Marillion - The Party Lyrics

She bought a bottle of cider
From the shop on the corner
They didn't stop her
Thought she was older
She took a bus ride
To a name and a number
A house full of music
And a hatful of wonder

And some of the people
That she thought that she knew
Were never like this
When she saw them at school
She's never been anywhere like this before
Everybody's so out of control

She was in a back room
Full of strange aromas
And noises and candles
That was where he found her

He took her to a garden
Full of rain and silence
And she could smell the soil and the trees
And see the succulent light from the little fires in his eyes
Pulling shapes out of the night
She was enchanted

Then it's twelve o'clock
And the last bus is gone
They're gonna go crazy
When they hear what she's done
And higher is lower
And less is like more
She's never felt anything like this before,

And then it was yesterday
He said, "Oh, by the way"
"Welcome to your first party..."

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Marillion The Party Comments
  1. Luis LR


  2. Cacao Bob


  3. David Gil Vallejo

    One of the strongest and most passionated songs by Marillion. Give me goosebumps everytime i listen to it.

  4. Kate Murphy

    Mr. Scotsman, thank you for all your wonderful uploads!!!...

  5. Andrew Chambers

    Are the first 55 secs just the best opening to a song ever - the look between Steve's is priceless

  6. Pierre Derrien

    What a wonderful singer !! Marillion is a amazing group !

  7. Rudi Ohneu

    I Love This Band

  8. caro s

    My absolute favorite Marillion song!

  9. Carl Davies

    They played this in Birmingham (14/4/18) Amazing spectacle.

  10. Ian Grove

    Probably amongst their most powerful, poignant (and under-valued) songs. So glad that it appears to have apparently re-emerged in the 2018 UK tour set list....looking so much to hearing it again first hand at Bristol next week!!!

  11. Trevor Tabone

    One of their last great songs

  12. Johan Hallberg

    This is brilliant!

  13. Joachim Mehr

    I am so gatefull to understand what these guys always wanna tell us...we have to go much further as we maybe learned at school or at home... it's always a blessing to hear them! I always have to cry when I hear them...coz it gets so unbelievable deep

  14. Luis LR

    superband 😎

  15. IndiaRubber Man

    epic no hang on EPIC!

  16. Floydian _58

    Great song. So realistic!