ground
that will grow into dead flowers
Your body’s on me
like sleepless spiders.
Your touch is so empty
Your touch is so empty
Your bodies on me like
sleepless spiders.
Your touch is so empty
Your touch is so empty
Your touch is so empty
Your touch is so empty
I’ve been running
from the bloodless
for fear of exile
for all of my sorceries
that shun the light
I’ve been running
from the bloodless
for fear of exile
for all of my sorceries
that shun the light
The day they covered us in the dirt
like scars in the ground
that will grow into dead flowers
The day they covered us in the dirt
like scars in the ground
that will grow into dead flowers
I’ve been running
from the bloodless
for fear of exile
for all of my sorceries
that shun the light
I’ve been running
from the bloodless
for fear of exile
for all of my sorceries
that shun the light

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Marilyn Manson The Flowers Of Evil Comments
  1. Shawn Libbers

    Mountain flowers of evil . hear the words.

  2. sons of anarchy

    He s not mediocre AT all, he, s great artist, great song, what is evil certainly d(evil) but nothing compare to you, Manson , you are genious for me

  3. Eric Graff

    I like the energy of this album. Well written and performed. 💎💎💎💎

  4. Zach Campbell

    Flowers of evil is a great song from Marilyn Mansons cd album born villain.

  5. MagicalToySurprises

    i am related to marilyn its not his real name though and i bet he would love this bc somone copied his song.Like if u have been to one of his conserts

  6. Alessandro Alessandro


  7. Alessandro Alessandro


  8. Pamela redglitter

    Looooooove this song.he sounds so erotic 😜💀😈

  9. Lovely head

    echos of Bowie here

  10. Emily Rose Johnson

    This song and children of cain are my fave songs of this album #bornvillan x

  11. Dark Mantis

    I feel like Marilyn Manson is Reading my comment, but he's not going to answer because he thinks it's just a random casual comment.

  12. GA Fighters

    what does this mean?
    I've been running
    From the bloodless
    For fear of exile
    For all of my sorceries
    That shun the light!

    Downward _ Spiraling

    I think he's saying how he's running from the critics and people who don't understand him or his art and want to hurt him. He calls them bloodless because to him they aren't humans, because a human would try to understand another human and not try to hurt him, he doesn't see anything human in them. His "sorceries" are his songs, and they mostly depict the darker side of people and society in general( "shunning the light"). That's how I see it at least.

    Jazza Gazza

    its bloodlist


    I also just see it as referring to other people in general; they're bloodless because they lack the same kind of life-force or understanding that MM has, and they pass judgement without this vital understanding; he fears this judgement, he fears to be exiled, so he distanced himself as far away from that as possible, running away. Obviously his "sorceries" shun the light, and the "bloodless" don't understand why, so he had no choice but to run away; but also, since it's in the past ("I've been running" rather than "I am running") maybe he's also saying that he's not running any more, and he's finally just embracing who he is, which is also a theme that runs through the entire album and part of the whole "villain" idea.

  13. Fim dos Templos

    The end with the screams and etc <3

  14. Dom Cisco

    Shit eyes!

  15. Dom Cisco

    Whoever told these people they had to work by day and sleep by night had their own misleading agenda taking place. Shunning the light can be a good thing depending on how you perceive it, he's talking about the H.K,'s that run off power cells like the T-101. Part of the process in their evolution is ego. That is why the cyborgs eyes are bright red giving away that they are robotic.

  16. Annastatsea

    Yes Exactly!

  17. Annastatsea

    love, love, love! Perfection!

  18. Annastatsea

    Perfection in sonic prose,enough said. ~A

  19. Aaron Zubia

    this is my second favorite Manson album behind pale emperor very underrated album Manson shows his music artist side of him threw out born villain witch I love. he shows a human side of him

  20. Micheal White

    he is so evil and is gonna born in hell with the devil while demons kill him over and over


    can i be a demon too? it looks fun

    Weeb Monster

    Sounds fun, maybe I'll try that, too!

    Lyrical Jones

    And you're going to fail English.


    Ironically, this song addresses exactly your kind.
    You are bloodless. You are non-human in his point-of-view. Know why? Because you can't just live and let others live, and can't just believe in whatever false prophet you choose to believe without trash talking on an individual that unexpectedly became an idol to millions of people worldwide with his arts and music. If you're going to spit on others like that, at least do something productive yourself, otherwise get lost. Looser.

