Mariah Carey - Touch My Body Lyrics

MC, you're the place to be

I know that you've been waiting for it
I'm waiting too
In my imagination I'd be all up on you
I know you got that fever for me
Hundred and two
And boy I know I feel the same
My temperature's through the roof

If there's a camera up in here
Then it's gonna leave with me
When I do (I do)
If there's a camera up in here
Then I'd best not catch this flick
On YouTube (YouTube)

'Cause if you run your mouth and brag
About this secret rendezvous
I will hunt you down
'Cause they be all up in my bidness
Like a Wendy interview
But this is private
Between you and I

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more

Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did

Touch my body
Let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist
Just a little taste

Touch my body
Know you love my curves
Come on and give me what I deserve
And touch my body

Boy, you can put me on you
Like a brand new white tee
I'll hug your body tighter
Than my favorite jeans
I want you to caress me
Like a tropical breeze
And float away with you
In the Caribbean Sea

If there's a camera up in here
Then it's gonna leave with me
When I do (I do)
If there's a camera up in here
Then I'd best not catch this flick
On YouTube (YouTube)

'Cause if you run your mouth and brag
About this secret rendezvous
I will hunt you down
'Cause they be all up in my bidness
Like a Wendy interview
But this is private
Between you and I

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more

Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did

Touch my body
Let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist
Just a little taste

Touch my body
Know you love my curves
Come on and give me what I deserve
And touch my body

I'm 'a treat you like a teddy bear
You won't wanna go nowhere
In the lap of luxury
Laying intertwined with me

You won't want for nothing boy
I will give you plenty of joy
Touch my body

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
(throw me on the floor)
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more

Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did

Touch my body
Let me wrap my thighs
(let me wrap my thighs)
All around your waist
Just a little taste
(around your waist, for just a little taste)

Touch my body
Know you love my curves
(I know you like it)
Come on and give me what I deserve
(give me what I deserve, babe!)
And touch my body

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah (yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah, oh oh oh oh

Touch my body
(every little way you like to touch my body baby)

Just touch my body
Yeah ooh ooh baby
Oh ooh ooh
Touch my body
Uh ooh ooh ooh
Come on and give me what I deserve!
Touch my body
Oh! Ooh ooh, ooh
Touch my body

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  1. alextrose7

    Mariah turns 50 next year... 50. FIVE ZERO FIFTY.

  2. hazel dayupay

    if only liz lemon knows

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    She looks absolutely gorgeous in that video, wow just wow

  6. iciconnect

    Her computer would've been broken for a day before it got fixed!

  7. Bianca mcgill

    I love every dress in this video 😍

  8. Violet Parr

    Mariah is the most beautiful person to ever walk the planet.

  9. Angela Altintas

    Little boy with a chair on the corner.

  10. Broseph

    When your parents try to be cool in front of your friends.

  11. Isaque Souza UFC

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    Why did Eminem's Stan follow this on my autoplay?? YouTube always tryna start some shit! 😂😂

  13. Nate Smith

    How about she do a remake now same song. How she is now.

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    Mariah Carey being top for 4 minutes straight

  17. Helo Hello

    1:04 lmaooo the cup

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  19. my account got deleted

    and this folks, made me question my sexuality as a 6 year old girl- now I'm still confused.

  20. Godfrey Cloete

    No matter how old Mariah gets she's still gorgeous ❤💕

  21. chepe alvsantiago

    Who's here after All I Want For Christmas Is You, is #1 in billboard hot.

  22. Dylan Jiménez Jiménez

    Tocame el cuerpo. 😗 Dylan 🧡

  23. Thị Xoài

    So I was singing this when I was young and had no clue it was so dirty lmaooooooo

  24. Sunny side Ching Chang

    *Nicky Minaj: touch my booty*

  25. Ben K

    I imagine you can't do video like this now, feminazi will hunt you down

    Saman Xhetry

    Incel clown

    Ben K

    Saman Xhetry you are the incel

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    Is that Thomas Sanders

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    Tuts ma barreh

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    Como eu amo essa música.
    A tradução da música é bem evangélica. Amei ❤

    Maykon Kartes

    Sim com uma santa dessa no clip ainda ficou perfeito!

    Tafarel Victoreli

    @Maykon Kartes ❤❤

  29. mr mobb boss


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    26th December 2019 🎉❤

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    Soooo, anyone touch my body lmfaooo

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    Arjay Maalam

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    mr mobb boss

    Lucy V parsons

    Igor Salatka

    WOW, someone still listen it too?

  38. Cheadder Puto

    I would sell my soul to Satan, in order to be able to kiss Mariah Carey! 2009-2099, does not matter to me!

  39. Jessi Biebs

    She looks better now

  40. Alfred Aranda

    Starting at 3:04 I love how sexy and smooth she flows . Vocal genius

  41. Nekorama

    0:02 that Compu Nerd logo looks damn so familiar 🤔

  42. Gerson Oliveira de Almeida Almeida

    Uma das melhores musica da mariah Carey na minha opinião


    VC ACHA?

