Marilyn Manson - Cake And Sodomy Lyrics

I am the god of fuck
I am the god of fuck
(Go on and smile, you cunt)

Virgins sold in quantity
Herded by heredity
Redneck, burnout, midwest mind
Who said date rape isn't kind?

Porno nation, evaluation
What's this, time for segregation
Libido, libido fascination
Too much oral defecation

White trash get down on your knees
Time for cake and sodomy
White trash get down on your knees
Time for cake and sodomy

Time for cake and sodomy
Time for cake and sodomy

I am the god of fuck
I am the god of fuck

VCRs and Vaseline
TV fucked by plastic queens
Cash in hand and dick on screen
Who said God was ever clean?

Bible belt 'round Anglo waist
Putting sinners in their place
Yeah right, great, if you're so good
Explain the shit stains on your face

White trash get down on your knees
Time for cake and sodomy
White trash get down on your knees
Time for cake and sodomy

Time for cake and sodomy
Time for cake and sodomy

White trash get down on your knees
Time for cake and sodomy
White trash get down on your knees
Time for cake and sodomy

Time for cake and sodomy
Time for cake and sodomy

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Marilyn Manson Cake And Sodomy Comments
  1. steven williams

    A friend put this on a mixtape (cassette) when we were in school trading tapes, jeeeez I'm old

  2. Craig St.Clair

    Saw them open for Danzig, 3 people from the stage. Marilyn is wearing bands of panty hose across his chest, scratching his chest and making it bleed. FREAK!

  3. Louie Love

    My favorite album but not a fan of his favorite comedian.

  4. Justin Witcombe


  5. GrandRomanReich

    White trans kids get on your knees

  6. Michelle Hazelwood

    I love marilyn his shit is real rock

  7. Joe Escobar

    Cake and Sodomy!!!!!

  8. Lancer____ Dog

    White white white wh-wh-white trash

  9. Axhm007andrea.x #IloveMarilyn

    Let’s eat some cake and have some sodomy!

  10. sven tutt

    I searched Meat Hook Sodomy and ended up stumbling across this, this definitely isn't a Cannibal Corpse...

    vaping Otter

    Kind of ironic that you listened to this song and yet you have a pepe le frog avatar. This song was written for what would become the alt right

    sven tutt

    @vaping Otter The utmost irony comes from me not associating myself with the alt right while having a profile picture of pepe.

    With that said, I cannot stand this song.

    Edit: I listen to bands which fall everywhere on the political spectrum because I don't listen to music for its political agenda, I listen to the music I like

    sven tutt

    @vaping Otter I'll make the false assumption that you're a Satanist from your hail satan playlist.

    It's rather ironic that you listen to a devout Christian metal band, Okilly Dokilly.

    Bryce Andrew

    Pepe isn't an alt-right symbol dude. It came from a comic completely unrelated to alt right politics. The swastika was adopted by Nazis but that doesn't mean every use of it is Nazism.

  11. James Meyer


  12. Gamer Boi

    Musics my hiding place.

    Gamer Boi


    Gamer Boi


  13. ross beake

    Time for cake inside o me



  14. jaaaaa aaaaaa

    daisy berkowitz work of art

  15. me amo

    por la cresta q intro más buena, q imaginativo, pulentos

  16. Trista Powers

    Favorite song

  17. Born to Survive

    I’ve just realized,.. if I listen to what ppl think of me..then I will be miserable for the rest of my life,ppl think a person like me shouldn’t be listening to Manson HaHaHaHaHaHaHa

  18. Tiaras AndAlibis

    Love it 👌🏻✨👏🏻❤️

  19. Nymphly

    I jus realized the producer is Trent reznor...

    Ian H

    Nymphly the only reason I bothered to listen to this album was because Trent was the producer

  20. Lace 7

    People tend to like cake but not sodomy.

