Marillion - Interior Lulu Lyrics

As you lie there on your bed
Beneath the face of Louise Brooks
With your makeup and your teddy bear
And your C.S. Lewis books
Bad seed
You're a bad seed
You're a decadent in chrysalis
Waiting sleepily to emerge
When you'll visit every seedy need
Of your random obsessive urge

All the ruses that you use
All the food that you refuse
All the dust and tired air that feeds Interior Lulus
All the poisoned attitudes
And the lust for the unknown
And the second best that devils use
To make this world their own
Interior Lulu
Interior Lulu

Every rainy day by e-mail
As you lie there on your bed
Another virtual page arrives
There will be times when you remember me
Of the chapters you'll be writing
As the voices echo in your head
In the book called wasted lives
As you read Henry and Anais

All the lost weekends and booze
All the finger-and-thumb screws
All the sleepless worn out blues that bruise Interior Lulus
Interior Lulu
Interior Lulu

Use the anger
Paint a picture of it
Throw the colours
Use the pain, use the pain

Scream back a brand new emotion
As it runs across the skin
Fire across paper
Burn and curl, burn and curl

You thought you couldn't feel like this
But it's happening again and you're waking up in pain
Tattooed in that private place
Microsoft and tears
Intimately pierced

Discovering and remembering
You felt like this somewhere before
Stirrin' up the bed of the river
Somewhere you don't like to go

You wrote this down so many times
But you get up anyway and you write it down again
You've bored us all to death with this
Well who you gonna tell
When you've nothing left to sell

She says she's lonely
She says she knows me
But she's a one-way street

She told me what I already know

"If you can carry it out you can take it away
If you can carry it out you can take it away
If you can buy it, it can be bought
If you can buy it, it can be stolen
If you can break it
It's already broken"

Lately, I can stand to hear other people talking
So many empty conversations
What a waste of lips

Lately I can stand to stand on Primrose Hill
Look down upon the city
A heart pumping the roads

In our racing stripes
We rejoice at being "connected"
Without touching
Thank god for the internet

We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes
'Till the electrical storm blows our fuses
And we gaze, dumbfounded, at the rain

All the trust and tired care
Left to rust and go nowhere
All this gold beneath my skin
Sparklin' like sin somewhere within
In so deep
In so deep that
I can't sleep for these interior Lu lu lu lu lus

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Marillion Interior Lulu Comments
  1. Fátima Gomes

    Não consigo parar de ouvir. ..leva-me ao mais profundo do meu ser!!...obrigado por existirem💖💖🎶🎻🎤👑👑👑

  2. Kayleigh Lavender

    Gorgeous as always 🌹🍃

  3. Pekon mastill




  5. Kate Murphy

    I spend much time on Planet Marillion!!!...

  6. guto Melo

    Essa é fooooodaaaa !!!

  7. Tobia Tesan

    A 20 year old lament for the Instagram generation. Uncannily prescient.




    Eat of The Bread...My body shall I give for you and even YOU too...I have risen from the dead...Do not keep wasting any more of your so called TIME! You may erase my text but you can not close the eyes from TRUTH so just look all around you...Its everywhere and WILL OF GOD keep moving thus earth.


    Correction...Leavened Bread @ Pass Over...


    Woe at the door...


    Granted Partitions unto The Queen of Heaven discuss me CAKES by the thick hip Egyptian sufferer for the world...A she that is he nay longer nay longer nay longer celestial adorned as before she burns all of his 300 hand written parables in the fire...Her chastity book has collected dust for plague...I have become a blind teapot she screams out as their tails with stings bite at him upon JOB...I Am undone and have become as leave bread...Thus too shall Pass Over they agreed together one with another as ONE.

  13. Kate Murphy


  14. Kate Murphy

    It is alright now, I fixed the problem! Yeah, yeah!

  15. Kate Murphy

    Never,ind Microsoft, it is Apple that is giving me grief right now!!.........

  16. Kate Murphy

    Yes, Dot Com was with me at some very crucial junctures!!!!!!!!.........