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    1 day until Christmas, Lambs!🐑 🎅🎄📆🎁⛄❄

  49. Tessy D.

    and then men are accused of sexual personnification of woman well done mariah to entrap men with your looks and at the end of the video to give them a cold shoulder . i don't think she was a sjw or feminist but she is sure these day's . anybody who adore her just for her looks is as shallow as her (well pretty everybody in hollywood music and fashion industrie is shallow)

    banana mcdonald

    ugh just enjoy the music and stop being offended by people expressing themselves

    Tessy D.

    @banana mcdonald you can express yourself alright but there are limits you can do that without offending no one i agree she's beautifull (never worked a day hard in her life thats why beautyfull people always look so young healthy and good) but even if it is in a video it's not because you look beautyfull does not mean you have to show of so much naked flesh we have that already in spade's from hollywood walking like this even for a music video is sending out a signal to young impressionable boy's that woman behave like this and then the woman call those same boy's later who are men then sexist misogynistic sexual harassers and potential rapist female opressers . think on that when you are looking and drooling over mariah almost naked in the video .in that video she also suggests that she's using her female looks to get benefit from that it guy (not that she actualy does that)

  50. Tonk the lazy

    Even in 2019 she looks fresh

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    The reason for all the dislikes is cuz we men can't stand women controlling men. Period.

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    Erros da edição kkkk

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    banana mcdonald

    No, only obsessed and clown were for eminem

  67. Kyhara Maharaj

    It's hard to believe she was 39 here! She looks really young!

    banana mcdonald

    @Tessy D. Mariah's elder sister still lives at alcoholic detention center, you can go confirm the facts with her if you're so curious about Mariah's life which has nothing to do with you. All the things you're saying is just rude and disrespectful to the people who worked hard to get where they are now while nobody's like yall go hate on them. Merry Christmas have a good day.

    Tessy D.

    @banana mcdonald again so they say and if she's a drunk thats say's enough on the intel people get from there . merry christmas to you to and i hope you have a wonderfull new year ahead many good wishes to you and your whole family despite my privelige

    banana mcdonald

    @Tessy D. why would someone even lie about their elder sister being a prostitute to earn money to feed their family where the mother could not get a job because her husband was a black man who got shot at. just the thought you think that is upsetting to me.

    Tessy D.

    @banana mcdonald where is the proof thats she did this . have some so called clients of her come forward to tell what she did for money . like i said before people would go a long way to make themselfs look something else then what they actualy were and my whole comment is bassed upon the fact that people who look that beautifull have hardly or any hardship known in their life i see people from 80 years old and they look very healthy have no trouble walking around but then the shoe drops they are rich their entire life nothing wrong with that being rich is no sin but keep in mind people hardly seems what they look or what their past was like . take the singer slim shady he made a movie about his life and it's not showing the truth same goes for freddy mercury a movie was made about his past not completely the truth people have the habbit of telling what they want to who they want and make some history up to suit their needs at that time . i could say am a millionaire to people who don't know me so i would tell a lie to have more chance to be accepted by a certain group of people . don't confuse my comments as racist or mean towards mariah i bet she's a wonderfull person but i do have a problem with the fact that she's almost naked in that vid trying to entise an it guy to get some perks from him thats what showing in the vid i do understand it's just a music video but some people are offended by the way she dressed and behave in that video even if it's fictional . she portray a beautyfull woman almost naked trying to get advantages from a common men and with all those new people from starting the year 2000 it might look like woman behave like this and expect to be treated that way .so in fact a new generation of men has grown and then they are told they are perverts and must be ashamed for being a men and so the confusion sets in . these day's it's not a good time for the male gender in the world they were presented with such sexual video's to later be branded sexual perverts . do see where am going with this but the fact is it's not because mariah her sister or her parents told it their way's that it is the truth thats just my opinion and do not reflect any other person's opinion . i hope you get a raise or good grade's in the new year a brand new car a good job and a very loving partner if you have non now good health to you and many good wishes


    it is on camera with a lot of effects to smoothen out the skin... even her breasts ain't natural.

  68. eu_koda

    I like the time this song ends.

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  70. Nekorama

    *_Wait, is this the same woman who sang the innocent "All I want for Christmas is you?"_*

    Stats Student

    Nekorama lol a lot of her older music videos were sexual.

    banana mcdonald

    She was forced to wear covered clothing by her ex husband at the time, when she divorced him after the abuses she transformed

  71. Rod94000

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    Me: yes ma’am

  79. Vito Stan

    When she was cute though

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    Mariah Carey is so fucking iconic I still watch this

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    "Please tell me you updated to 802.11n." - How did I miss this line at the end during all these years?!?

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    Stats Student

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    banana mcdonald

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    Barry Smith

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    Versace Hottie

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