Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Lyrics

I want to fly into your sun
Need faith to make me numb
Live like a teenage christ
Im a saint, got a date with suicide

Oh Mary, Mary
To be this young is oh so scary
Mary, Mary
To be this young im oh so scared
I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell
I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell

You never said forever, could ever hurt like this
You never said forever, could ever hurt like this

Spin my way out of hell, theres nothing left this soul to sell

Live fast and die fast too
How many times to do this for you?
How many times to do this for you?

Mary, Mary
To be this young im oh so scared
I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell
I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell

You never said forever, could ever hurt like this
You never said forever, could ever hurt like this

I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell

Long hard road, out of hell

I wanna live, I wanna love
But its a long hard road, out of hell

Sell my soul for anything, anything but you
Sell my soul for anything, anything but you

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Marilyn Manson Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Comments
  1. Kei Ishida

    Awesomeness Marilyn Manson!!!

  2. Andrew Lundsten

    I was today years old when I found out the Sneaker pimps are featured in this masterpiece.

  3. Benny Ford

    Marilyn Manson invented Chaturbate 20 years before it’s time.

  4. Benny Ford

    This was the last video he released before Dope Show where he revealed his new breasts to the world. The imagery of breasts and phalluses is a hint to his fans about struggling with wanting to be a man or a woman. While everyone was freaked out by this we had no idea what was coming next. But he did.

    I’d love to see a psychologist break down the imagery in this video and to have someone who knows religion well enough to point out the religious symbolism in this video.

  5. Gabriel Meza

    Alguien de Chile o alguien que hable español escuchando esta joya de canción?

  6. Cohen Blake

    Omg, how green is that

    Cohen Blake

    All I want is your children..... how did that work out?

  7. Brandon

    I was 16 when this came out. Music today sucks dick.

  8. Nika Kakoksik


  9. juanito arkoiris777666 :v:

    1:49 nice ass bro ;b

  10. linar Sultanov

    Я русский!

  11. Thor Boysen

    Maybe the most brilliant MM music video ever made...! I LOVE it !!!

  12. Elizabeth Coffey

    "Sale my soul for anything. ANYTHING BUT YOU!!!"

  13. Jedah Dohma

    girl with short hair name? the real girl name

  14. Eazy-E

    No homo.

  15. gootvansquid

    Why the FUCK does this track title NOT INCLUDE SNEAKER PIMPS? This is a collaboration track, half the song or more is the Sneaker Pimps. No credit given whatsoever

    Abigail Eldritch

    Exactly why I’m here. You can clearly hear Kelli in it too

  16. Rosemarys Baby Techno


  17. Zeus Lee

    Only person who could save you out of hell is solely youself.


    so true

  18. salvatore Scibetta

    Im fan n 1 to you

  19. God bat Reigns

    A good song for Valentines!

  20. Matthias Graves

    Still waiting for the day he becomes president

  21. Point of Personal Privilege

    Marilyn Manson truly was a trailblazer for his time. ❤️✌️

  22. Dani Alvarez

    I love this

  23. lego stop motion

    Is that jeff the killer 😂😂😂

  24. Elizabeth Abanto

    hola!! alguieeen mas en español

  25. harrisonrobottom

    This was my comedown song.

  26. wes't santos

    2020 like 😍

  27. Maxi-dos

    Moria casan

  28. Haylee Pages

    Lol dude I crack up watching him laying on the couch naked jerking around giving pornstar eyes hahaha

  29. Anna Volpe

    one word seeexyyy

  30. karim dakhlallah

    He is a GOD of hard rock

  31. Felipe Gallo

    Very crasy marinyn manson

  32. when billy had hair

    Anybody know who the "Mary" is MM is referring to in this song?

    Rose Morgan

    Mary, mother of jesus. Read his autobiography of the same name, "The long hard road out of hell". It tells of his historical affinity for the christian faith and a very dirty grandfather.

    when billy had hair

    @Rose Morgan Ty, for your response.

  33. Tricia L. N.

    How he plops on the sofa I’m like wtf lol

  34. The Gayer Devil

    What if marilyn manson is God and he's Just testing us?

  35. E Mail dude

  36. DodderingOldMan

    Well over 20 years since I first saw this and became a fan of Manson, this... is still pretty awesome.

    Kell Kalm

    Coma White and Dope Show still hold up really well, too!

  37. John Dee Is Me

    Marily Manson presents: Spooky poses in a room.

  38. Ron van Rijswijk

    I would love to see how those shemales look like without their make up, i know they are dudes but they look good enough to eehhhhh... other subject please.

  39. Mario Michael Kenji Blardony

    And that ladies&gentlemen how you make someone not only emotionally disturbed but also sexually uncomfortable yayks....

  40. Josh Combs

    So are we not crediting the Sneaker pimps?

  41. stephen pearce Parce neo

    I tell you to put me in the sun your not a demon liar

  42. D. Miller


  43. jesse nord

    jadore 💋💋💋💋

  44. Angie Haylock

    You are so strong, Brian, and your band. You can conquer and get through anything. Anything! Everything can end up good in the end. I know it. Good and wonderful things can come out of anything. Anything! You have a lot of love to give. Don’t waste it on things that aren’t worth it. They aren’t worth it. Some things aren’t helpful as you know, and some folks aren’t either, as much as you love them. I had to separate myself from many detrimental folks. I am often better without them around at all. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Been there, done that. Sometimes being alone in some ways is way better than being with people that influence you in a negative way. Peace, Brian and band. Don’t do this music just for fans. I do music too, and I don’t get love from a whole lot of people. But that’s okay. I get it from a better place that is worth far more than other things. But I don’t hate on people. I just know they are at a different place than I am. Just putting my 2 cents in about what I’ve been through. It’s a lonely, lonely world, but that’s okay. I’m not about this stupid world anyway. I don’t need their happiness. Maybe sometimes we need our anger and sadness to have peace and sanity. If they expect you to be happy all the time, who are they, anyway?

    gilbert Rodriguez

    shut up old wench

  45. Simulated Rain

    broad from the sneaker pimps on guest vocals

  46. Pupilentes collection Mx color contacts

    GRANDE Marilyn se ve hermoso en vestido!!!