    Harmale Uppal

    That's so romantic

  21. Alonso Emilio Castillo Flores

    I feel so glad that Charles Baudelaire is alive not only in The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Dead Souls Rising or Sopor Aeternus but also in Manson.... I also like the power of the bass in the song and that kind of old-fashioned guitars close to The Spooky Kids.

  22. Santiago Nitto

    Alguien encuentra una similitud con el estilo de The Killers en la parte del estribillo?? (musicalmente hablando, claro) jajaj

  23. RenegadeMeta1

    Children of cain/ flowers of evil fuck yes!!!
    love you man til the end

  24. Cleveland Smith

    Shun that damn light!!!

  25. Dom Cisco

    Darkness can be a good thing while certain light can be harmful. Only on earth.

  26. slashkill 666

    This is now my favourite song; the bridge makes spine tingle,
    bv is my 2nd fave album after the flawless Holy Wood.

    slashkill 666

    +slashkill 666 correction; the gardener, not foe.

  27. HektorDelarge13

    the fucken video takes forever too load

  28. Dark Mantis

    The Best Song Ever <3

  29. Taiene Gonçalves da silva

    love this album...

  30. Ratón Mágico

    To all the people complaining everywhere about Manson not being the same as he was in Antichrist or Mechanical Animals, get over it and move on. He's an artist, and a true artist keeps changing, exploring new styles, new themes, in an always-changing sick society, and his own experience on it. If you want Manson to betray himself and new visions on art, without maturing, without trying new things, pretending to be 25 yrs old forever, well... he's not that mediocre at all, so ignore his post-Holy Wood work, imagine it never happened and listen to Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, etc. over and over and over again until you die. Born Villain is one of his greatest later-day works as is The Pale Emperor. I recommend you to pay attention to such visceral and sublime music.

    Dillon Krix

    John Semones you're such a closed minded, ignorant asswipe. Your whole religion is based on fear of god. No one here worships satan (except for maybe a select few). I find life much more comfortable when you don't have to worry about upsetting some all powerful deity.

    Rogue Lts

    Anthony Carr-Piccioni me too) I fucking love EM DM
    energy in album soo biggest

    Corey 742617000027

    Yaaaaaaay someone not bitching about the "old" manson

    Rogue Lts

    Corey 742617000027 I like marilyn manson as a person

    eggplant mcgee

    John Semones but here you are, an ignorant bitchass, degrading someone’s work that is more recognizable that you every will be. Who’s brain dead now?

  31. juan diego vaug

    Me inspiras marilyn manson, te amo



    @juan diego vaug jajajajajjaaj

  32. Raven Sparks

    love this song

    Winter Haydn

    Raven Sparks - me too. let's get married!

  33. Savage Life Chola

    M M is awesome and so is his style

  34. J G

    Love this album, love all of Manson, can't wait for his new album

  35. Alexandru Topor

    "where is Baudelaire?"  he's everywhere in Manson's work ...i mean ..just watching some of Manson's videos brings imagery incredibly similar to that of "Les fleurs du mal" .

    ¿what's_N the box


    James Schultz * Est.1982

    Two of my favorite artists. Baudelaire is ridiculously great! For anyone into sir Charles, check out Arthur Rimbaud's work

  36. Derpychicken8

    @drzaious um... Their first album was "portrait of an American family" your very new aren't you?
    Please before commenting do your research.


    im cool, guys

    Emmy X

    Actually there was one before that. That was his first mainstream album there was a demo album released (in 1991 I think) Back when it was Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. This was also the first album I ever bought that was his. Read about it here

    Gabriel Brown

    no, thats a compilation album. it had unreleased demos and was released in 2004

  37. DrZaious

    Twiggy is the best thing to happen to Manson, influentially and musically.

    The first album(Mechanical Animals) Manson released after splitting ways with Trent is considered is best work.

    The two albums(GAOG & EMDM) that were released after Twiggy left fell short, musically and lyrically they fell short.

    When Twiggy returned it was a return to the familiar Manson sound, where both the lyrics and the music complimented each other.

  38. Baron Zach M

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha You must be new

  39. Chris Allens

    this is fucking awesome, fuck you tards !

  40. Shadman

    lmao trent was a minescule stepping stone for this legend. i have been following Manson since the 'spooky kids' in florida. hands down...the most driven, charasmatic, influential voices of our time. Anton LaVey dubbed him "Little Preacher"....and for good reason 3

  41. Ciné Phile

    Where is Baudelaire ?

  42. Simpson Manson


  43. Karmakaze2007

    Yes. I knew him.

  44. Dracon600

    How exactly do you know this? Are you a real life friend of Manson? Or is this all just your assumption? In my opinion I think your comment is all guesswork.

