Marillion - Fantastic Place Lyrics

[Islands are mountain-tops]

It's always a struggle
To let somebody go
It's a natural desire
To own your lover, I know

And you can screw a man down
Until he takes to drinking
He'll give you all of his money
You still won't know what he's thinking

Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away
Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away

Take me to the island
I'll watch the rain over your shoulder
The streetlights in the water
The moment outside of real life

I never could dream while I was sleeping
Put your arms around my soul
And take it dancing..

Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away
Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away

Take me to the island
I'll watch the rain over your shoulder
The streetlights on the wet stone
The moment outside of real life

Say you understand me
And I will leave myself completely
Forgive me if I stare
But I can see the island behind your tired, troubled eyes

Take me to the island
I'll tell you all I never told you
The boy I never showed you
More than I gave in my life
Take me by the hand
You'll either kill me or you'll save me
Take me to the island
Show me what might be real life

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Marillion Fantastic Place Comments
  1. Tomek Iwa

    Needs more Fish

  2. Mark Ferguson

    40 deaf muppets

  3. Norma Pio

    vamos curtir só umas 1000 vezes só né cachoeira,depois vamos ver se gostamos!!!!!

  4. Roseli Emilson

    As duas fases do Marillion são fantásticas. Amo o som dessa banda. Emilson Cezar-SC

  5. Musicia Criticans

    This music is absolutely uninspired and boring; I rembember the days when Marillion made fine progressive-rock (only the guitar-playing of Steve Rothery reminds me of these times ...)

  6. Emanuel Vetton

    Excelente 🙏

  7. Fábio Smiths

    Que som FANTÁSTICO

  8. Chromatic Element

    Better live. Still good.

  9. denis langlois

    From Bali island love Marillion

  10. ETHAN539

    EXCELLENT !!!!!!! Thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,john,,,,

  11. Matthew Montana

    This video would of gone better for the quartz track chorus.

  12. charlene sicular

    why do people that don't like this listen and and give thumbs down.that's stupid like those people.this is one of Marillions fantastic songs

  13. tony v

    thank u

  14. DHaRMa HYPeRBaSS

    Fantastic place hermosa versión muy bien balanceada sonido excelente, uno de mis temas favoritos. Saludos Marillion desde Ecuador 👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Adrián Botello

    Beautiful songs!

  16. Gualtiero Stanganini

    Senza fisch😡😡😡

  17. Shlisa Shell

    Live versions are always better. But I'll take Marillion any way I can.

  18. E-stoire

    à Lyon dans 15 jours ;oD

  19. SZAB*inRazYEL ST1 2Ring ק כ חי

    Merci EarMusic, how we hear drives us to Fantastic higher places... but you know, i'm just a free spirit too ! :-D

  20. The Professor

    no fish- no marillion! sounds weak !

    abi maul

    you know, fish voice is getting boring sooo borrrring

    Wim Kroon

    So poor, so ridiculous, so simple this reaction.

  21. didier gaulard

    Quel douce music et bon groupe

  22. Pierre Antoine Courouble

    Merveilleuse chanson d'un merveilleux groupe

  23. Scott Warner

    Who are the 18 Dislikes? You've got to be kidding me!!

    Stefano DI MATTEI

    A real fan who preferes the original version. Better arrangement, better singing, less sugar.


    Non-musos who never got over the only Marillion track they know...I am of course referring to Kayleigh!


    ... Or fans of the superior version on Marbles...

    Prog_Rocks !

    Amazing, but BORING!!!!!

    Think Floyd

    Why? This is NOT Fish. This is SHITE.

  24. 12of2112

    Sounds boring and as if the band is just satisfied with their basic formula for writing a song. Nothing is interesting and vocals have a monotone sound to them.

    Nelson 3D

    That's not a good Marillion song. Nothing that reminds the old albums since H. entered. The last one, F.E.A.R. is just bad. It's a Pitty.

  25. Moreno Maron

    Nulla di nuovo nel panorama della band, sempre il solito sound, e la voce la solita lagna.

    jonny stecchino

    Più di così non riescono....

    Ulysses N.

    Però... due grandissimi musicisti e grandi intenditori che discutono su una band da 4 soldi vero?
    Ma che barzelletta siete! É mancato solo il nostalgico di Fish, di turno, con i soliti blá blá blá noiosi.
    Probabilmente siete fermi ai tre primi album per sparare le strozzate che avete scritto! Se vivete del passato forse è meglio visitare qualche museo invece che sentire loro.
    Grandi critici musicali, ma fatemi...