  47. Spooky101 UwU

    Manson is looking so gorgeous in this video. I have no regrets seeing this. He is just really sexy that I can't breathe 🖤

  48. Rich Latta

    Who's the girl/woman? She looks familiar.

  49. Dαɾk Kíss

    He is so theatrical. GENIUS.

  50. Fernando Etelvino

    abençoado seja satanas

  51. Joseph Pérez

    Q acabo de ver😯😨

  52. Eros Namazzotti

    Manson just elevated the image and style of Rozz Williams and early ✝️ Christian Death 💀 to MTV and mainstream scale of production, this is nothing new at all ...

  53. Ana Ana

    Why does he look in the dress better than me?

  54. Floree

    He s like the goth version of jeffree star


    jeffree star is like the gay version of him

  55. Elenice Furtado

    I love much My Sweet Love husband MarilynManson 😍❤️💋✨

  56. Elenice Furtado

    I'm is Crazy for you MarilynManson my Heaven 😍❤️💋✨

  57. Alice Hamphur


  58. Elenice Furtado

    I need you now MarilynManson my Husband 😍❤️ não demore 💖

  59. Pesos Colombianos. sostento Ciao- Suerte- put

    Parce pork Me Gusta Tanto Esto...🤴👰😭🕯️😂☑️🇨🇴

  60. Elenice Furtado

    EleniceFurtado loves My Husband MarilynManson you are is wonderful 😍💞💋

  61. Elenice Furtado

    I Needyou Now MarilynManson my love 😍❤️💖💋🌼🤞

  62. Elenice Furtado

    I love you MarilynManson my Sweet Heaven 😍❤️

  63. Felix Arturovich Yusupov

    душа поёт, нравится мне Мэрлин Мэнсон и его музыка, качество отличное...

  64. Elenice Furtado

    I'm is EleniceFurtado i Love you MarilynManson ineedyoulovenow 😍❤️💋💅🌼

  65. Erika Macedo

    Esta bien cute uwu

  66. Евгений Кусарик

    Он похож на Собчак, но только симпатичнее

  67. Poncho El Niño Medrano

    i will be bisexual for him

  68. T_Bomb

    Bros stop being worried about being gay. Youre attracted to the feminine aspects. Your penis just confused. Chill

  69. Рыжий Кот

    Отличный маникюр и мейк

  70. the spooky soup

    marilyn manson invented pansexuality

  71. dubseedz757

    What a time to be alive during the 90's ... Fuck yea...

  72. AzureSanction

    Ratings wise this isn't even his most "explicit" video haha

  73. Agustin Alejo Gimenez

    I always imagined hell like one of Marilyn Manson's music videos with lots of macabre and weird shit going on all the time with heavy metal music as background

  74. Александра Заволоко

    Мы на этом выросли и нормально, а люди в шоке с Петрова 😁

  75. Darlis Dispare

    Alguém sabe dizer por que essa música nunca foi tocada ao vivo?

  76. Jonathas Santos Souza

    If MM were a woman she would be a kitten kkkkk

  77. Ernesto Rodríguez

    MM is probably one of the smartest artists in the world.
    He knows how to shock people, smartly.
    I remember this video back then and I was 😧...
    What people forget is that he is just an entertainer, actor, painter, singer, musician etc.
    This video is so cool!!
    It has good lyrics, images and music, which is HARD to see in today’s music, filled with “featurings” and “plastic pop”...

  78. Rémi B. Goode

    3:03 is this ZimZum on right ??? or Ginger and John ??

  79. Ur Boo

    As a pansexual this is everything

  80. andre2pc

    Marilyn Manson parece uma pornô.

  81. Sofia Platini

    He looks fab

  82. when billy had hair

    When I first saw this on MTV I knew MM reached it. This song and video outstands. He is an amazing performer.

  83. Валерий Альбертович Жмышенко

    Он был трапом до того, как это стало мэйнстримом

  84. BriLovesKurtHummel Briones

    Marilyn Manson is turning any boy gay

  85. MM ZX

    My parents tested me for drugs....i was 14 yo female 🤣🤣

  86. Alhana BreaKer

    Perturbador y excitante a la vez!

  87. Ray Sin

    Classic marilyn grew up to this

  88. sie bear

    I feel like people don’t give him enough credit for embracing androgyny the way he did.

  89. Brita Ahonen

    Tell him we both live in Versailles. If I left this wretched place I'd cry want to go back home.

  90. Brita Ahonen

    Tell him I truly love Versailles. I lived in Victorian times in real life, I had a dirty body, not much food, a bathtub with grime stuck I couldn't scrub off

  91. Elenice Furtado

    I Needyou my Sweet Husband MarilynManson my Heaven 🤗💋💋💅💞🤞🌼🌟

  92. Brita Ahonen

    We both lived in Versailles. I left that place behind.

  93. Brita Ahonen

    Tell him I don't live there anymore, I lived somewhere in England.

  94. Katja Bonann

    ..AK..E.N.AT ..O.N WAr ..Ner....

  95. Katja Bonann

    ..AK..E.N.AT ..O.N WAr ..Ner....