Marillion - The Release Lyrics

The alarm by the bed
Wrings the dreams from my head
It's a new day
Leave the flakes in the bowl
Milk unopened, I'm gone
But I'm still late
Join the fight for a cab
Take our place in the jam
And watch the clock again
There is a man in my head
I think he came from the screen
Or the bible
All he wants is for me is to be strong
But I seem to be unreliable
You know it gets so hard
When everything you are
Is everything you don't want to be

But at the end of the day
You're the one who burns it all away
The end of the day
You're the one, you're the one
The end of the day

So won't you show me those pictures you hold in your head
And can you lose me somewhere inside them all
Because there are colours that run through the heart of me
That only you can see

But at the end of the day
You're the one who burns it all away
The end of the day
You're the one, you're the one
The end of the day
You're the one who burns it all away

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Marillion The Release Comments
  1. Gazz Abel

    I absolutely love this song it’s Utterly superb.....One of those little gems ...I’m amazed they left it off seasons end .....perhaps they just wanted to keep it in surprise us all ....

  2. Hochet Bernard

    un morceau qui ne deplairait pas à BruceSpringsteen...

  3. simon hobbs

    wont go too see them until I can get a standing ticket so forget november tour . shame .

  4. Vytautas Kaskelis

    Fantastic song. I love Marillion.

  5. simon hobbs

    is it on any c.d ?

  6. anji t

    Best band ....EVER XXXX

  7. Lyla Christopherson

    Rothery looks so happy all the time. He also looks like he thinks anyone can learn to play like him . . . Like he's Not a god.

  8. john berrisford

    I’m not religious in any way but I do need my daily feed of Marillion

  9. Big Dave Kilbride


  10. Rael21

    they should write more songs like this, they are getting a bit boring on the last albums.

    Kate Murphy

    Rael21 Nothing boring from this band. Sorry.

  11. Simon Hoban

    Love the H-era but to say you were 'awestruck' by this is stretching it a bit. I mean, it's basically three chords, a sort of U2 tribute with a Marillionised keyboard line. They've done so much better than it, and think they knew it was only ever b-side material.

  12. Nick Morris

    You can say what you like about Marillion (and many have) but who sings, plays and writes better? And this was a B-side!


    Nick Morris Cinderella Search is one of the best B-sides on history

    Lyla Christopherson

    lol. . . .b side. LOL!

  13. Fredrik Winberg

    Looooooooooove this song! Beautiful part singing by Pete.

  14. Malco Pops

    love this

  15. Vince Beynon

    I agree with jude cross - - WHAT A FANTASTIC SONG!!!!!! Music this good should be illegal

  16. Swifty Chap

    Tic tac toe anyone ?


    H had better lyrics on this one I think

  17. jude cross

    One of their Best songs EVER !!!!! Love it x

  18. Roberto Rodriguez

    next may 2016

  19. Malcolm Mcwhirter

    love this song Marillion played this in Glasgow last time they where here the crowd were awestruck