Marillion - Marbles I Lyrics

Did anyone see my last marble
As it rolled out and over the floor?
It fell through a hole in the corner
Of a room in a town on a tour

It's lonely without your last marble
I miss it not rattling around
As I lie in my bed there's a space in my head
Where there used to be colours and sound..

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Marillion Marbles I Comments
  1. Igor Ivanov

    Я скажу по русски! Merillion! Вы охуенная группа. слушаю с 80х! Душу дерёте!!!

  2. Igor Ivanov

    Marllion awesome!

  3. Catanoso Ganoderma

    Un gruppo di straordinaria bellezza

    Nestor Herbas


    davide rustici

    Uno dei migliori brani di sempre.... Da brividi