    Moreno Maron

    Io non sono un grandissimo musicista, la band non è una baud da quattro soldi, non sono una barzelletta, e per ciò che riguarda il nostalgico Fish ti ricordo che la band è conosciuta proprio per quel periodo. Ti ricordo poi che non vivo nel passato, musicalmente parlando, anche se dal passato qualcuno potrebbe trarre qualche beneficio ascoltando gruppi che di musica avrebbero da insegnare a tanti il giorno d'oggi. Sono 55 anni che ascolto musica, sono un appassionato di prog sia di quello da museo , che di neo prog, e ho un amore smisurato per una band che si chiama Kansas, anche se devo ammettere che gli ultimi lavori che hanno fatto sono lavori da cover band. Credo che i Marillion siano ancora oggi dei musicisti straordinari, ma come successo con i Genesis, con Collins, abbiano si ottenuto un successo commerciare, ma sulle rovine di una creatività che passando gli anni hanno perso. Nom vorrei soffermarmi poi sulla [email protected] N.

    jonny stecchino

    @Ulysses N. Ah...lo sai che sono un grande musicista!!!

    Los Andos

    Condivido pienamente...solo il primo disco con Hogarth mi è piaciuto...

  26. Mara O'Mania

    Sounds like an outtake from this strange engine sessions.

  27. It's Andie's Place

    One of my favourite songs from my all time favourite band.

  28. Osvaldo Rivero

    simply fantastic !!

  29. MrMagsn

    Wunderbar !!...Ich vermisse Fish überhaupt nicht! Hogarths Stimme und Charisma sind großartig.

  30. Tony Marriott


  31. John Gardner

    Saw this live in Gateshead this week... Very wonderful.

    Gordon Ward

    I was there. A beautiful song. Best band in the world. Great musicians with great fans at a wonderful venue. So underrated is prog rock.
    Marillion keep getting better and the orchestra were amazing adding to the already wonderful selection of songs.

  32. B .S

    Still prefer Fish

    Marcelo T

    Fish has a powerful and personal voice. H can be a good singer but you can't tell the difference between him and a hundred others.

    Marcelo Lima

    @Marcelo T Really? Just list me five please.

    Marcelo Lima

    @Ulysses N. Well there is nothing wrong with liking a singer from the 80's, l am sure you love bands from the 70's as well... Am I wrong?


    @Marcelo T wait so who does H sound like? I vastly prefer H to Fish. I dont think either one sounds like anyone else though.

    Deon Macdonald

    Both are different singers, but you must appreciate both as great.

  33. Tam Whyte

    Just seen these guys in Glasgow on Tuesday ,awesome .

  34. Birute Grafinina


  35. Paulo Henrique Fortes Alves

    Put your arms around my soul
    And take it dancing...

  36. Rod Barca


  37. Rosa Rosa Dias

    Love this song the best band and forever🎶🎸🎶❤😍

  38. Myriam Melly

    As I Love all other versions of this True Wonder... I LOVE this one too !!!

  39. Paul Blakey


  40. 1deepsixxx

    time kills.

  41. Mikhail Davydov

    Отличная песня!

  42. Maria Helena Salazar


  43. Maria Helena Salazar

    12/11/19 ISTO É MARAVILHOSO DEMAIS QUE LINDO!! ******************

  44. Marie



    Don't really know anything they've done since Fish(yeah I know) they had a distinct sound but this could be anyone.


    You need to see them with h. You may have a different perspective as a result. Seriously. Try it. :-)

    Boon Doggle

    This is the fish vs h comment you have been looking for lol

    R Estep

    Oh my you have missed out!

  46. Pepe Molina

    no me convence

    Ulysses N.

    Sera por que no entiendes una M... de musica!

  47. Bonnie Boswell

    H can sing me to sleep any ole time

  48. Tim Barnes

    Great instrumental backing, but good god what's happened to h's voice recently? Sounds like he's snarling or something?


    @Tim Barnes Nah he's always sounded like that in places. :-) Nothing new.

    Andrew Glennon

    @Tim Barnes With all respect mate - think you are being ultra picky here. His voice is still Fish on the the other hand....

    Tim Barnes

    ​@Andrew Glennon Maybe I am but these little things seem to crop up more and more in the videos, his voice is still great but it's just becoming more of a distraction these days idk

    Gerson Pereira

    Exactly! I guess it is his voice showing the age

    Gerson Pereira

    It sounds overdone

  49. Dario Crocetta

    looks more like "life on mars" to me