  21. camelspiderattack

    first listened to this like 21, 22 years ago, something like that, and i still know when to scream CUNTFUCKER!! this is music that sticks with ya

  22. Anime Weeb

    Marilyn Manson is my hero🤘🖤🖤

  23. BadBoy T

    When its your birthday and your friend thinks your just gonna eat cake

  24. J C

    I have been listening to Marilyn Manson since I was 666......

  25. Ryan Hession

    Eat cake !!!!!! AJ SAY YOU EAT CAKE !!!!!!!!


    I've been eating cake snorting coke and watching TV, while I'm sodomizing my girl and she's cool with it, cause she's dead lol, I always clean her up and put her back in the freezer. 😂🤣

    Manuela Kiricsi

    @MICHAEL DAMATO good morning. I am awake and drinking coffee. Send me a message if you like to.


    @Manuela Kiricsi
    I've just checked the time in Austria and it's 4:00am, what are you doing up so early.

    Manuela Kiricsi

    @MICHAEL DAMATO a short walk with my dog and then to work at 6 to 12. Then workout in fitnessstudio for my body. You had a good night?


    @Manuela Kiricsi
    Yes, the usual, you sound busy, must've a lot of energy, have a great day lol.

    Manuela Kiricsi

    @MICHAEL DAMATO You too. We can write again later if you want to.

  27. Anna Makauskas

    One of the best concerts I've ever seen!!

  28. Aldo Castillo

    Dont fit but still have them

  29. Aldo Castillo

    And still have the tshirts from high school back in 95

  30. Aldo Castillo

    Since 92 I'm been listening to Manson now I'm 40 and still listening to him

  31. me amo

    lo reprimido

  32. Jeremy Doe

    To The Core

    If you were half as bad to me as I am with you,
    I'd walk away.
    I'd push you away.
    I wouldn't try to love.
    Confusion is what's left.
    Like a trail that sputters out.
    A flame blown out by a gust of wind.
    So much to understand.
    So much pain in uncovering what I've burried.
    As you stand by, wiping my sweat from my head, the strength in you, I can't help but to acknowledge.
    Your faith.
    My slip on grips, pain.
    My insensitive outburst.
    I would've walked away.
    Pushing, I would've ran.

  33. Klaudia Wasiak

    Trash, heredity. Kind.
    Defication. Time...cake and sodomy. Sinners in their place.

  34. Jake From State Farm

    For the longest time I thought he was saying "Time for cake inside of me"

    Matt Martin

    Well you have apparently never experienced prison sex.

    Red Nightshade

    Lolololol that's so funny

    Hero Price

    Cool, so do you have any plans for Saturday?

  35. sir_logann_succks

    I am the God of Fuck

  36. Aserét Summer

    My favorite song

  37. Admiral Nelson

    Explain the shit stains on your face!

  38. Isabella Jackson

    I love 2:42,that breathing

  39. Christopher Regan

    This song sounds exactly like Stigmata by Ministry! No wonder its so awesome!

    No Need

    Land of rape & honey is an excellent album, period. Ministry rules

    Kevin Kelly

    Nope not at all

  40. chax Erazo

    $rain duh GOD cooler killz world famous trash king chax i new id amount two nothing haha sorry..punkz. 211

  41. Andrew K

    White trash kids 🤘🏻

    whiterose 18

    One right here

  42. cali123

    CAKE SHOP! HARRISON ARKANSAS!!!!! cupcakws, cake cookiessssss o yeah..... bahahahahahha BOOOOOO.. jOHNNY gENOCIDE...... I NO ITZZZ UUUU

  43. Dan Marrero

    havent heard this song in yeeeeears but for some reason it came up on my "Up Next." I wasnt even listening to anything close to Manson

  44. Ulysses Mcanally


  45. Man With A Plan

    So what's manson trying to say? He likes to eat cake while sodomizing trump supporters? Makes sense!

  46. L. Salisbury

    I remember the good ol' days when this was Marilyn's trademark song. Now... Hell, it didn't even appear on "Lest We Forget" (2004)!

    Sean Hurley

    Lunchbox was just the bigger hit...

