Marianne Faithfull - Easy Come, Easy Go Lyrics

Some folks they're always crying
Crying their mean old blues
No me, you never even see me frown
Some folks just walk around tryin'
Tryin' hard love to lose
But I felt it come the better let it burn
I'm the happiest gal in the town

Easy come easy go
Nothing ever worries me
Care for none, eyes of stone
Don't know misery

If my man be trouble, or if he don't
I'll get someone to love me anytime you want

Easy come easy go
Right from my head to my shoes
Don't wanna be no skinny vamp or nothing like that
Daddy always knows just where his sweet Mama's at
I'm overflowin' with those easy come, easy go blues

He swallow me up, when he's lovin'; hear what I've said
Believe me I go out to lick him 'most everyday
I'm overflowin' with those easy come, easy go blues

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Marianne Faithfull Easy Come, Easy Go Comments
  1. Ulf Johansson

    I`m in a Little hurry,so i just say,it`s wonderful and wonderful and wonderful to hear this wonderful Music from this wonderful women that has made so musch wonderful Music again`st the year`s.

  2. Alvaro

    Thank you for making this.
    Gracias por la publicación

    Antonio García

    You`re welcome / De nada :)

  3. Carlos Teran

    OHH more I listen to it..more I do Love ti!!! Thanks a lot !!!!!!!

  4. Carlos Teran

    Es un Album FantástiCO !!!!!

  5. Carlos Teran

    Maravilloso, me encanto tu texto Akiles pies ligeros,( no tengo k en el teclado), escribes hermoso. ;). I do lve her and Keith, Mick and evrybody..too much jiji.

  6. Martin Ruiz


  7. Vincent

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Sangfroid

    The Baroness scores again in her own inimitable style; the chanteuse with the burning heart of ice .