Marillion - The Sky Above The Rain Lyrics

She loves him
But she doesn't want him
She used to burn for him
But now that's changed
She knows he knows
And she says it isn't so
What else can she say?
But when he reaches out
She turns away.

When he talks about it
She says he's cruel
So he apologises
Counts his blessings
What else can he do?
She used to gaze at him reach out with her toes to touch him
She still loves him
But she doesn't want him

And in her eyes, he's so much less
Than the light heart she met
The laughing boy she used to know

He feels ugly now, and the ugliness, creeps around inside him
Until he really is.
The animal paws at him, gnaws at him
The silver-back wins over him

And in his pain, and bitter shame, he resents her.
The one who loves him

They said they'd never lie
They'd learned their lessons from the last times
They said that they could talk
They could always talk
Deceit stirs in them now for reasons good as well as bad

But he wants so much
Not to live another lie
To be free and high again
Trying to see the blue sky above the rain
Trying to see the blue sky above the rain
Remembering the blue sky above the pouring rain
He's trying to see the blue sky above the rain

He's flown there and he's seen it,
been up there lighter than air, floating in the miracle
But he can't fly until she wants him
He can't burn until she sparks him
He's dressed in lead from toe to head
Trying to see the blue sky above the rain
Remembering the blue sky above the rain
Maybe they'll talk
Soul to soul head to head heart to heart eye to eye
Rise up to that blue space above the clouds
Where troubles die
And tears dry
Heading West and climbing
In that place the sun never stops shining
The rain's below us.

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Marillion The Sky Above The Rain Comments
  1. giovanni giuffrida

    Semplicemente splendida Adoro questa musica

  2. Ricardo Gonçalves

    Adoro está música
    Brasil. Rio de janeiro

  3. Cliff Elwis

    Wow! That brought a lump in my throat.

  4. Andrea Cherubini


  5. Mos Kito

    Marillion - whoever else ...
    i loved this song before i even heard it

  6. Teresa Burton

    This song is so amazing .. his voice these lyrics.. wow is all I can say !! ❤️

  7. Brandon Lee

    This song reminds me of a very hard part in the past, no one can pull on my emotions more than Marillion, a fan for 20 odd years because of my lovely mum playing them since I was a child

  8. Rinaldo Silva

    faria de um tudo pra ir a um show do Marillion

  9. Jeanie Mattone


  10. Eric Rathburn

    Extremely YES-like. Fantastic. I can here them performing it.

  11. jean luc BARRE

    Des frissons! excellent....merci

  12. Marc Van Hoek

    This is a brilliant song and the lyrics are inspired. I have no words....

  13. hitchadmirer

    Walked 8 miles and took in the album from start to finish (a few times!) and was in tears...this is so f***ing brilliant.

  14. Stevek552

    Perfectly expressed..Marillion are the masters of depth.. evident and overwhelming for all those that feel it..

  15. Montxo Grau LLuciá

    En 1983/1984 surgieron dos grupos totalmente deudores de Genesis, Yes... : Marillion y IQ.

    "Script for a Jester's tear" y " Tales from the lush attic" eran, respectivamente, una maravillosa, impecable, extraordinaria muestra de talento y categoría musical y compositiva.

    Han pasado 34 años... Y los dos grupos han evolucionado con enorme calidad, y sus composiciones " recientes " ( me refiero desde 2000, por ejemplo ) mantienen ese espíritu y capacidad emocionante de sus inicios.

    Hay quien añorará la etapa histriónica de Fish... No hace falta ser tan obcecado: si escuchando esta maravillosa canción no te conmociona el alma... entonces es que no entiendes nada... :-)

  16. Blair McAlister

    Everything adds up to one.....Marillion are true gods of their craft.

  17. Kate Murphy

    Yes, the previous comment is correct!!!!!!!.........

  18. Jurresp Dougsp

    super sensacional....