  47. Haxan _

    79 people are on their knees for cake and sodomy

  48. Brunno

    White trash, get down on your knees
    Time for cake inside of me

  49. Aserét Summer

    The best

  50. Oliver Aeternus

    Before its time. This album chats about America to the bone

  51. Marco Ángel

    The best intro!

  52. Max Palmer

    This was my first Marilyn Manson song I’ve been diving deeper ever sense he has some good songs believe it or not

  53. vaping Otter

    Hail Satan! Make racists AFRAID again!😈😈😈😈🤘🤘🤘

  54. Mister Smith

    Anglo wage in the bible belt

  55. Mister Smith

    Anglo waste in bible belt

  56. Isabella Jackson

    Ummm where can I sign up to be given cake and sodomy by M. M????

    Man With A Plan

    You have to be white trash to qualify. You might qualify!

  57. chantal b

    Oh Daisy...🖤🖤🖤

  58. Briefcase

    Driving through the American south bound for vacation out west, this song came to mind a lot. Gotta say.

  59. Chris Coleman

    67 people need to be sodomized

    Curry Delaronde

    That’s so ugly maaan

    Red Nightshade

    With a cross while this plays in the background. In front of their parents and recorded to be posted online.

  60. Morgan Thuemmler

    Marilyn Manson created sex in 1994 when he said "I am the God of fuck"

  61. Marie Jane

    I get chills every time I listen to this song 🤤. It’s been my favourite for a good 20 years just about. Thank you MM.

    gert rummo

    Yep he was kinda poet. Actually he was bloody awesome! Old school MM

  62. That Killz People Carl!

    Fuck your community guidelines!

  63. Tania Bergau

    He has done better work!

  64. Mxchi Moxhi

    This piece of art is underrated

  65. love thy enemy

    I love ducking my girlfriend up the add while blaring this mornin the speakers....
    It feels so good when I'm deep inside her beautiful tight cute lil asshole........

    Especially in graveyards at night on a full moon .... #sodomy

  66. XxEmoRanbowElfxX Anime

    Is it weird now that I want cake???

    Rayne Allan

    Is it weird that i want cake now too lol

    Angela adams

    And sodomy?

    Lancer____ Dog

    Inside of me?

    Spooky101 UwU

    @XxEmoRanbowElfxX Anime Is it crazy you'd also want sodomy? Ok pun intended. I am kinda hungry for some red velvet cake.

  67. Angelica Torres


    whiterose 18

    Hell Yea!

  68. Luci

    I love this song, i've started listening Marilyn Manson, when I was 12, greetings from Poland mr. Warner

  69. Wes Coker

    You Atari pax man bbq leafs

    vaping Otter

    Yep..those are words alright. Good job champ! Keep up the good work !😈🤘

  70. Veronica _

    "Time for cake and sodomy"... killer pick up line here...


    Veronica _ Id like to know how MM imagined combining those things, or maybe I don’t. Depends

  71. Jeremy Goode

    "Go on and smile, you cunt!"

  72. oliverrando

    This album from him sucked

    vaping Otter

    @Su M I'm thinking they are younger so used to a more stream lined MM. This has alot of crunch behind it that I dont think the younglings enjoy.

    Wayne Woodle

    Have to be a youngster. This was some of the best Manson. Only album I liked more was Antichrist Superstar

    Morgan Thuemmler

    @vaping Otter As a youngling I can approve the fact that it's only him with no taste


    I kinda think this is nice


    Gotta admit dope hat was pretty...dope! And lunchbox. Two of my faves off the album.

  73. Sarah kunz

    Who said date rape isn't kind?

  74. Manson rocks

    I am the God of fuck! 🤘🤘

  75. Dietriaf Warnkson

    I only want to say that I make music like Marilyn Manson in my chanel yes.. I know you're hating me now cuz I try to imitate him and it is something that I will never reach xD but it is the effect when you admire someone.. it is inevitable

    vaping Otter

    I listened to your stuff. You should stop trying to be someone you arent and make your own brand of art.

  76. yvghb hhhuj

    I had sex to this song in high school and i thought i was THE SHIT!!!!

