Marillion - Berlin Lyrics

The mascara'd blonde from the Berliner bar
Rises at twilight, gets dressed in a daze
Black leather crackles and cold water runs
As she touches the walls of memory maze
And the shadows of men she has known fill her day
She's held half the world in her arms so they say
But she wakes up without them with a hole in her heart
And she puts on her clothes lives her life behind bars

The mascara'd blonde from the Berliner bar
Sighs at the skylight gets lost in the haze
Black leather crackles and cold water runs
As she touches the walls of her memory maze

Someone got stranded in no man's land
Dancing in the spotlight to the sound of clapping hands
Nobody knows who's side he was on
It's a risk that you take in no man's land
Nobody knows what made him decide
To run for freedom and to certain suicide
When they turn off the guns and his fingers uncurl
He's clutching a photograph of a Berlin party girl

Come in from your checkpoints on your lonely roads
Come in from your ditches in your silent fields
Where intensified light from a rifle sight
Makes the darkness day
And the day too bright,

And we wake up without you
We wake up without you
With a hole in our hearts

You mad dog shaven head bottle-boy freaks
In Martens and khaki, drunk on sake
You stare at yourself in the cruel flush of dawn
Terrified, sunken eyed, withered and drawn
The butcher, the baker, the munitions maker
The over-achiever, the armistice breaker
The freebase instructor, the lightning conductor
The psycho, the sailor, the tanker, the tailor
The black market mailer
The quick and the dead
The spotlight dancer
The quick and the dead
We wake up without you
With a hole in our hearts

The mascara'd blonde from the Berliner bar
Rises at twilight, gets dressed in a daze

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Marillion Berlin Comments

    Y like Fish...but Mr Hogarth can Sing!!!! Respect!!! What a Voice!

  2. PhuketBungalow Info

    wattn Typ...bin froh das ich nach so vielen Jahren wieder MARILLION höre... es ist NICHTS schlechter geworden.....
    thx for the music


    the post " FISH" era Marillions first album, and there is not one bad song on it. This is one of my absolute favorites because of the haunting melodies and downtrodden lyrics, you actually get a painting of this poor girl.

  4. Geddy Fish


  5. giovanni giuffrida


  6. Hochet Bernard

    Comment passer à côté d'un tel groupe ! Super morceau...super MARILLION

  7. Hochet Bernard

    Du très grand Rothery !!!

  8. Matteo Richiardone

    30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall... you're the best guys...

  9. lemsdarkapprentice 2

    awesome song! [el'sda2].

  10. Hochet Bernard

    du grand grand Marillion !

  11. eduardo langagne

    La mejor cancion, the best song, Marillion es la sensibilidad a la maxima expresion, simplemente los mejores.

  12. Cristian Y

    Simplemente un BANDON!... los vi en vivo, suenan mejor que en CD. Son increíbles! , los escucho desde mediados de los 80´s cuando le decian que eran una copia de Genesis... ya no, son simple y maravillosamente MARILLION.

  13. Camilla Pehrson

    A mascaraed blonde in the berliner ever!!

  14. Gerard Fabien

    Le top du prog rock et Marillion est au sommet de cette créativité.😀😀😀

  15. Pablo Méndez


  16. Eric Rathburn

    The sax fits Marillion music perfectly. They should use it more often. And just maybe a real saxophonist for concerts‽‽?!

    M EVS

    worked well for Floyd

  17. S/V Adma

    Had this song in my head for a few decades not knowing what and who it was.....So good to have found this today. Pure Gold!

  18. Nicolas Méro

    Great song, great band and all... Just... Where the hell is the sax???

  19. Pierre Derrien

    Guitare aérienne voix exceptionnelle batteur et bassiste au top..juste sublime

  20. Lisa Harrington

    Magnificent. ❤️

  21. Sam Globetrotter

    This is one of my favorite Marillion songs. And it is one of the most underestimated. The music has a beauty, a wonder of details, subtleties, notes, arrangements and harmonies so complex that it is even difficult to describe. This song for me is proof of the musical genius of this wonderful band.

    lemsdarkapprentice 2

    100% agree [el'sda2].

    cristiano lopes

    This is the best word about this song. Berlin is an progressive opera rock from gods of progressive rock!!

  22. James Lindsey

    I was stationed in Berlin shortly after this album came out. This is when I realized the connection Misplaced Childhood with Berlin, and of course this album's song Berlin. I stood at the spot that the last East German escapee that was killed escaping, listening to that song... realizing the lyrics 'dancing in the spotlight to the sound of clapping hands" meant......... the sounds of clapping hands were the gunshots as the guard tower spotlight illuminated him.


    Dear James, in this time I was on the other side as a cook in the Army of GDR. I hated to be there. Sometimes we could listen RIAS, and a friend came with a Record Player and we listen to Ozzy, Helloween and the actoually Marillion LP Clutching At Straws. At the time, this meant Military Jail for us. And now I´m in the German Fanclub and I was at two Marillion Concerts in Berlin. 1987 gig in East Berlin did not go.

  23. Andrea Bindolini

    Fantastic performance but why a sampled saxophone? Pick up a real one, for God's sake!

  24. Susan Dean

    Fantastic ❤️

  25. Myriam Melly

    Encore une VRAIE MERVEILLE !!! Normal... c'est MARILLION !!! mm

  26. Blair McAlister

    Opening chords, Mr Steve Rothery, and you got me,,,,,it'll be as great as all the rest of Marillion music. Thank you kind sirs :-)

  27. C&C Trust

    Would it kill it to have a sessions sax player ?

  28. Dilane Nascimento

    O cara canta muito

  29. Nilton Tanner

    sax perfeito hahaha

  30. Pedro Guedes

    Good, but Hogarth tunes in 4:54


    Pedro Guedes
    He doesn't "tunes", he simply miss a little bit of air that makes the sound not too strong, but it's just a detail. After all these years Hogarth keeps his great vocal quality, and his live performances are brilliant. Fish lost his vocal capacity a few years after leave the band, so I'm grateful for Mr.H's arrival. Was a great step for marillion.

    Daniel Nowak

    I think it's not about a bit of air missing, just check out another 'Berlin' live performances (especially in 2000s, I haven't noticed this in earlier versions). it's a form of expression.

  31. Carlos Acuña

    CARTARSIS MUSICAL dese el minuto 4:30 .....EL BAJO;GUITARRA; BATERIA , TECLADO y VOZ ...canción de otro mundo...totalmente adelantada a la época de su creación...pensar que fue creada hace más de 27 años. ;)

    Rodrigo Guevara

    +Carlos Acuña , sabes que desde que escucho este tema opino igual que tu, tiene un sonido especial futurista con el bajo, el teclado, el ritmo y tono de la canción, al final el solo de guitarra, es un tema espacial muy rico en sonido y musicalmente muy híbrido, entre rock progresivo, electrónico, espacial, fantástico..

    jorge sepulveda barriga

    seviene marillion weeckend 2017 cabros

  32. Gordon dodds

    Do they ever get it wrong ?, perfect harmony, brilliant.

  33. Rawisada Aekmethasakul

    511 views.....wwhaaaattttt

  34. Giuseppe Ricciardi

    Nice !!!!

  35. upfrontbear74

    Goosebumps galore

  36. daniel rocktoshare

    great song