  19. Ted Delannoy

    Ce groupe me stimule au plus profond de moi depuis mon adolescent. J'ai aujourd'hui 46 ans est je me régal toujours autant à écouter leurs albums. Merci à eux pour celà ...

  20. Dan

    Oh my God....  the song moved me before I read the lyrics..... and then I read them.  I do not cry easily, but anyone not moved by these lyrics is dead inside.

    This song is masterful.  While it delves into the pitfalls of relationships, it acknowledges that love and lust are not always hand in hand.  But, if the love is strong, there is still hope of finding a way to fix things and to rise above the rain.

  21. marines saez

    Marillion es inmortal, puro sentimiento y lírica, the best!

  22. Kate Murphy

    I meant to write that those times in my life were crucially important to me, sorry that I had to make that clarification................

  23. Kate Murphy

    I will remain silent on this issue except that HMARILLION came to be at a few critically remarkable points in my life

  24. Peter Broadey

    I heard Marillion in 1978 didn't love their music until I listened to them in 2017. Fantastic love it

  25. Tracey Hudson

    Birmingham UK 2018 - as Clint Eastwood would say-"BRAVO".

  26. Marco Antonio Cruz Rocha

    Marillion the soundtrack of mta soul

  27. Andy Laidlaw

    Sheesh..'Maybe they'll talk.....' Sobbing like a baby..only Marillion can do this!!

  28. Celina B

    Tato, dziękuję, że dzięki Tobie jestem kim jestem, a taka muzyka mi towarzyszy

  29. Mike Nichols

    Thank god Rothery rediscovered his guitar skills on Ghosts of Pripyat, this song needs an emotive guitar solo. Nice song otherwise, I like FEAR better though.

    Roger Harvey

    Mike Nichols The guitar solo towards the end of the song is true genius. If you don't think so then you've not listened

    Eddie Spencer-Small

    No, this track is perfect as it is. Sometimes less is better, and a huge guitar solo (in the style of Pripryat) would completely ruin the mood and flow of the music.

  30. Eggnogonthebog Productions

    Beautiful song...

  31. raul luna

    exselente tema musical

  32. Josekelele

    The end of "Sounds..." is magic. This song is wonderful! Thanks Marillion for your talent for life and music.

  33. Marti Kos

    .... heart and soul... i lost 2 years with this song....

    Jeff Weselinski

    Marti Kos, I know where you are coming from. One of the best Marillion tracks I've ever heard. Hang in there.

  34. Da’CigarBox


  35. Carlos gustavo Poisson

    Este tema es la historia de mi vida...

  36. Uraida pushkinson


  37. jejouejeuxpartage olivier

    beautiful song !!!!

  38. noel perez


  39. Bonnie Boswell

    such a human experience

  40. Luis LR

    Maybe they'll talk
    Soul to soul head to head heart to heart eye to eye
    Rise up to that blue space above the clouds
    Where troubles die
    And tears dry
    Heading West and climbing
    In that place the sun never stops shining
    The rain's below us.

  41. 21093 Bc21e3

    so beautifull mg

  42. Gio White

    gapman, eres genial gracias por tu buen acierto musical,

  43. lucival ferreira lima


  44. Valerio Dg

    this is a singer

  45. Filhoteamo Ianamor18

    simplesmente maravilhoso!

  46. falko57

    słuchać tego ,słuchać ,słuchać ...jedna z ''pereł '' muzyki

  47. Terry Knighton

    where are the lyrics ?

    Rogério Rodrigues

    I love this beautiful song...

    Myriam Genneteau

    +Rogério Rodrigues moi,aussi. et depuis plus de 25 ans!!!!

    kaleigh kavan

    Terry Knighton On the description!!!

    Terry Knighton

    is it to late to say i'm sorry-lol

  48. Robert Andre

    Beautiful song - loved Marillion since 1986, thanks.

    Raymond Kinsch

    Robert Andre mother

  49. WellOfSadness

    Maybe they'll...

