Marillion - Hooks In You Lyrics

I feel so strange what's wrong with me
You've got a problem that you can't see
But I've got a feeling all the rumours are true
I see the girl's got a hook in you
You carry on believing
That you can take or leave it
Now who are you deceiving
Cause when its own up time
She's in back of your mind

She's got her hooks in you

You said you'd never let it happen again
You spend your money and you're deeper in
Your fair-weather friends call two by two
To let you know what's wrong with you

But now your heartbeat's thumpin'
You watch your nerve ends jumpin'
Well I can tell you something
When it's own up time
You're gonna toe the line

She's got her hooks in you
She's got her hooks in me too

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Marillion Hooks In You Comments
  1. Waldemar Polewacz

    Kto by pomyślał ?

  2. Juan nuñez

    Este es el mejor cantante que ha tenido Marillium.

  3. Mack Sarnie

    This sounds more like iron maiden than marrilon tbh

  4. My_Mate_Jeff

    such a classic, still listen to it at least once a week.

  5. David Cook

    Excellent little rocker (still got the vinyl single). Although I always thought it sounded a little out of place with the other songs on Season's End. Caught them at the Glasgow Garage back in April 1997 ( the warm up gig for This Strange Engine Tour).

  6. Piet Spaans

    The single Hooks in You is released in August 1989 ! so (c) 1989?

  7. Jerome Lange

    One of the most Bad Asses & Plain GLORIOUS Keyboard & Guitar Riffages Combo...EVER !! #UnderratedJam #Hooked

  8. Anais Bulsara

    I wish I had been born before so I'd be able to see the young gorgeous H. Still charming today but how sexy was he, back then!

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    His eyes are beautiful. Look at Univited guest if you haven't already

  9. Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    Fuck it I am getting old!

  10. Daniel Sherrington

    Damned if they did and damned if they didnt. This was a safe bet because otherwise hed be classed as a FISH wannabe. I have had my issues with SH over the years but fair play to the guy, he was/is always his own man and when this came out I was 13 and loved it. Now its a bit naf but they went on to write many fantastic tunes. Thank SH Marillion existed for the last 30 + years.

  11. Patrick Samphire

    Still a good band in this era, but they were much more middle of the road, AOR.

  12. James Davies

    Great band that I’m rediscovering

  13. Re Blue


  14. Re Blue

    Amoo 😍😍😍

  15. davidleerotharmy

    the band in its worst period

  16. Achim Gerber

    Leider sehr geil!

  17. Jean Jean

    ca va men

  18. ihatesexpistols

    She's got her hooks in me too

  19. elvis milena

    Superrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

  20. rémy mereu

    la classe !!

  21. unaperrson

    "Hooks In You" is simply a rehash of "Incommunicado", which is a better song, with better lyrics. This is pretty standard rock stuff for a class act like Marillion. I thought so at the time, and I still think so today. You can practically sing the lyrics to "Incommunicado" to "Hooks In You". Fish has an emotional depth and real intensity to his voice that no else has or can ever replace.

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    h never replaced he made his own path and I'm still loving it 30 years later. FEAR is an amazing album. But if you didn't like it why watch the video?

  22. Сергей Л

    хорошая песня.

  23. Carlos Rodriguez

    One of my favorites song of the "H" era.

    anybody knows the name of model?.. She's gorgeous!

  24. Mick DeVille

    They certainly came on strong with this song, i was always a fan of the original line up and was quite saddened by the departure of 'Fish', i expected great things of them after hearing this but alas, to my ears anyway, they didn't deliver.this song, for my mind at least, was their best effort.

  25. Alex Lagos

    fish is fish,hogart is hogart.enjoy BOTH!!!

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    You said it... yes both amazing... I love Marillion and still do.

  26. MARBLES81

    Great band. H rules. The fish heads need to get right over it. Over 26 Years now bore off

  27. David Green

    post " Fish" Marillion - thank you , but no thank you

    Benjamin Joseph Kidd-Bentley

    Your loss!

  28. Captain Zeppos

    There's some mistake here. This ain't not Marillion. Marillion did not use to play this poser shit. Manowar would easily kill those posers.

    Jos Zomer

    +Captain Zeppos Nope, this is Marillion with new singer Steve Hogarth.

    Katie Grogan

    ..."new" ..."new " though?

  29. Twirlyhead

    I can see where Genesis got all their ideas now.

    arne berg

    +Twirlyhead Yr jokin'- right ?? ---

    Jao Lin

    Yes. When Genesis heard this song they kicked Gabriel out of the group and got a new singer.

  30. Vito Sansone

    Brano di punta del primo album del gruppo scozzese dopo l'abbandono da parte di Fish. A cantare qui è Steve Hogarth.

  31. Ger Forde

    It didn't matter whether Fish was with them or not, Marillion were awesome throughout their career...

  32. King Curry

    A master class in rock guitar.

    And how can anyone say they died when Fish left when they can produce music like this?

  33. leticia araujo

    The fifth album and the first with Steve - Fantastic album !!!!

    MARILLION = " My Angel Ruler Is Lucifer, Lucifer Is Octavia Neronis " 

     Is the first wife of Nero who shows the face, hooks (and legs) in the video ?

  34. guinea pig

    bloody brill, H has such an addictive voice

  35. Dave Rogers

    class track, used to cover this with a rock band I used to play with..

  36. Brian Tedds

    Stunning rock