Marillion - Three Minute Boy Lyrics

Here today
Gone this afternoon
Another tune we almost remember
What's the story
Sex and drugs again
Business as usual
The clock's already ticking
La la la la
When he was young
Staring at the TV
He watched the fun happenin' to other people
Now they scream
As they run after him
Like a dream
Like Elvis and the Beatles

A three minute song is all he wrote
He only did it for a joke
They played him on the radio
From Tokyo to Timbuktu
A three minute boy, ain't that somethin'
They named their children after him
The good times rolled beneath his feet
He skipped along the one-way street

She's a pretty girl
She don't know how it started
She made a movie
He almost remembered
She measured up
They moved into a basement
"We're so in love!"
They giggled to the nation
La la la la

Three minute millionaire they said
The numbers rattled round his head
They spun him three times round the globe
She waited patiently at home
And all the pretty girls wanted him
In places that he'd never been
Too much love will do you in
Forgive Forgive Forgive Forgive
Yeah Yeah Ooo

Three minute kid is here again
Surrounded by three minute friends
He found someone to understand
To shock the world and hold his hand
No religion, no restraint
No direction, no complaints
No future and no way out
No time now to think about it
All the money's gone
He don't know what he spent it on
Girlfriends gone off with the Jag
Gone back to her mum and dad
He's curled up on the studio floor
He just can't do it anymore
The flashgun went off without warning
He'll read about it tomorrow morning

She's goin' out with someone new
In this week at number two
Three minute boy ain't that somethin'

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Marillion Three Minute Boy Comments
  1. Charles Groenendijk

    This is the most amazing, bright and brilliant performance I have ever seen... sheer magical...

  2. Hochet Bernard

    And if MARILLION was the biggest group of rock'nroll.....

  3. ray thompson

    marrillion miss the jester fish he can t be replaced shame

  4. Здравко Георгиев

    С Фиш и с Хагард групата ми е най любима защото е МЕРИЛИЪН!

  5. Jeff Christie

    Now that’s a love affair , band and fans , and it’s a beautiful thing !!

  6. Kelley Henley

    New to Marillion here...Wow, I can't stop listening

  7. mark pammer

    How in Gods name do you thumb this band down???????

  8. Joel M

    It's just a sign of deep love...

  9. Mos Kito

    01:18 THATS exactly why we still love MARILLION ... we are a community, may be a small but a great one!

  10. Andrew Chambers

    Now they scream!      Shut up!

  11. Hochet Bernard

    Mick Taylor is ! it's Steve Rothery, the fabulous !!

  12. Ray Butcher

    Amazing clip a big song done well

  13. Hochet Bernard

    un solo de Steve Rothery qui n'aurait pas déplu à Mike Taylor au bon vieux temps des Stones...

  14. Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    I love this song... especially live lol!!!!

  15. Andrew Chambers

    he's curled up on the studio floor - he just can't do it anymore - such a f**k**g great lyricOMG the last couple of minutes - the crowd reaction!Nobody does it betterI love love love love Marillion

  16. alexander schultz


  17. Harry . Lassche

    Rothery, occupation: stringabuser, brilliant!

  18. PasKal Piras

    Que chante t il à 1,02 qui fait réagir le public? dsl je comprend pas l'anglais!

    Michel Kraayeveld

    they scream at H. as if HE is the 3 minute boy!

  19. Filippo Corbetta

    What an Hogarth here! Magnificent

  20. Pierre Derrien

    What else...? Nothing 👌

  21. Claudia Mattes

    She loves you. Yeah yeah yeah!

  22. Susan Dean

    Fucking amazing.

  23. no_mo


  24. Vince Stadon

    Best band in the f-ing world, no question. Outstanding performance of an awesome song.

  25. Пєтя Вася

    Марілліони - ви НАЙКРАЩІ !!!

  26. Sammy Hawkins

    Ingeniously magical, timing is superb. Totally awesome.

  27. Kate Murphy

    I am aware of the fact that I will never see HMARILLION.,oh well.


    Fantastique guitar solo !

  29. Roberto Guerrini

    Just a word: GREAT!!!!!

  30. rodrigo allendes

    from radiation album, the most underated marillion's work, however one of best pieces to me. Very bluesy, i love it!!

  31. Alejandra Santana

    What a great band!!! Love it

  32. dJS

    I really love this band and his music!

  33. Myriam Melly

    I discovered this song this year in Paris... It was for me FABULOUS and FANTASTIC !!! I love Hogarth. mm

  34. Kate Murphy

    Where is that crazy Daniello woman???.......

  35. Kate Murphy

    Oops.....Siri must not have liked my is Laura Daniello that I am trying to locate........

  36. Kate Murphy

    Laura Da Kellogg where are you???? You found me when I was still working on my Masters Thesis........... That was soooo long ago, ow Chris and Keith and your Greg are gone............

  37. Kate Murphy

    Too Much Love??.............

  38. Kate Murphy

    I wish I had had an opportunity to attend one of the weekends.........O well..............

    Blair McAlister

    Hang in there Kate, I have to find a gig I can get to from New Zealand....and you think you have problems :-).....shall I pick you up on the way???