  50. Stuart McNeil

    I have been a marillion fan for a seriously long time now and there is no words to describe how good this is. It's frightening how good this song is. In my opinion I don't think I'll ever hear better from them.

    Nosh fox

    +Stuart McNeil Perfectly put, Sir.

  51. Marc Moingeon

    A magnificent, moving piece. This album is one of my favourite with Steve Hogarth, after two more or less disappointing albums.

  52. Chris Martin

    Brilliant brilliant track, the stand out track on STCBM, I know a lot say Gaza, but it does not hold a candle to this song, one of the greatest songs by Marillion

  53. peepsk771

    WOW!! Made me cry......


    Soul wrenching lyrics set to absolutely exquisite music ...
    Thank you for a beautiful share :)


    I loved it and you're welcome! :)

    Ana Carbone

    very commom reaction :)

  54. TheSabeMan

    As much as I loved Fish and his career is still wonderful. There's a reason why the rest of the band kicked him out and received the remarkable talents of Steve H. Marillion paints the pictures of all my dreams and visions. True musical genius.

    Steve P

    ummm.. he did not get booted.

    We toured far too much and always in the same areas to the point of overexposure. We should have taken a year off. I should have made my solo album and got it out my system while the others followed their projects and we could have come back in '89 with a new and fresh Marillion album. We all needed a break from each other and to recapture our private and personal lives away from the band. We needed to grow as people not as a band. The management wouldn't have had the income though and my offer to resign was readily accepted.

    Gavin Knight

    I was stunned at the departure of Fish, but in retrospect (as a grown man rather than a spotty teenager) it worked out for the best. My cousin bought the single 'Assassin', with the proceeds of strawberry picking in rural Perthshire. We sat down at my late father's record player and listened to that single until we knew every second of it by heart. I think Marillion was the first band I adopted as part of me. The music just became interwoven with the fabric of my youth. Saw you guys live twice before Fish parted, and so glad of that. Fugazi is STILL one of my goto albums in times of strife. As a fan I can say I have never have been disappointed in any of the paths and output produced by former or current Marillion members. Genuinely amazing musicians, and it annoys me a little that most people only know Kayleigh & Lavender as those two tracks don't reflect the virtuosity and depth of Marilion. The above track is...sublime.

    Patrick Beintema

    TheSabeMan true


    He left he wasn’t kicked out

    rodrigo sagredo

    Fish left the band because of a fortune teller.

  55. john berrisford

    this is h at his best the golden rain , the best moment of my life wolves 2013

  56. joe grimes

    Marillion: the soundtrack to my life :) Makes me smile to see folks talk about H as the new guy or talk of the Hogarth Era. Marillion  has had Steve now longer than When Fish was in the band. Much longer. Since before I was born and that was 20 something years ago! :O I love the mellow tones of the latter Marillion, to just slap on whilst the rain pours outside. I was a kid when I first listened to this band. Now I have my own kids pattering about me whilst the songs still echo the halls.

  57. Salmon


  58. Nicolas Sanchez

    Esta canción es increíble, sublime, eriza la piel. Que buena banda por dios..

  59. lyubomir bumbarov

    the sky above the me

  60. Juman Khaled

    indescribable! very deep lyrics.

  61. Michele Bordi

    One person has no umbrella... ;)

  62. Yvonne Wood

    Without doubt this band covers every aspect of all their songs take you to some time in your life.that you can clearly say the least.

  63. Gustavo Castellanos

    Totally agree with your comment

  64. Nader Abdelnour

    This is more than just a song, it is a true masterpiece, a heavenly experience that lifts the spirit to places so High (above the clouds) could be interpreted not necessarily as search of human love but as our continuous search of happiness and spirituality (whichever credo we have) and that place where the Sun is always shining and the rain is below us…amazing lyrics

  65. Robin Laurén

    Is it just that i haven't listened to the album enough lately, or is this mix a bit different from what's on the disk?