  77. Denise Christie

    Woo effing for equality! LOL

    vaping Otter

    If no one fucks racists there wont be anymore racists eventually 🤷‍♂️?

  78. greg 16

    Perfect song

  79. Turbo Skeleton

    This will be AOC's presidental campaign song for 2032.


    And how do you know

    Turbo Skeleton

    I have a time machine.

    vaping Otter

    If all things go the right way yes! And the night sky will be alight from all the dead racist pieces of shit smoldering in heaps of decay and failure......should everything go the right way that is.

  80. George Bush

    The guitar work is amazing

    LePants Pants

    It drives the song. And I'm guessing we're not guitarists.

  81. Mona Smith

    Too much oral defecation

    Red Nightshade

    Ain't that the truth lol

  82. Zach Campbell

    Marilyn Mansons portrait of an American family c d album song cake and sodomy is
    An excellent song from Marilyn Manson he's my hero and his music is spectacular and amazing.

    Camila Argueta

    Zach Campbell yes

    jose miguel castiblanco gomez

    He sucks now lol


    @jose miguel castiblanco gomez fuck you don't ever say that again to Manson!

  83. Nicknormous Reports

    Who said god was ever clean?

    Ramblin' Man

    Wrath do you have the same balls when it comes to islam? Christianity has been defeated in the 90’s. F a g

    me amo


    Spooky101 UwU

    Pretty much me and so many other Christians. I am a duel-religion person, in which sometimes I'm a Christian, then I'm a Satanist, and eventually I am a little bit of both. Though Jesus did have a small bit of blood on him, he did die clean, tell everyone to forgive him for their sins and other stuff. You know the whole thing.

    Red Nightshade

    @NÉHÉMIE BEN ISOCRATÈS good luck with that lol


    Ramblin' Man All religions are full of shit.

  84. Nicknormous Reports

    Thanks for uploading it yourself Mr Manson. You should do a YouTube series Painting with Mr Manson.


    U high?...

    Because that is an epic fucking idea

    Morgan Thuemmler

    Thats such a good idea


    That sounds amazing

    Teffy Macías

    That would be dooope 💜

    Spooky101 UwU

    That series would've been really dope. I guess Manson would obviously show off some dark yet beautiful paintings, since he is a goth metal singer.

  85. Juan Contreras

    R.I.P Daisy Berkowitz and Gidget Gein

    Jennifer Shanks

    They passed?

    Jennifer Shanks

    Any1 think twiggy is hot?

  86. Alfu Burbb

    im gonna celebrate cake and sodomy’s birthday every new year now


    Alpha Jewel With cake and sodomy? Or just cake, or just sodomy?


    I’d like you to elaborate


    Alpha I’m not giving up, I want the details of the celebration. How will you be combining cake and sodomy, tell me


    Mr Jewel bitch please elaborate

    Alfu Burbb

    meepoman the retarded memelord metalhead yes

  87. Brian Fant

    First mainstream release not counting Lunchbox B-sides.
    Wish they would open the videos up for contribution to get them captioned.

  88. Twisted Wizard

    I am the god of WHAT?

    Miss Curmudgeon

    @Юля Медведева F U C K

    Mister Snake

    @Юля Медведева they dream to be the gods of...FUCK.

    Edward haines

    @ross beake god of FUCK

  89. Mattia


  90. Jaime 33

    La letra es tan sucia como encantadora 🤘🏻🖤

  91. Terry Green

    realy want me to blondie ?

  92. Katie Dickson

    I've been listening to Manson since I was 6 and haven't stopped


    Ditto I was 6 when I first saw and heard his sweet dreams vid on TV

    Chase Owens

    You been raised right love.

    Ian Geyer

    Yeah, since 1996. All my love


    @Destroying Angel are you from South Florida? Manson wasn't noticed by too many outside of Florida until around 1993 until he caught Trent Reznor's attention. Manson and the Spooky kids used to perform a lot in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area (where the band is originally from) in the early 90s.

    eLi FILMS

    I went back in the sack after listening......but still listening