    Starchild Indigo

    @Blair McAlisterThere was a guy at the Marillion weekend at De Montfort Hall in the UK this weekend just gone....was that you ?

  39. Kate Murphy

    The adult in me prefers Hmsrillio n.

  40. Dilar Palma

    Como sempre maravilhosos Marillion, todos eles. Parabéns e continuação de muito sucesso.

  41. Riccardo Girola

    Marillion fans are wonderful

  42. Sam Hawkins

    3.45 you can't do that in music......breaking every rule.

  43. Germán López

    Rothery... Dios...

    Sultan of Strings

    ¡Uno de los guitarristas mas infravalorados!

    Germán López

    Titan471 que querés decir? Lo podés justificar?

    Sultan of Strings

    Pues no es el tipo de guitarrista que toca a la velocidad de la luz, sin embargo el hace hablar a la guitarra, te puede hacer viajar con escuchar sus solos. Pues para ser buen guitarrista no es necesario tener una técnica perfecta, sino también la capacidad de expresar emociones a través de la guitarra, algo que no todos tienen, pero Rothery tiene esa magia. Lamentablemente Marillion no es una banda tan conocida como otras, por lo cual casi nadie destaca a Rothery como guitarrista.

    Germán López

    vos lo dijiste... hace hablar a la guitarra... no confundas velocidad con virtuosismo... el tipo es en su género, el mejor... a mi entender

  44. Sam Hawkins

    Breathtaking. ...

  45. Rene Huisintveld

    This is such a typical Marillion-song of which you may dislike the album-version at first and when these guys perform it live on stage (ofc with the interaction of the crowd) it really appears to be truly a great song. It just shows that Marillion is one of the best (if not the best...) live-performing bands in the entire world. The guitarsolo Steve Rothery played on this song was really top... ;))


    it's true

  46. Mike Furze

    Na nanana na nanana na nanana na. Now they scream !!!

  47. Fernando Sciolla

    Amazing song!!!

  48. Fernando Sciolla

    Marillion the best

  49. gneissguy

    Marillion for life! Please come to India.

  50. Angel of Light


  51. jorge sepulveda barriga

    Un himno que sonó espectacular en el caupolican

  52. Luke SDK

    in the day yesterday , for the first time I hear this song live . A really incredible experience
    from Argentina

  53. batistootah

    lalalala lalalala lalalalalaaaa! Marillion crowds give me goosebumps.

  54. Monserrat Fallas Madrigal

    The Weekends are our Marillion heaven. In my experience, having 3000 true fans in one single place is what gives a special vibe about it. Now I've been in several gigs, the band is still brilliant, but the crowd on the Weekends is way better.

    Nigel Blake

    Wow, I love your name!!


    True, they are magical experiences!

    Serena Flamini

    Monserrat Fallas Madrigal

  55. victor paez

    bvale hongo como canta este won ,fome ,fome ,mejor fish mejor fish

  56. Alx Jetson

    Steve puts me to sleep

  57. Andrew Cole

    I was there - and yes we screamed ! :-)

  58. regis gravlin

    Once again a song that is better live. The album track is good but live to me is better. Awesome live

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    It's like a jammin session!! I really really love this live!

  59. Michael Riley

    I love that Crowd.....What a Family!

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    Best family in the world. Suddenly the world gave me a big hug!

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    Yes my family. The world suddenly got smaller... I live you all Marillionites.

  60. ravagebang

    Absolutely staggering...! 

  61. Fabrice Strub

    I once shall go to Holland and take part of a Weekend Session. Just imagine three days of Marillion Live...that would be an unforgettable experience I tell you.

  62. Roberto Martinez


  63. bobfan2112

    I've got to get to the next convention. So cool.

  64. 0611dean

    No crowd sing like a marillion crowd , fantastic :-)

  65. João Mauricio


  66. pablo de la torre

    the best!!!

  67. pablo de la torre

    now they scream!!!!

  68. JRBL1A1

    Anyone else notice the angel in the front row at the 2:00 mark? She is cute! I bet H noticed her. ;)

  69. Paul Mcgreivy

    Only marillion could take make such a tongue in cheek song about their most successful song

  70. ralliahlen

    Super, wenn nicht diese nervige Stimme wär,ist halt ohne FISH aber ansonsten TOLL.

  71. svd00

    The BEST chain for Marillion is : Svd00

  72. Nenyatha

    It really is, it never did all that much for me on the album, but it is fantastic live!

  73. regis gravlin

    was there at the Paradise. I agree.

  74. regis gravlin

    this song is best served LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. zevenaar01

    Now they scream ..........

  76. TheNix74


  77. HighHopesBass

    Bloody marvellous :-)

  78. choibolsan

    Always happens

  79. David Wootton

    Steve Rothery - Guitar God

  80. Bobby Conary

    This is one of those songs that was good, but not on my regular "play list" . After seeing this version and seeing it live in it's a favorite listen...

  81. cayennaz

    he says "now they scream"... and they scream...

  82. Kleber Leal

    i cant understand what happens at 1:06. The lyrics is correct: Now they scream
    As they run after him .... and he abort singing like a error.

  83. adolf h

    i love marillion

  84. Raffaelll


  85. Rémi PEIFFER


  86. Steven Iams

    Now they scream...... =)