  45. Sandes Gurung

    Dat BASS

  46. wellthatisgr8

    Why are top comments on Marilyn Mansons videos always replies to hater comments?

  47. emily rose johnson

    marilyn i love you , u r soooo gorge and talented :DDDDDDDDDD

  48. Mr Pepe

    Can somebody make a comment about the song?!

  49. ringinghead

    good one

  50. mrsaint111

    Le Le Le Le Le....HAHAHAHAHA....that was funny

  51. emily rose johnson

    hot hot hot songggggggggggg

  52. Jeff Y

    Damn it! Can somebody help me find that fuck I was supposed to give?

  53. Raven Lockhart

    Demi Lovato? XD Go back to listening to her, your nonsense isn't welcome here.

  54. Winter Haydn

    Here's a secret: Underneath all the make-up, Marilyn Manson is black.

  55. Cédric Ridle

    Justin Bieber? Where are you?

  56. Sairaj Kamath

    54000th viewer, i am ......

  57. M.F

    wow your comment is one of the most original and away from the opinions about the manson discography i like all his cd but i agree with you

  58. Klauss Klemann

    im fan of marilyn manson but this song sucks

  59. Andreas Landgren

    As long as there are artists like him the album will never die

  60. Andreas Landgren

    all my soerceries

  61. killerfraud1

    what about holy wood.

  62. Karmakaze2007

    This album is very Manson. ACSS was the real departure from who he was. That was Reznor's influence. The old stuff like Suicide Snowman, etc... is way more in line with who Manson has always been. The new music is the real face of Manson. I come from FL and I can totally picture these songs being done live like he used to in the early shows I used to go to before they got signed and exploited by Trent.

  63. Marcin Mikulski

    Album zajebisty. Jedna z lepszych piosenek które wykonał .xD

    JEST MOC . \m/

  64. Badiseeya

    i'm still addicted to "this is the new shit"

  65. emily rose johnson

    i love mm hes soo damn sexy and talented :)

  66. Craig Birch

    great song but it could have a video to it :(

  67. KAT

    im just addicted to this song ..... it has some kind of spell in it ...?. xD

  68. KAT

    it IS on tap tap xD

  69. Alena Pridgen

    I <3 this song!!!!!!!!! But seriously Marilyn Manson is creepy looking! lol

  70. Airá

    Muy bien , es que es un artista muy completo que sabe hacer música y rock en sus variantes.

  71. Le Le Le Le Le

    All you're trying to do is get thumbs for being a girl.


    I totally get this I guess you know the reason why lol...

  73. lavine348

    Get Marilyn Manson's The Flowers of Evil on Tap Tap Revenge:
    h ttp://w

  74. 1truebloodsucker

    What exactly- the comment or the username ;D

  75. peruzfinest07

    If you live with being an asshole everyday, I'm sure I can manage living with Manson putting out a shitty album.

  76. drfukenstein

    your forgetting charles manson never killed anyone.

  77. me me

    LOOK on the login!....DEMILOVATOSUN!

  78. SheBelongs2heaven

    me too x(

  79. jonathan paez

    propio de tema este men es el mejor xD


    BORN VILLAIN - Now "This Is The New Shit"!

  81. Hasan Etiz


  82. Mickr4

    Nobody ever said that...

  83. Jane Doe

    For someone who clearly likes Demi Lovato?...

  84. Naya Mikkelsen

    Best song on the Born Villain album! :-D



  86. Patrick Wagner

    I think Manson scares Ms. Lovato

  87. Robin der Gerechte?

    Nope i have never heard any one say that to be honest. There are just a meany woman as men on the concert's. I know i always go when there is one close to my country.

  88. Felix Marks

    Love it.

  89. Blazh

    mi girlfriend do the same thing..
    The best ;3 indeed...

  90. Dexy Woodhead

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that, at least 50% of his fanbase are girls.

  91. LidaNight

    I never heard that too. I'm a girl and I know 4 girls who like him vs 0 boy ^^'

  92. o'hoy

    Relax disco-kid, things are gonna change.

  93. o'hoy

    Relax disco-kid, nobody cares that you are gay. Its perfectly ok.


    THIS IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
    MANSON SUCKS!!!!!!

  95. coolchick48

    When i read the title, flowers of evil, right away i thought of the manga lol i was like, does he know? O.O

  96. Demon Lurch

    Goddamnit, he's so sexy.

  97. HardcoreCannibal

    Some peoples' comments are just surprising. o_O Anyways, Marilyn Manson for US president!