Marillion - After Me Lyrics

There's a line on her jeans that a ball-point made
From a careless mistake that she can't wash away
And there's a heart on her sleeve from a spill of red wine
There's a piece of green in the blue of her eyes
She named it after me
There's a stray dog she feeds that she found in the street
And he loves her to hold him, but he won't let her keep him
And he claws at the door to be let out at night
And she makes do without him, and she worries about him
She named him after me

So if you ever decide that you have to escape
And travel the world, and you can't find a place
Well, you could wind up believing
That paradise is nothing more than a feeling
That goes on in your mind
So if ever find out what that is
There's something you could do

'Cause if I ever hold that golden dream again
I want to tell you
I'm gonna name it after you

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Marillion After Me Comments
  1. Plookify

    Nothing but marvellous

  2. Thierry BUSSON

    Short masterpiece.

  3. William D'Sousa

    This song crosses the road with Genesis’s Blood on the rooftop, and I love both

  4. bodeswell35

    For me, Marillion is one of the very best ASMR musical entities around (Prefab Sprout, Pink Floyd and American Music Club also compete).

  5. Danny Dyer's chocolate homunculus

    Steve Hogarth is a very strange name for a dog! Great song all the same

  6. Jim Kasprzak

    Marillion held such promise with this album. Sadly I was disappointed with the direction that they took after it.

  7. Voornaam Achternaam

  8. Rob D

    Just Beautiful, Marillion is one of my Favorite Bands and the Lyrics they write...OMG No one else out there compares!

  9. Christopher Cronk

    This and My Collection, great heartfelt pieces.....

  10. mirgehtsgut61

    This song is sooo beautiful is much to short!!! When I take my earphones on the end is coming so fast. Only 3:20...Does anyone know if there is a longer version of that track available???

  11. Vincent Lievense

    What current band could possibly match this one ....?

  12. Shaylan OS


  13. Viktoria SPASOVA

    never realy used to the new voice but must say beautiful performance and song!

    Neil Thompson

    I gave up after Seasons End but yeah love this

  14. Jim Bowie

    superb song

  15. richard windrose

    Great follow up to post Fish. I think this and Easter were the best songs on the album. Steve Rothery improved and his guitar tone is exquisite.

  16. crazyfeline

    A magnificent little gem buried on Side Two that always satisfies that Marillion sweet tooth.

  17. Veikko Viljamaa

    My girlfriend just loves this when I sent her the lyrics. She names everything after me and I just love her so much.

  18. steph axel

    tres tres bon souvenir !!!!


    cool album

  20. RossHolder1

    Amazing song!

  21. Plookify

    The best Marillion ever for me :)

  22. 1kindredspirit1

    This song has always been one of my favorites. Just awesome.

  23. Sergio ManOwaR

    Hay un antes y un después de ti.

    Gracias! :) Te quiero Lisa ♥

  24. Komandos Estrogen


  25. Tippersnore

    This album was magical and a moment when losing the fish actually smelled much much much better!

  26. Plante80


  27. B. Stanley

    oh baby this song is great

  28. madbul007

    "So if you ever decide, that you have to escape
    And travel the world, and you cant find a place
    Well, you could wind up believin
    That paradise is nothin more than a feelin
    That goes on in your mind
    So if you ever find out what that is
    Theres somethin you could do
    cause if I ever hold that golden dream again
    I want to tell you Im gonna name it after you"

    I'll name it after you P.


    Those are amazing lyrics...aren't them?