  17. Vince Stadon

    Blimey, that's several amazing shades of absolute bloody awesome!

  18. Kate Murphy

    If it were not for the internet and this IPad, I would not have my music with me......!!!!

  19. Mad Man Moon

    what a nice guitar

  20. Roger Rodrigues

    É surpreendente o sentimento que o Marillion causa em mim, mesmo depois de anos acompanhando, ouvindo, admirando a banda, cada vez que revejo os videos e ouço novas e antigas canções, assimilo acordes, gestos, nuances vocais e instrumentais que passaram desapercebidos em momentos anteriores.
    Marillion....amo tudo isso !

    guto Melo

    Essa sensação que você tem , foi estudada por pesquisadores e chegaram a conclusão que é um vício benigno que só tem quem curte o melhor som do mundo

  21. mulotwo

    The magic of Marillion ! Great !

  22. Chirurgie Vidéo

    Fabuleux !monstrueux!magique!
    Du pure marillion
    On ne s'en lasse pas!

  23. Luigi Lamberti

    one of my favourite song

  24. Lisa Harrington

    Words fail me.... OMG the more I listen, the deeper it goes... OMG.... ❤️❤️🎶🎶🎼🍷🍷❤️❤️💥💥🔥

    Steinar O

    That`s Marillion!

  25. Judy C

    This is blow your mind, nothing else comes remotely close, great! Intoxicating...

  26. william janssen

    Great sounds fill the interior. Great band singing about the beautiful lulu

  27. Monserrat Fallas Madrigal

    One of my most favorite songs. Hope they'll play it again soon! Even better, the whole album! :D

    Aris Alamanos

    I like better than Marbles...Don't get me wrong , I love ALL of their work but I especially love that album. So many good (and different) songs on that one...

    Tim Barnes

    Really? I know Marbles has a lot of throwaway songs like Drilling Holes and the four Marbles songs but dot com feels to me a bit mediocre, nothing exhilarating except this one imo

    Aris Alamanos

    Marbles is very monotonous in terms of the sound production,sometimes the song writing is very dull as well. It lacks a lot of those liberating moments Marillion music usually has. I love Ocean Cloud from that one. Not saying its bad. I pre-paid for it, my name is in the deluxe edition package with the booklet. It's a Marillion masterpiece but it's not an album I put on and listen to from start to finish like I do with Brave, Afraid of Sunlight or This Strange Engine and I have to be in a specific kind of mood to listen to Marbles a mood that is very rare. Can't explain it otherwise. Love Marillion to death by the way.

    Tim Barnes

    Hmm well I only discovered Marillion a couple of years ago (I'm 17) and haven't actually listened to the lesser known songs on TSE or Brave but so far I only like Runaway and The Great Escape from that album. Some of the others just feel a bit too straightforward rock to me eg Hard as Love. I do agree with you about Marbles songwriting though, I would be happy with just Ocean Cloud, Neverland, Invisible Man, You're Gone, Fantastic Place to be honest without the rest. Personally Anoraknophobia is my favourite Hogarth album though, it's exciting and unusual but without the pop side.

    Tobia Tesan

    @Tim Barnes Whoah. Drilling Holes is *the* highlight of the album for me. As they say, one man's garbage...

  28. Paul Pelkonen

    One of my favortie Marillion tracks. And yes they quote The Wall at about 5:33.

    Tim Barnes

    @Paul Pelkonen Very Empty Spaces-y indeed

  29. Klaas van G

    This is unbelievable... best performance of the best song of the best band in the world!

    Tim Barnes

    @Klaas van G The drum sound on this and even more so the studio version are amazing

    Lost Marbles

    I too LOVE this song, and this version - but I also recommend watching the version from Cadogan Hall - it's equally amazing, yet quite different :)

  30. Jean-Christophe Damiron

    On touche les étoiles!

  31. Tim Barnes

    Such perfection. Composition is spot on and the bass is just great. Reminds me of a high tech lab for some reason.

  32. Gazpacho09

    Total geil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Baliman Jürgen

    GREAT....... Love it... Thanks for open this...