  66. Ana Marcelino Cruz

    Maybe they talk. SHHE.
    Amo-te Mikie ***
    Hoje e sempre

  67. Pete Davies

    One of my favourite Bands right from the start...Fish and Hogarth era's...Absolute Musical perfection...Thank you for posting this x

  68. Landry Salles

    The best song of "Sound that can't be made" abum

  69. barcigian

    One of the greatest Marillion's from H era!

    Timothy Monaghan

    hogarth and wilson

  70. Josianne Dubé

    So good... reminds me of how I felt on my very first listening of Pink Floyd when I was a teen. Same feeling of wow... amazed

  71. Josef Michal

    so many feels...

  72. Ered Gorgoroth

    Sharing this to the one you have ever loved the most to later watch her leave and fade is quite the very core of this poem...I think I was blessed...She took my heart full of love and now her memory lies everywhere

  73. john berrisford

    when i 1st heard this i thought the last lyric was the rains for lovers it could work

  74. nanda cruz

    não tem mais o vigor de antes...

  75. nanda cruz

    o que q aconteceu com o marillion que eu conhecia?

    Christopher Wright

    nanda cruz o grupo de hoje e simplesmente diferente, mais maduro/velho/considerado e tranquilo, porem mais versatil, tem registros musicais de muito mais versatilidade. Nos anos de Fish brilham tambem, doutra maneira do rock puro porem ao mesmo momento com sabor super agrio. Com H no grupo temos mais melancholia, porem nao falta de emocoes. Eu fico com as duas "generacoes" - maravilhas iguais.

  76. Riccardo Schiavo


  77. Mitzimar

    I love this song. Bravo!

  78. djg

    The beginning piano loop kinda reminds me of what Kate Bush did on her last album, which was also really good.

  79. Tom Riddle


  80. David Hyner - Motivational Goal Setting Speaker

    if you think this is boring then you are not listening to the lyrics .... OMG ! .. sheer class

  81. Monique Gerfen

    Love it ; one of the best poems from Marillion Seen them live in Enschede Holland dong the song while voices were as bad as rain. But sound was strong as ever! Peter. Lochem

  82. Vinny Lambroia

    AMAZING - Marillion really can get inside you , naking Sounds that can't be made

    can't wait for Montreal !!!

  83. H stocK

    Saw H do this live in Glasgow ...Awsome

  84. Iriskamante

    Je ne peux pas écouter cette chanson sans pleurer à chaque fois... Elle est belle si belle, mais elle me tourmente.

  85. Libor Zezula

    beautiful song, one of the best on the new Marillion album... really wonderful thought sad

  86. CallmeToddy

    Very well done video @ninozen

  87. Oliver Frankus

    I'm really touched...

  88. João Mauricio

    When emotions are so perfectly expressed in words and song, we are in presence of pure genius. Marillion should be acknowledged as such.

  89. hans witvoet

    One off the best song that i ever listen

  90. Bobby Conary

    Finally got to listen to this with no interruptions, simply stunning. I've never shed a tear listening to a song before this one.

  91. Daniela Apellido

    una pieza de arte!

    Gracias marillion por tan bella música!

  92. hans witvoet

    Thanks Marillion for all those years with wonderfull music you''ll made

  93. John Blake

    Didn't think that they could top "Neverland"...
    This is the kind of music you hope for your whole life to hear someone make



  95. regis dsotm

    Thanks Marillion for this great song, long life Hogarth & co. !!!

  96. icepaw99

    Not a good idea to listen to this when you're already crying... I think this album is one of the greatest they've ever done.

  97. Dominique Ginesta

    Magnifique chanson, superbe voix, envoûtante! Toujours aussi beaux les albums de Marillion :)

  98. Grzegorz Laska

    tak pięknie gra ,tylko MARILLION;-)

  99. Gustavo Castellanos

    Esta canción es un himno, como muchas de las canciones de Marillion, toca las fibras del alma, long life Marillion!!!